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Legend OF Korra Book 2 Review: Chapter 4 ~ Civil War Part 2


Ok so my last few LOK review i feel like it was very "WIKI plot analysis" type of review and it just takes too much time to write so i am just going to go straight to the plots and tell you guys what i think of the episode.

Team Avatar


I was really glad that Asami is back and although the role was neither big or small i was just glad to see her in the episodes again!

Her flying the planes and helping Korra and Mako bursting out the prisoners brings back nostalgic from book 1 (I WANT MEELO to shout PRISON BREAK!!! :D) as well as when Zuko and Sokka went to Boiling rocks in ALTA book 3 to burst out Sokka's dad and unintentionally Suki but a much faster pace without evil fire benders to stop them! 

Also was anyone happy to see Asami using those equilist weapons when like the glove when fighting the prison guards??? 

Once again i am really impress with the fighting scenes from Korra! You have to admits Korra may have been keep on lock down for 15 years in the south but all those training definitely made her a good fighter! Also for once her going into the Avatar state like on/off button finally is put into good used!

Also team Avatar teaming up with Varrick  (who in this whole episode has been hiding in a otter bear from Unalaq and his kids)... at first i was a bit skeptical but his comedic ways was really funny to watch!

Korra' family and Manipulative Unalaq!!

OK so seeing Korra's parent being taken away was really tear jearking! When Unalaq said that the judge he hire for the trial will be "fair" I seriously thought .... wait HIRE????   where is this going to??

The trail when Korra's mum was innocent i sighted of relieve but then when Judge Hotah sentence Korra's dad and the rebels to death  MY MIND WENT OH HELL NO !!! then when Unalaq step up asking the judge to not hang them having that one of them is his brother (um ... right...) so instead life in prison for them all (still OH HELL NO).

When Korra's and her mum visits her dad in prison, he tells Korra not to bust him out of prison as it will start a civil war (and I'm sure we and the spirits won't want that) and what's more the North which as we know is stronger than the south will crush them!

When Korra's mum broke down later at home it seriously was tear jearking for both us viewers and Korra!

Korra with Naga catch Judge Hotah (which i keep screaming WHY???) and threaten him by placing his head into Naga's mouth (and as Naga's snack :P  ... although i was not into the ideal of the fact that she COULD HAVE ALMOST KILLED HIM!!)

to release her father from prison ... this judge turned out to be a blabber mouth and blurs out whatever we need to know (and all the stuff i have been speculating and predicting) about Unalaq!

1) Unalaq is a flipping manipulative bastard which we already know that! He scripted Judge Hotah what to say at the trail and was just following his orders

2) Unalaq only wanted Korra's mum to be innocent and change her dad's sentence to that Korra will still be on his freaking side but get Tonraq out of his way (nice brother .. he was never nice)


(FYI THE THIRD ONE WAS WHAT I WAS SPECULATING TROUGH THE LAST 2 EPOSIDES ... yah let me know in the comments if you agree with me on that)

Also later when Unalaq ships Korra's dad and the rebels to the North, Korra threaten to attack them which as the Avatar she can't so as she is the avatar and can't cause war. 

Also she finally realize that her uncle is a manipulative, power hungry evil bastard and that she will not be helping him anymore as well as to the fact that he does not need her to open the spirit northern portal.

Vacation Tenzin

OK so Tenzin finally found Ikki and in was in ways I'll never expect...


So yah.... Ikki ran away and "adopted" 4 air bison as her new siblings and having a tea party with them...and Tenzin who at first i thought was gonna flip was actually really cool and calm (like a good airbender) and went with the flow of joining his daughter for her tea party (heart melting moment ) and said "can they be my siblings too" ... gosh! was the fight from the previous episode really that bad????

I think the cave was like an escape chamber for the "drama" of both of them from their siblings. When Ikki suggest on inviting her aunt Kya and Uncle Bumi with Tenzin saying "they'll spoil our good mood" and going on to describing how awesome Tenzin siblings are while Tenzin went on to describing how awesome Jinora and Meelo are.

As they observe the bison family, they discuss how family will always be there no matter what the fight.
With that they return to the air temple where Jinorra make amends with her siblings and went on to play air ball,

Bumi in the statue room talking to Aang's statue apologizing for not turning out to be an air bender (cries!!! :((). Kya then comes in assuring him that he did made his dad proud and gives him a hug (oh man more cries!!!).

Later when they reunite with Tenzin, after exchanging apologies, Kya show them a picture that Katara gave her before they left

  Now that's one happy family :D

I really enjoyed the "Vaca Tenzin" clan! Its really toughing and teaches us about family bond and that they are always there no matter what the fight. There are alot of parallel between Tenzin and his siblings as well as Aang, Katara and Sokka!


PAPA TENZIN is really nurturing :3 we saw that with Rohan last episode too! 
Yup gotta love the loving and caring Tenzin.


OK of all the storyline there was this has to be my most favorite!

Firstly Eska... is Bolin your boy friend or your slave??? 

Yah Bolin ... honey... that's no way for your GF to treat you like that...

Also later when Bolin tries to once again break up with Eska, he is practically drag and chocked with a betrothal necklace (with a SKULL !! A SKULL I TELL YOU) for her to "mark her territory" and marring him at sunset (this is overly worse than the overly attach girlfriend that I watch on Youtube!!)

