Thursday, 24 October 2013

Beauty News: NYX COSMETIC IN TARGET Australia!!!!


... The Pic Says it All ... 


Throw the confetti and pop the champagne as NYX COSMETIC will hit Target Australia Shelves this weekend !! 

Ok so i know i just uploaded a blog post .... but this is something that I need to Drop and Type and inform you guys especially my dear Aussie readers/viewers.
So i was browsing trough Facebook and Target and the Official NYX Australia page announced that they are officially selling NYX here! yay!

From the NYX official Facebook page it quotes " have over 241 products and the pricing is $8.95 up to $21.95 we have done our very best to keep it super affordable." 

So yay for the convenience of buying NYX products easily for us here in Australia especially since its usually easy to access to Target here.

I definitely have my eyes on a few products from NYX but could not be bother to get it its usually i get my NYX stuff online form Urban Outfitters when i order cloths I'll throw in one make up item to make the $50 for free shipping part.

It's not too bad for me to get NYX back home in Malaysia since it is sold at Sephora but i am only back home for a good 3 months per year! 

That's all i could say as the news is still only a few hours old... 

I'll keep you guys update via Twitter & Instagram : both @rotanrm

And also don't forget to come back here to check out if i did purchased anything from NYX.

Also you guys can check out the official Target Australia and NYX Australia FB page for more info

Are you excited for NYC to be Available in stores at your local Target??? 

What do you plan to get??? let me know if you want me to share with you my NYX wishlist :D 

Till Next Time

~oxox rotan~

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