Tuesday, 25 February 2014



so first thing first ...


So i am gonna celebrate with taking out my iDevices and film a few haul vids and editing blogpost while the whole residents get drunk ... yah ... lol (i am not joking ><")

I also got the inspiration of the style taking this picture from one of my favorite booktubers Bookables from the tumbler so i will link her tumbler.

I  have in total 14 books this month .... yup went a little cray cray ... 

But they were all at such a good deal!!!!  

Sound Bender (Sound Bender #1)

So i saw this in my Uni's bookshop at half price so it was around $10.

Anything with the word bending or bender i am all ears for it as i love manipulating the elements (obsess with legend of avatar series)

Also cause this book has a male lead thought i should pick it up to let my brother read as he is not a fan of alot of the books that i read (which has female leads)

Return to the Hundred Acre Wood


  Its winnie the pooh!!! Need i say more??? 

Its a Classic in my book :P 

When i saw this at Dymocks i had to get this as i have heard a lot of amazing things about this so for $10 why not?!

Also i was fangirling on the illustration as it follow the classic winnie the pooh and its breath taking beautiful! 

Shades of Grey (Shades of Grey #1)

Heard a few booktubers talking about this and was interested with the description.

I have been wanting to get more into dystopian so hopefully this will be a great read.

Doctor Who: Shada


Goodreads Link

I love Doctor Who and when this had to pick it up! 

I am familiar with the fact that Douglas Adams is one of the Classic Who writers and also made a few of his doctor who script into books like hitch hicker guide to the galaxie.

This is a smart way to expand those Doctor Who script that didnt made it as an episode by publishing it into a book!

 Speaking of Doctor Who i got two "Quick Reads" off the book depository which are like novellas for the Doctor Who (Modern Who) series. 

One is Doctor Who: Code of the Krillitanes by Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift by

I got them as my brother wanted to read them but were flipping expensive back home so yah ... turn to the internet as its cheaper:P  

Looking for Alaska

 So i saw this on Bookdepository just browsing the John Green section when i saw this at 68% off for like $6 which flipping cheap so while buying those Doctor who quick reads i added this to my chart too! 

An Abundance of Katherines

When i saw that the discription was Big Bang Theory on a road trip i had to get this!

One of the website that i use call Bookworld had a 40% discount on all their books so since at that time i was reading looking for alaska i thought i may as well get the next john green book since i want to read all his books by the TFIOS movie 

Piece of Cake (Smitten)

Head Over High Heels (Smitten)

Had my eye on this at big W so i randomly walk in one day and thought why now. 

Probably one of my fav smitten book as i can visualize its setting since its set in Melbourne CBD.  Also its one of the more dramatic books in this romance series.

 Crash into You (Pushing the Limits #3)

Heard alot of good things on youtube about this and although i have not read any of the earlier books i still picked it up as it sounded really good.

And also this was one of those ransom moments in Big W when i just browse trough the book section and pick up a new book ... yah that place is dangerous! lol

These Broken Stars (Starbound #1)

How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You (Aurora Skye #1)

by  Goodreads Link

I have seen this at Big W multiple times but never picked it up so when i won the second book in the series i immediately went  and made a sneaky little purchase from Big W.

Its one of those funny, cute, een romance and i am almost done with it so i cant wait to review it you guys! Also Tara Eglinston is Another Aussie author which is great as i have been wanting to read more Australian authors.

How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You (Aurora Skye #2)
 Goodreads Link

Ok so this i won from a goodreads giveaway and let me just say how flipping happy I was when i saw this in my mail box as I didnt expect to win it let alone love it!

I went out to get the first book to do justice to the series as well. Have not read it yet but am loving the first book so i cant wait to marathon this.

Also what i was more excited about was that it was autograph and dedicated to me! xD happy fangirl i say !! 