Well i have no ideal how the proposal scheme goes in the Avatar world ... bit i am pretty sure its the guy that propose not the girl.... so much for tradition eh Eska??? :P

So .... Bolin later "announcing" his engagement to team avatar made my jaw drop :O


So yah ... we pretty much have Bolin and Pabu dress like Eska and Desna 2.0 and me laughing till my stomach hurts! xD

And in the end Bolin becomes a runaway bride... i meant groom... with him thanking Korra for breaking up him and Eska with the war. However.......


UGH... OHH... she looks piss off!!! :P

I SWEAR THIS PART SCARED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME!!! (keep in mind i was watching LOK in the comfort of my room at 2am in the dark) 

I Swear i know i mentioned that Eska was like Azula but scrap that if Korra is the REINCARNATION OF AANG, Eska is the REINCARNATION  of flipping Azula from and this scene was like a parallel of the ending of Sozin Comet part 4 when Katara defeated Azula and she goes mental!!! 

But this ending just scary, funny and epic!


Other than overly attach girlfriend goes crazy, the episode sorta leaves us with a clip hanger on the faith of the southern water tribe and that Korra's dad need the President of the United Republic to use the United Forces (plz bring general iroh back!!!) on the South side in order to fight the north and put Unalaq in his place.

This episode was really good! It was just perfect! Best Episode yet!  I now once again have to wait till the next episode to see that Team Avatar will be up to and also if Bolin is still alive from the Overly attach girlfriend attack :P.

Also i really love is that this episode was just full of nostalgic moments in the "Vaca tenzin" part! Like seriously it highlighted something that i always see in this show that is the bond between friends and family from Tenzin and his sibs to Ikki and her sibs to even Korra and her parents (yes i am throwing that in there even though she was a pain in the first 2 episides.

What did you think of this episode???

 Till next time

~oxox rotan~

Review :Benefit Skincare: b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit 6 piece intro kit


So if you don't already know Benefit Cosmetic is one of my favourite high end brands and i have even featured a few of their products in hauls and review on both this blog and Youtube vlog.

The other day i was watching my friend Yara from cindyarrra on YouTube and she hauled this cute little skincare kit from Benefit call the b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit 6 piece intro kit and when i came back from Malaysia i went to Benefit and got myself one!

b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit 6 piece intro kit



It comes in this box and had a clear zip lock bag around it (which will come in handy for when i travel!) and all the products are cute travel size which is really great for alot of uses (i have been using most of the items in the kit for about 4 weeks and i still have a good lot to last me a while)






So first off are the facial cleanser. There two types included in this kit.

foamingly clean facial wash


Description from the site:

There's clean & there's really clean. This 1-step facial wash effectively cleanses the skin & removes makeup & impurities with a soft, gentle lather. Formulated for all skin types. 

This is a product where a little goes a LONG WAY! 


 I place a bit of this onto my palm and with 3 fingers (a tip that i was thought in secondary school from Clean & Clear when they visited my school to teach us just hitting puberty teenagers how to use a daily cleanser and i swear by it!) and i rub it back and forth till it reaches a nice rich latter ( and this works with all cleanser that i use) and rub the cleanser onto my face and neck (dampen of cause!) and rinse! 


This is a great daily facial wash! It smells really lovely, fresh, clean, sweet and really pleasant (heck all their stuff in this skincare line is lovely smelling ). Its also the consistency of the product is thick so like i say a little goes A LONG WAY! 

 It latter really well (which is what i look for in a GOOD foaming cleanser) and feels nice and light when apply on my face.

It definitely soften my skin and its gentle so i can use it daily. Also the scent makes it feel refreshing!



AS CUTE AS IT IS (and yed its freaking cute and looks so good on my vanity ... if i had one to display on...) THE CONTAINER IS REALLY HARD TO WORK WITH! 

When i first used it i had to shake it really hard and squeeze the bottle (i think i heard a my knuckles and fingers cracking .. ah well ...lolz) before i got a good amount of product out!

Other than that its great daily facial cleanser! will definitely consider getting a full size in future... if they change the packaging ... (*hint hint to if anyone who works with the Benefit packaging sector ever view this blog :P

I meant to be honest as lovely the packaging is, i will take practicality and convenience over lovely packaging cause if the product is AMAZING but the packaging is HORRIBLE it will definitely bring the product standards down... 

Rating: 4/5 (will give it a perfect 5 when packaging change :P) 


refined finish facial polish


Description from the site:

Dull skin from daily stress? Refined finish facial polish beautifully brightens the complexion, gently exfoliating to purify the skin & help minimize the appearance of pores to reveal skin's natural radiance. Contains natural clay & seaweed extract rich in minerals, nutrients & sugars, known to purify the skin.


This facial polish has micro beads in it and its to exfoliate and "polish" the skin.  


After Cleanser i apply this onto the face and neck avoiding the eye area (i accidentally got a bit into my eye the first time and it STINGS! >.<* ! yup learn from my mistakes guys :P) and wash thoroughly!

I do use a face brush (a non electric version of a Clearasonic) to daily exfoliate so I'll use this once or twice a week.



 My reaction when i first use this was wow... i felt like its sand mixed into the cleanser that i am rubbing on my face... i am not enjoying this...

The consistence of the product is thick and creamy and when scrub on the face you can feel the micro beads when scrubbing your face. The exfoliate was not harsh and but it was not gentle... somewhere in the middle as i had facial exfoliate that are slightly more gentler than this.

