Thursday, 11 April 2013

Make Up Review: Essence Home Sweet Home


So i was at Target the other day and i stumble upon Essence limited edition collection called Home Sweet Home.

So its been a while since an essence collection caught my attention and if i like the collection i go CRAZY and grab more than planed!

The whole Home Sweet Home theme is based on curling up in the couch in your warm woollies with a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winters day.

That to me is my ideal "winter cozy day" not home sweet home day as I think of my home country Malaysia and coconut water and home cook meal at home with my family as well as my "Home Sweet Home" weather is the humidity climate back home ( Lolz just a random note btw).

Anyway grab a mug of Hot Chocolate with Extra Marshmallows as I review the items I got from the collection ;)

So I got 4 items from the collection that is a blush, an eyeshadow and 2 lip sticks!

The packaging of this products are cute! One of the most attractive packaging from essence I have seen in a while with the whole knitted sweater print on the eye shadows and blushes.

1) Soft Touch Blush in 01 Knits For Chicks

First thing I got is a soft touch blush in 01 Knit for Chicks ( interesting name ;p)

I love the Nordic Knit sweater pattern in the blush which the print looks deep.

I picked this up as I have been needing a pink blush ( i only owe 2 blushed but in "fun colours") so I thought this will be very nice for everyday use.

The collection does have another blush in orange but I just went for the basic.

One thing I love about essence have to be the pigmentation of their products! You only need a light hand when applying your blush!

You can wear the pink or berry on its own or swirl the pink and the berry together.

2) Mono Eyeshadow in 01 Happy Couching

The eyeshadow that I got is in 01 Happy Couching which btw Couching is a knitting/embroidery technique (according to google search Lolz)

The chocolate brown colour has slight shimmers

It's very pigmented! Just looking at it reminds me of hot chocolate ;3

There were two other colours but i didnt really think i will use it as much as the brown. 

This collection came with 2 lipsticks which I got both.

I love essence lip sticks but I only get them when they are limited edition or else my makeup collection will be chocked up with lip products. What's more I prefer their stay with me long lasting lip glosses.

The lip sticks are very pigmented and creamy and I surprisingly don't own red lip sticks!

They glide on smoothly and dry matt like all the essence lipsticks.

Surprisingly they have a slight berry scent which non my essence lipsticks have but I guess they added the berry scent to suit the collection. If you enjoy the gummy fruity scent that essence lip glosses usually have then you will enjoy the lipsticks.

The only downside of the lipsticks is that I find them bit drying so I suggest to wear a bit of lip balm before applying the lipstick.

3) Long Lasting Lipstick 01 Red-y To Relax

If I were to describe this shade this will be "the perfect red lip" lipstick shade (Taylor Swift Red Lips Anyone??? :P)

04) Long Lasting Lipstick in 02 Berry Me Home

Like the name its a deep berry red shade which I find it perfect for the coming autumn/winter months

The essence stand at Target

Blush: $5.50
Eyeshadow: $3.50
Lipsticks :  $4.50

Where to get : Target Aus

With this Home Sweet Home theme it sure came out at the right time as the shades are especially great for the fall/winter months which is what Australia  is transitioning to.

Of all of the stuff that i picked up i have to say that the lip sticks are the ones i love.

This is one of my favorite trend edition from Essence so far!

Got anything from the trend edition???

What does home sweet home mean to you???

~oxox rotan~

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