So yah ....and i you think that's all the books i've gotten this month ... i am NOT done yet! lol

I am now back in Malaysia and a couple of times i went out with my dad to the bookshops i did some more damage... yah... so if you love seeing pretty pictures of books keep your eyes peal for another book haul in the near future!

also check out my NEW youtube channel and YES I MADE A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL dedicating to booktube where i will be doing bookhauls, tags, reviews where i will also do written book reviews on my blog and all that fun booktubeing challenges xD

Check out me hauling books video style :P

Check me our on Goodreeds to see the other books i have read and also what i am currently readin.

Which books did you guys think look cool??? 

Let me know in the down bar

Till Next Time 

~oxox rotan~


Friday, 7 February 2014

January favourites 2014


So i have been on a blogging slump lately so to start a new year i though it will be great fo start the new year with my January fav and get into the habit of sharing with you guys stuff i've been loving for the month.


Left : Australis mint condition lip gloss (red) Right : Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain (adore)

I have been into red lippy not only in the month of January but for the last few months as they are amazing way or looking like you put effort in your look without the "effort".

I like the Revlon balm stain which is an orange tone red is great when i go out and want a more longer lasting lip stick since its also a stain. Even so if it fade its easy to touch up.

The lip gloss from australis as an amazing tinted lip balm! The pigmentation is this really nice rose red that I love to wear in the morning before class to give my face a bit of colour.

Soap and Glory Hand Food

This i kinda forgot that i owned this... Yup... Anyway i really like this hand cream as its not too thick that you have a weird cast on your hand. In fact I use this not only on my hands but also on my arm and legs... Lazy to reach for the body lotion and it works just as well.

Colette by Colette Hayman poolside crush body mist.

This smells like summer in a bottle. Its fresh, clean and refreshing with hints of fruitiness but not overly fruity.
I especially love this its a good travel size bottle to bring with me to uni so that i can freshen myself in between classes on super hot days.


Typo cooler water bottle in Buttercup

Firstly lets appreciate how cute this bottle look!
Like how people get workout gear so that they will exercise more I got this bottle in hopes I'll drink more water which i have been as this bottle carry a good amount of water to last me trough the long unidays.

I also love the color! Tiffany blue my fav :)))

Sportsgirl bag

I've been using this bag alot lately for going out and for class. Its a good size to carry all of my THINGS but not too big that it look like i am lunging a luggage.
I also love the straps. They are two straps so i can have off the shoulders or on the shoulders.

TARDIS phone case!!!

This scream the inner fangirl/whoviean
Need i say more ??? xD 
I have been in need of a new phone case and saw this on ebay for $1.60 so i immediately click purchase. I love how cool this phone case looks. Its simple yet its unique. 
Also its a good conversation starter when people see your phone! haha


 Yogurt with home made Granola and blueberries

My go to breakfast!
I have been addicted to eating them!
The yogurt i prefer is the Tamar Valley Non- Fat yogurt.
The Granola recipe i use All That Glitter Maple almond recipe but i put my own twist to it.

Favorite Book

Left: Cinder Right: Scarlet
This month has been a slow reading month for me as i only read 2 books that is cinder and scarlet.
They are the first two books in the Lunar Chronicles which are fairytale retelling set in the future but with a twist.

I enjoy both books! In fact i am slapping myself for not reading them sooner!
The story is amazing and although they are based off fairytale i feel like Marrisa Myers took the story and made it her own.

Highly recommend if you are a fan of YA fantasy, dystopian or even fairytale retelling.

Also if you like the tv show once upon a time you'll definitely like this!

Also a reason i was marathon this two books was cause the third book in this series Cress is coming out in Feb! So I now have given you a better reason to reading this series! lol

Get Cinder, Scarlet and Cress from the book depository here!! (free international shipping!)
Song of the month

Counting Stars by One Republic

Have this on repeat its catchy and great to listen to. I actually love the whole Native album but if ask for just one song I'll choose this.

Check out my youtube channel on me talking about the products mention!

So that's my monthly favs I hope you all enjoy and look out new content and blogpost coming soon!

~oxox rotan~