However after i wash it off  skin felt so smooth after using this! I was like WOW IT FEEL SO NICE AND SOFT!

It felt softer than after I used the cleanser!

Once again.... the only complain is the packaging!!!! This was not as hard as the cleanser as the product came out easier but GOSH !!! its still a pain to squeeze the product out! 

The exfoliate is an ok product for me. I might get it in full size in future no promises there though.

Rating: 3.5/5


moisture prep toning lotion


Description from the site:

The special step for extra radiant skin. Moisture prep toning lotion smoothes & revitalizes allowing skin to fully optimize benefits of your moisturizer. Contains vitamin E acetate, natural oat & meadowsweet, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin and help reduce fine lines. This specialized formula contains a blend of


The moment i get out of my shower (after i cleanse my face and all)  i immediately apply toner on my face with a cotton pad starting with my T-zone area with gentle upwards swiping motion and then i move down to my jawline and rest of my face minus the eye area (don't worry! they will get some special love in a bit!) and what ever is left over I'll swipe it down my neck.


Ok quick confession!!! so prior to this i have never used a toner so i had to search Google and Youtube to watch skincare routine on how to use a toner! haha well that's what Youtube is for which is apart from entertainment and getting addicted to the Ellen Show but also to learn :P yup i admit i needed a HOW TO USE TONER FOR DUMMIES 101 crash course ! lolz

So first off I may be a dummy with it comes to toner but I have my fair share of snooping around all the products my Mama uses to know how a toner is like and this is thicker and a bit "creamier" than what i expected to be. Well then again its call a toning lotion so i guess it should be creamier!

This is the first toner that i have ever used in my life and wow it just feel so nice, clean and hydrating for my currently really dry skin (my skin is currently really dry and it always is when the weather is transitioning from winter to spring... yah i have been living in Australia long enough to know that :P) and it feel nice an smooth when apply.
Also my moisturizer (both the Benefit one which i am about to talk about in a bit and my usual Hazeline snow  moisturizing cream) goes on really smoothly after using this!

The packaging has no complain this time and in fact i really like the cute little glass bottle! It's really classy! Definitely something  I'll display on my vanity table ... which i don't... ah well :P

This I am definitely gonna get a full size when i am done with this mini one!

Rating: 5/5 (woohoo for a perfect 5!)

it's potent! eye cream 


Description from the site:

Your eyes can't keep a secret...they're the first to show signs of age & stress. It's potent! eye cream fades dark circles & helps smooth fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes. Contains a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness, a blend of hydrating botanical extracts and loquat extract, known to help protect the skin from free radical damage.



Time to give our eyes some love!!! (yay!!) 

I apply a tiny bit of the eye cream (a little goes a long way!!!) with my ring finger ( the eye area are the most delicate part of our face so using our ring finger which is the most gentle finger to apply the product on the under eye is important! ) by dabbing it on my under eyes gently before lightly patting it and gently messaging it into the under eyes.

Every night before moisturizer after toner or if i am in need of wearing concealer for my under eyes I'll use this under the concealer (which coincidentally my current favourite is also from Benefit and its the Boi-ing concealer in shade 02 from the passport to posh kit)


Firstly the consistency is really thick! This being said a tiny bit is really needed when apply to the under eyes. This sample may be small but its going to last me a good long while with the amount needed to use.

Prior to when i first apply the eye cream i sorta had dark under eyes due to lack of sleep ( uni life = assignments and studying ... yup no sleep :P) but it was not too bad that i look like a panda! I also had a lot of dry patches on my under eye and it was flaky (not cute! >.<*) due to the really dry winter weather!

 When apply i feel a bit of a tingle feeling which i have no problem to as my believe its working its magic!

After using this every night for 5 weeks it definitely hydrates, reduces dark circle and also brightens my under eyes as promised by Benefit!

 Highly highly recommend for a good eye cream! 

Will definitely get a full size of this... but that will be a while as i said ... a little goes a long way!

Rating:  5/5

total moisture facial cream

Description from the site:

"Say good-bye to dry skin and hello to "total moisture." This facial cream provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for a radiantly refreshed complexion. Our exclusive tri-radiance complex helps develop the skin's reserves of water & reinforce skin's moisture barrier. Contains mango butter, a natural plant-based emollient known to provide moisture. For normal to dry skin.In consumer testing, 100% of people tested felt that their skin was immediately and intensely quenched."


Its a face cream... very self explanatory ... anyway I apply this on my face and neck both day and night.

I prefer this for night time.

Once again a little goes a long way ;)


The consistency of the product is really thick, rich and creamy and if you have dry skin (i have combination oily to dry) this will work really well to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

During winter months,my skin gets dry and flaky patches around my under eye and my chin area so this hydrates my skin really well!

Also my skin just feels softer and smoother after using it.

Once again it has this really nice "fresh cucumber" scent that is just present and refreshing to use during my "pampering time" aka my skincare routine.

Really enjoy it this product! Planning to repurchase this but its like $40!! will have to save up for it...

Will repurchase in future but till then i have this cute sample size jar to continue using :D

Rating:  5/5


triple performing facial emulsion

Description from the site:

"You may not know you’re dehydrated, but your skin does. Triple performing facial sunscreen lotion broad spectrum SPF 15 hydrates, protects and comforts the skin with an oil-free, lightweight formula. Contains exclusive ultra-moisturizing ingredients to help capture & maintain water on the skin’s surface."


Once again this is a facial moisturizer but with SPF in it.... very self explanatory... but if you insist :P

Apply on face, neck and ears (its the most neglected part of our skincare routine but they need love too! also your ears are the part that gets the most exposure to the sun)

Will recommend applying this for the day time since it has SPF as i can use the Total Moisture Facial Cream for the nights.   


Its not as hydrating as the Total Moisture Facial Cream but it does have SPF so I'll make use of this in the day time.  

Its runnier than the the Total Moisture Facial Cream but it feels light weight on the skin.

Once again like all the products in this line has this nice refreshing "fresh cucumber" scent.

Not too bad. I'll continue to use this but might not repurchase as i prefer the Total Moisture Facial Cream.

Rating:  3.5/5


I really like the ideal of this set! You get a good deluxe travel size of products to try multiple times, probably about 3 weeks ++ worth of uses which is a good amount of time to see how your skin react to the products and if you like the consistency, smell, how your skin feels after its used.

This set practically covers 70% of the whole Benefit Skincare range and its a great way yourself its skincare range or just the brand in general !

I am also really impress with the packaging for most of the products! Its really cute and vintage looking.

What i was most impress was that the price that i paid for at Myers was almost the same as the US RRP!

I definitely recommend if you are a fan of Benefit and want to try their skincare range but are unsure of just get this kit before committing to the full size product.

Other than that, this kit is very "Beneficial" to who are starting out with skincare or wants to expand their skincare product range like for me, prior to owning this skincare kit i use or never own a eye cream or a toner. 

Where to get it:

- Benefit Counters or any ware that  sells Benefit cosmetic and its skincare line.

- In Australia its available at Myers with a Benefit counter at $25

- Benefit Official Website ~ b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit 6 piece intro kit at $24  


Other than that let me know in the comments if any of you guys have tried Benefit's b.bright skincare line and what do you think of it?

Till Next Time

~oxox rotan~








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Glee Season 5 Recap : Love, Love, Love




The episode opens with Rachael going for her Funny Girl callback. The director and actor were awkwardly quiet and think she is too young and "green" for the part (which Rachel overheard).

Rachel, thinking she messed up her audition, sadly breaks into singing "Yesterday" while walking trough the streets of New York  ... past places where she and Finn went on their date back in Season 2( :"( cries!!!!  )

and stops to look at a pic of her and her friends on Central Park bridge ( cry even more here if you notice the Mirror from S2 in S5)

Moving on to Glee Club, Mr Shue announce BEATLES WEEK for the next two weeks (yup this and the next episode xD) where this week ... or episode will focus more on the Beatles earlier music.

Everyone (especially Ryder ....which by the way... why is he back when i thought he quit after what happen with him and Catfish Unique last season.... anyway Ryder and Sam fanboying xD) is excited except Kitty.

When glee club ended, Artie offer Kitty his lap saying "your chariot awaits" (i was flipping giggling at Artie cuteness here) asking her out on a date to Breadstick as a thanks for getting him to talk to his mum while strolling ... i meant rolling down the school halls.

Now turns out Kitty it turns out hate Breadsticks (why?????? ah well more Breadsticks for Santana :P) so Artie takes her to the carnival where they sing " Drive My Car" while playing games, going on rides and having a good time with their friends (as well as Kitty winning a heap load of GIANT soft toys!!! xD).

At the carnival, another Cheerio name Bree comes up asking if Kitty and Artie are an item which Kitty deny. Bree then leave sweetly saying that they both look cute together and even uploaded a picture of them on Instagram (um yah this new girl is going south... )

Quick flip to New York, Rachael gets a job at the Diner that Santana works in ( i really love the uniform!! it reminds me of some military dress version of the Cheerio uniform).

Now back to Lima at the courtyard Blaine and Kurt are having a lovely romantic picnic while sorting out their relationship and in the end get back together (WOOHOO!!! KLAINE IS BACK TOGETHER XD).

So just in case they DID get back together Kurt prepares something ... and blows his whistle (weird but i am thinking of a glee fanfiction named Little Brother Wes ... anyway the whistle was random) and out comes the marching band  as Klaine breaks into "Got to Get You Into My Life" dancing around the tables and steps around the courtyard (it seems almost every season premier have to have a courtyard music scene)

The best part was Definitely the ending when ...



Ok so after calming ourselves down...

Coach Sue is back at McKinley as Principal after planting some .. stuff ... in Principal Figgins office getting him into trouble. He is now the Janitor at McKinley (oh nooo :s )

Artie and Kitty are secretly dating and meeting each other "Under the stars" aka the astronomy classroom 
while singing " You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" (i love how this song suits this scene). Tina then confronts Artie about him dating Kitty where which he admits so but Kitty still wants to keep it a secret.

Moving on to  Blaine running back into glee club announcing that he is going to propose to Kurt (oh not finchel 2.0 ... sorry guys buy i still think its a bad ideal as they are still so young)  which most of the glee club apart from the overly enthusiast Sam trying to pump the awkwardly silent mood (idk of the whole glee club like the proposing ideal). Blaine then tells them that he is going to propose to Kurt ... with the help of Vocal Adrenalin (ugh oh), Haverbrook School for the Deaf ( what????) and Dalton Academy (WTH??? ... actually that i am totally excited about xD me love the Warblers xD) having that " I want this to be more than an ordinary proposal, I want this to be a cultural statement" on gay marriage and to show that this love can unite everyone.


Blaine then bust into "Help!" as the glee club runs around Ohio gathering the other rival show choirs. Where it stops at Dalton where we get to see the Warblers that we know and love (yes i still love them even after the crap they pulled last season).

Now back to New York, the directors that Rachel read to earlier came to the Diner and Rachael Berry ... being Rachael Berry she is proves to them that she is more than a star and "green" where with the help of Santana (GO TEAM BERRYLOPEZ) and the whole diner they sing “A Hard Day’s Night”... Cheerio style!

When done they leave (to Lima I assume) as Blaine text Rachel something important (ooohhhhhhhh :D).

Back to Lima in now Sue's office, Coach Roz and Mr Shue are called in (thinking Sue is gonna fire them) where Sue wants both of their respective teams to win nationals or else they are both fired.

At glee club, Tina announced about Kitty and Artie dating where Kitty apologies to Artie about keeping their relationship hush having that she is worry about her social status and that he is going to collage soon. She then announce they are bout now official and allow Artie to update his facebook status.

Blaine notice Tina being bitter and meaner lately (oh finally!! why did it take a whole season for them to realist this!!!) after seeing her being the only one in the Too Young to be Bitter Club (oh how ironic the name) stuffing her face with chocolate cake (i think).

Thinking that she is upset about being alone after her break up from Artie and Mike (you forgot your self Blaine :P) he rounds up most of the guys in glee club to think of an ideal to cheer her up as well as offering one of them to be her prom date.


They call Tina to the auditorium and cheer her up (more like serenade her :P) with "I Saw Her Standing There" while dress as the fab four as the other glee girls run in fangirling (season 2 Justin Bieber fangirling nostalgic here xD) 

Tina in the end choose Sam ( MY SAMTINA FEELINGS XD) as her prom date since he is the “least gay and least Asian" (um .. okkkk).

Ok last moment ...

Burt try to trick Kurt to thinking that he is taking a "short cut" way to the airport when actually he is driving him to Dalton. Kurt being the smart Alex he is (not to mention planing his own 10th surprise birthday party) knows what's in store.Kurt and Burt have another father-son talk on relationship where Kurt think they are too young but Burt also pointed out that he and Kurt's mum married young as well. His word of advice was to just go in and see what does Blaine have to say and answer a "yes", "no" or a "maybe" with Kurt jokingly asking if there is another option.

So in goes Kurt knowing what to expect ... not knowing exactly HOW TO EXPECT IT ...

I think Kurt was stunt on how extravagant the proposal was.. not to mention that all his friends and BFFS (yay Mercadese is back !! they remember she was her bff in S1 and 2!!)

Anyway Blaine with the four glee clubs serenade Kurt with “All You Need is Love” ending at the staircase that he and Kurt first meet in S2 (cries!! happy they pay attention to detail).

I'm not going to type out Blaine entire proposal scene so I'll link the video here but this is something that is better watch than read :P

So Blaine propose to Kurt and He says Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Principal Sue

Now i didn't really care for the whole Principal Sue thing and although Coach or now Principal Sue is one of my favorite character what she did to Figgins was just... well mess up .. but then again its Sue!

Artie + Kitty

I seriously love their relationship this episode!! I was rooting for kitty to be with either Artie or Ryder last season.   Artie and Kitty were both really cute together ... if the right word was to be said I'll use fluffy ... in a good way :P

Their issue on hiding their relationship to being official was really fast pace but somehow i feel its defiantly more realistic.

Also both duets I really enjoyed!

Also i seriously am loving Kitty more and more this past few glee episodes

Glee Club

What i am curious about is Ryder!! If i remember correctly he said he was gonna leave glee after regional thanks to the whole Unique catfish thing. Instead it seems like the catfish event never happen >,<* But then again its Glee and  they are never good with continuations.

The whole "Help" scene was really random, funny and just fun to watch!!

I was freaking happy to see the warblers back and to see Sebastien being for once friendly with Blaine! 

Also Tina, it took them A WHOLE SEASON to FLIPPING realize her character change!!! WTHACK GLEE!

Anyway i am finally glad that they address Tina being suddenly bitter and the boys trying to help her out.

Also SAMTINA GOING TO PROM!!!!  seriously samtina is my the paring that i ship and i know i ship a couple when i start reading fanfiction of them !  

 New York

I love the diner scenes!! Can't wait for more!! Next episode has Demi Lovato in it!! xD

Also enjoy seeing Rachael showing the producer the star she is!

When Rachael was walking through New York and trough all those places that we saw in S2 when she and Finn went on their date.



Firstly let me mention how freaking cute this two were the whole episode!! 

I seriously didn't like the ideal of them getting engage (totally fine with them being back to boyfriends) as i think they need a bit more time to figure out their relationship as well as them being too young . But after Blaine speech to Kurt change my thoughts bout this. 

I think their break up in S4 made them stronger as a couple now.

Anyway when Blaine said he wants to spend the rest of his life loving Kurt i think my Klaine feelings to happy tears!! :")

Also to the fact that he proposed to Kurt on the Stairs that that first meet just brings back nostalgic happy Season 2 memories where the Klaine ship set sail!

The proposal was freaking romantic!! magical!!! epic!!! And this I definitely know this will go on as Kurt and Blaine love each other really dearly (heck Kurt dreams of singing Come What May with Blaine!) 

Seriously wish them the best!



I feel like the producers have been reading ALOT of fanfiction as I swear it feels like came to life on my TV Screen!

The Klaine shippers got their well long awaited engagement, the Kitty/Artie (sorry guys i really don't know what their ship name is) are a couple and for me SAMTINA is gonna happen (i am betting my money this season Sam and Tina WILL be a couple!.. ok i wont bet on money ...haha how bout oreo's)

This episode was really fast pace considering that they manage to squeeze alot of plots and subplots into 45 minutes along with all those musical numbers.

I actually like that there are alot of musical numbers in this episode. They manage to balance the plots and musical numbers very well.

My favorite plot has to hands down be KLAINE scenes and the guys helping Tina! That part was freaking funny!!!

So yah that's a wrap about this episode!

Yay Glee is back!!!

By the way if you guys are in Australia they're showing Glee every Friday on channel Eleven at 7.30pm 

What did you think of the Season Premier????

What's your favorite scene??? 

Till Next Time
~oxox rotan~


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Empties/ Products I've Used Up #1


So it seems to me that empties are very popular in both blog and youtube world so I collected all the products that I've used up over the last couple of months to review to you guys.

So... lets get to the trash ... i meant empties :P

 So I'll start off with face

Coles Baby Wipes 80pieces - $2.50 

An in expensive essential in my dorm room! Its really useful to wipe my face and hands, remove my make up, whip my table (no kidding! lolz) and more!

2) Hazelline Snow moisturizing cream

An Asian drugstore facial moisturizer and whitener that i love and have been using for years . Its really thick and heavy so i prefer to use this at night . The consistency feels like thick clumps of snow true to its name. Also cause its a whitening cream a little goes a long way as I made the mistake of slandering alot on my face making me look as pale as Casper the friendly ghost as it leaves a white caste on your face. However overnight your skin will absorb the moisturizer and the whiteness will disappear the next morning .

3) Estee Lauder Soft Clean foaming cleanser

Favorite facial wash! I have gone trough tubes of this. This is also my Mums favorite facial wash. It is on the pricier side but for face i rather spend more as ... well you need to look after your face.

4)  mario badescu alpha grapefruit cleansing lotion (sample)

Receive a this sample first time i went to Mecca Maxima. I really love this cleanser. I use this on a cotton pad after i finish removing my make up with make up remover and wipes, if i am wearing heavier make up I'll go trough my face especially my eyes and it removes a whatever is left over on my face including stubborn eyeliners.

5) lancome bi facil eye makeup remover

Gosh! This thing brings back memories of when i went to the Michelle Phan Melbourne meet up organized by Lancome last year! I won a contest organized by Pop beauty so i got a free ticket, alot of Lancom goodies, and of cause meeting Michelle Phan! Yup best night ever!!

Also that was the first time i ever tried Lancom products!

Of all the goodies that I received, this was my most favorite item. Its basically a oil free make up remover and I LOVE THIS! I hate make up remover that has an oily residue on so this one was really nice to use!

I am definitely going to repurchase this one day ... when i have the money to splurge :D


6) Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Body Wash

I love Crabtree & Evelyn! Its probably my favorite bath and body shop!

This body wash is great for for relaxing! It smells like peppermint (i forgot to mention this in my Video), lavender and the salty breezy ocean (yup sounds weird but it actually smells really nice!)

This is one of my top 5 scents from Crabtree & Evelyn and i have tried almost everything from the La Source range.

7) Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Body Butter

Iris is a really unique scent! It has this rustic flowery and sorta green earthy scent ( and i usually am not a fan of anything that smells earthy).

When i smell this i think of the English country site (which i dream of someday visiting). I think of fresh woodsy flowers. yah i love this scent! also one of my top 5 scent from Crabtree & Evelyn.

The body butter itself is really nice, thick and luxurious. I really like this for the Autumn and Winter times when my skin gets really dry and I'll sadder a good lot of this on my body.

The scent last quiet long and even transfer on my cloths (my pajamas smells so nice ;P).

Funny thing... before me and my mum even smell it we knew we wanted to buy it as the packaging of the jar was so nice (so was the price >.<") and vintage looking. The container holds alot of products so you are getting for what you are paying as it took me almost a year to use it up!

8) Lush Charity Pot

I am not a fan of the charity pot. Sorry Lush but this was definitely a miss for me. Its suppose to smell like cocoa butter but to me it smell like nuts mix with chlorine. Good thing i got the $2 sample.

9) + 10) L'oreal Shampoo and Conditioner

A good in expensive drugstore shampoo conditioner. My whole family buy them whenever Watson has them on sale.

11)  lush american cream (sample)

Tip for you lush lovers is to always ask sample (which they will happily give) if you want to try a new product but unsure on how you'll like it.

American Cream is a musky creamy vanilla scented conditioner. It is not as thick as how i usually will think a conditioner to be but it does the job of conditioning my hair. I put this on the ends of my hair after I shampoo. I also love how the scent stays in my hair!

I am planing to purchase this when i next go to lush the next time!  

12) lush cynthia sylvia stout (sample)

Ok so i have gone trough countless samples of this shampoo to know that I can't live without it! yup no joke the sample that you see in the picture is probably my third sample of that shampoo...

So i currently do have it (just a small size) in my shower caddy.

I really like how this just makes my scalp feel really clean! I don't use this every day though.. just once a week to treat my hair to something nice and natural. 

Also this reduce the oiliness in my hair. The scent will be a hit or a miss to some as its very herbal (even thought its called a "beer shampoo" :P) and reminds me of the Chinese Medicine hall that I used to follow my dad whenever we go there to buy tea or Chinese herbs.

Also the Lush guy recommended it to me for if you have thick hair.  

13) Estee Lauder Pleasures (sample)

Ok so i have ALOT of this Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume samples as my mum always get them when she buys her skincare from Estee Lauder.

I've gone trough 2 little bottles over the past month.

Its a very strong, heavy and mature floral scent. 

Its an all time favorite floral scent as this is one of the perfume that i ever used.

Ok so that's my empties and now  i need to go and take out the trash and recycle some of the other stuff .

Also if you want to see me ramble about my empties on my Youtube channle check it out here :D

Let me know if you have ever tried any of the product mentioned.

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

Monday, 23 September 2013

Legend of Korra Book 2 Review: Chapter 3 ~ Civil War Part 1

WOW.... WTH... OMG... OMGASDFJKL; ....NO .... OH MY.....


So just watch Civil war Part 1 and i had to immediately blog about this!.. even if its 2am in the morning... ah well :P

So picking up from where we left off in the last Episode, the Northern water tribe  troops are entering the Southern water tribe and ordering the Southerners to go back to their home and practically stand out of their way.

Unalaq explain to Korra that his troupes are here to protect the now open spirit portal in the south and needs her to open another portal in the North in hope of uniting the water tribes (um yah... i have a feeling Unalaq plans is going south).

At Air temple island "Vacation Tenzin" is just getting started with him relaxing with Pema and Rohan ( aaaawww he is so cute :3). We also learn that Avatar Aang must have been favoring Tenzin over Bumi and Kay which starts making me question his parenting skills... Anyway it turns out that Aang only took Tenzin on his trips and not the other two which I have no Ideal how does this make Tenzin think they have a "perfect" family and childhood....So three siblings then leave to find Ikki who ran away because of Jinora and Meelo teasing her.

Back at the water tribe Korra parents were having a meeting with the southern water tribe. Most of the Southerners including Varrick intend to rebel against the North for disturbing their lives and even after Korra explain their intention they still are planning to War against the North thus causing a civil war! Korra's dad tells her talk her uncle in hope of preventing a Civil War.

Meanwhile, Bolin is pulling a trishaw with the twins (this makes me wonder if he is their slave or Eska Boyfriends... by the way it now hit me that the twins also reminds me of Azula the way they laugh ...)  . Eska then tells Bolin her plans when she goes back to the North she wants him to go with her and live in "Icy Bliss". This sort of scares Bolin and he consult Mako for advice on breaking up (good choice Bolin ...*sarcasm)

Korra confronts her Uncle about the civil war which Unalaq explains that it disrupt the balance between both tribes, spirits and the rest of the world and how its Korra's duties to reunite both tribe ... leaving the Avatar in doubt ...

Later in the streets three Southern children irritate some of the Northern troupes causing them to water bend the kids which made the Southern benders (adults) mad at their attack. Just as they were about to fight Korra try to prevent it from happening. Even though Korra is trying to be neutral and not taking sights the south thinks she is on the north side. Korra dad then comes in and stops the fight and as he attempt to talk to Korra she storm off.

Back to the Ikki search party, the Kataang  kids began to talk while Kya pointed out that Tenzin was not a good father having that he does not spend enough time with his kids due to his duties like how Aang was with them. Yah i really want some Kataang family flash backs now...

Next ... a Makorra moment that will make you go AAAAWWWW :3

So Korra returns home to Mako who greeted her with a "How was your day sweetie" (not as charming as Zuko ... but it will do :P) and  Korra flairs out all her problems to yet a clueless “Do you want advice or am I supposed to listen? Still not clear on that" Mako. He then suggest that they both go for a nice quiet dinner ...

BTW i had to insert this pic as its freaking hilariously awkward! 

Which turned to be an awkward double date with a fifth wheel ( Deska) with Bolin and Eska. Bolin then tells his breaking up with Eska problems when the twins leave to get food.

Back to Kataang kids, Kya manage to find footprints which might belong to Ikki. Bumi suggest they jump down the waterfall which for Tenzin and Kya had benefits of bending their way down. Bumi then slips and falls into the waterfall. I freaking love this part! they turn a simple climbing down a waterfall (well not that simple) to something very comical!! 

Korra return home where her mum confront her about her problems. Korra still mad about her father keeping his secret and that he and Tenzin keep her secluded in the South for her avatar training and also frustrated about the north and south going to war. I was kinda glad that Korra's mum reminded her that both north and south were separated for decades and that this was something that cant be changed in a day. However Korra storms out of the house and goes to Unalaq place in hope of stopping Varrick rebel which she believe her father is part of.

She gets there in time to stop a mask men from kidnapping her uncle (whom she believed to be her dad) and is attack by a group of the rebels (which i freaking love this fight sequence and that we get to see her use some air bending for once!) where she fights them and manage to catch the mask men with her uncle who turned out NOT to be her father.

Back at airtemple, Kya is healing Bumi's head from the fall while lecturing him that he cant do everything a bender can (*SIGHHHHHH nostalgic moment reminding me of Katara lecturing Sokka  :'D). This however stir big upraw of the trio eg, Tenzin being the only one going on trips with Aang, Bumi acting immature and Kya travel around the world. Kya however was the only one of the three who moved back to the south to be with her mother ever since Aang died. Also Bumi pointed out that both he and Kya are also Aang kids too. Having being fed up with this fight with his siblings, he tells Kya and Bumi to head back to the temple to see if Ikki have return while he continue searching.
Korra runs home relief to see her dad is not part of the rebellion and breaks down apologizing for her behavior and the pain she caused her parents the last few.... days??? (idk how much time has pass but i assume days). Her  parents than apologize to Korra for holding her back as they were hoping to put Tonraq past aside and have a normal live  ... which obviously didn't happen having that Korra turned out to be the Avatar  :P

Korra's mum then states that they know that one day Korra won't need them but Korra denies and saying she'll always need her parents (group hug!!!!! :D). This beautiful moment was however interrupted with Unalaq arresting Korra's parents for kidnapping had plotting against him  ...

the end for this episode...



GOSH this episode was just!! wow!!

Ok first off let me just start with Kataang kids. Finally we get to know more about Bumi, Kya and Tenzin life as kids! Its definitely obvious that from the looks of things Aang favorite Tenzin of his three children could be cause Tenzin being the only Airbender to take over  the Air Normads Culture not to mention being Aang successor, Aang kinda neglected Bumi and Kya. Also Bumi being the only non bender into a family of benders will of cause feel left out and i wont blame him for trying to prove to his siblings that he can do what a bender can... though its still a bad ideal. I have a feeling he has been taking lesson from uncle Sokka having that he is also a non-bender and also explain why he acts like him.. i am hoping we will get a small story line of Sokka teaching him how to use sword and boomerang to fight. As for Kya, i somehow see her as a middle age version of Katara. Also I was quiet confused on who was the oldest as it was not stated in the last book who was the oldest and i think most of the fandom thought it was Kya bit in this episode its been cleared out that Bumi is the oldest, Kya is the second and obviously Tenzin is the youngest. Also Kya, Bumi and Tenzin's personality reminds me of an older version of Katara, Aang and Sokka... gosh i really hope there will be some flashback of them as kids in at lease one of the books!!! I think this story line is going to be interesting as Tenzin has this impression that they had a picture prefect childhood and family.

Also I am starting to question Aang's parenting skills... are Kya and Bumi exaggerating out of jealousy?? My theory is if we flash back to The Last Airbender series and comics I recall Aang did hope to raise a family in hope of being a good dad and all. But if he only took Tenzin to all non- airtemple places trips...WHY??? But then again Aang was raised by Monks and he did have to "keep the world in balance" and " look after republic city" and all those duties so it must have been hard for him to juggle father and avatar duties.

Also i have a feeling whatever Ikki storyline is going to is gonna have a link with Jinora story line (remember in my last recap that i have have a feeling that Jinora will play a key role in this book)

Oh and Pema when she ask her kids where is Ikki was freaking funny when Jinora goes "Who?" xD

Bolin in this episode was quiet interesting to watch on him being panic on having Eska as his girlfriend (by the way her laugh was just... creepy ... like a creepy dolphin). There were not alot of Bolin or Mako in this episode but it was a good handful to enjoy. Oh and Mako!! he is very sweet with Korra .. but still a very clueless boyfriend. As for Bolin asking Mako for Break up advice was hilarious!!! Also Mako in this book i actually like him alot more than in book 1 ... i thought he was a airhead jerk in book 1 but in book 2 he is really sweet with Korra (flash back he was also really sweet with Asami in book 1 when they were together ... ) 

Unalaq ... i am having more bad feeling about this guy .. why does he need to open both spirit portals???? Like seriously i have a feeling he is manipulating Korra to not only reunite both North and South so that he can be the Chief of the Water Tribes (very Tyranny is i do say so myself) but also by letting the North and South portal open ... I don't even have words for what this recipe of disaster this is going to! 

Korra in this episode makes me feel kinda bad for the... even though i still was not a fan of her in the last two episode, this episode i however see her tone down.... by a bit... she is trying to be neutral and prevent a civil war from happening. I still don't get how after what happen with Tarrlok in the last book why can't she see that something about her uncle plans is not right???

I think this episode is kind of  knock in the head for Korra where she now pays the price for her action in the last two episode.

Korra's fight scenes in this episode was beautifully choreograph and I like how they also added her bending Air which is the element she used the least!

Also i am glad we get to see more of Korra's mum in this episode and speak with Korra about her problems. Also the ending when Korra goes to her parents... i was really glad that she fix thing up with her parents. 


 I WAS GOING ALL "OH HELL NO" this is not happening!!! Just when everything has been patch up UNALOQ HAS TO RUINED IT AND ARREST KORRA PARENTS! UGH! 

Words can't describe how much I want to shake Korra up and shout " notice some freaking tarrlok mirror signs!!!" last book her friends got arrested! this book her parents got arrested!!! WHAT NEXT! 

Man i am never a fan of Cliff Hangers but this is determinately a great episode! it beats the last two episode by a landslide! I think the name Civil War suits this episode in all three story lines! Korra and her dad, her dad and uncle, the civil war between north and south, Kataang kids, even Bolin problems of breaking up with Eska so that he will not have to suffer "Icy Bliss". Best episode in this season and we are only in the third Episode!!! 

Now for the next episode i cant wait!!!! 

What do you think of this episode??? are you a fan of cliff hangers?? 

Till next time

~oxox rotan~