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Newsstand Pickup: Instyle Australia Nov 2013 FT free $89 worth of Napoleon Perdis Make Up Kit Review


So i was at Coles the other day and while browsing along the Magazine section and stumble upon this...

So In style magazine Australia is giving away 3 full size Nepoleon Perdis Make Up with the November 2013 Issue (the one with Drew Barrymore featured on the cover) which here in Australia i notice they give out this goodies every now and then but lately non have really caught my eye to buy the magazine until now.

So apart from the Magazine, it comes with a mascara, lip gloss and a cream blush which for $12.95 its a steal deal here in Australia having that make up is pretty pricy. In fact napoleon perdis is quiet a high end brand here with the price around the same as MAC.

 So the first thing it comes with is a Mascara which is the only thing that has a name on it which is the "Lashes to Lashes Black Mascara". The packaging is a nice square sleek black tube. I can't say much as i have not use it and in fact have yet to open it as i have a lot of mascara to go trough so I'll let you guys know in future how this mascara works out for me.

Lip Gloss

This i have tried, used and love it! Its a peachy pinky nude color which i love. I have wore this a couple of times and have in fact used this yesterday over Revlon lip butter in Creaminess which makes a great combo wit the peachy nude lip butter... stick??? idk.. haha

The packaging is this hexagon shape tube with a gold cap which gives it a luxurious look and the applicator is the usual  'doe foot' applicator. The formula is creamy, yet sticky but pigmented and i love how the gloss feels on my lips. Also idk if its me but it has a fruity sweet but slight vanilla scent to it... idk maybe its my nose but it has a nice sweet scent.

This i'll recommend for that perfect nude lips. Of the three this is my favorite product.

Cream Blush

Once again this has no name (but i know its made in the USA). This cream blush comes in a cute plastic transparent compact. I was pleasantly surprise that it came with a mirror. The blush is a nice dusty pinky shade that will be nice for this coming spring/summer season. I once again have yet to use or watch the blush so i can't comment much about the formula.


I love buying magazines and InStyle is a magazine that i have been reading for years but usually I'll go for the US editions as that's what my mum has been buying for years. I especially love when magazines include great freebie with purchase with their magazines.

The quality of the products is fairly good considering it is "free" when you purchase the magazine.
I'll at lease use two of the three products in this set which is the cream blush and lip gloss. The mascara I'll either keep for future use or give it away I have A LOT of mascara to use.

I'll definitely recommend if you are a make up junky, want to try Napoleon Perdis make up (which i have never tried before) or want to expand your make up collection (like me), run out and get this magazine and of cause get the freebie! Its a great value for money and if you are starting with make up, there are some great products to start with in this set.

Also i have flip trough the Magazine and found some great articles so if you love Fashion and beauty magazine this is definitely a great deal!

For more info on the products, check out InStyle's site.

What do you think of the set??? Have you picked it up???

Have you tried Napoleon Perdis make up before?? let me know what do you think.

Till Next Time 

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Heya !!!

So ... a book blog today :P 

Anyway i am here with a book review on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which i just finished it and it was just flipping amazing hence why i am writing this review like ... NOW! 

Book Description:

"Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten."

So I picked this up after listening to all the hypes that has been going around about TFIOS and also now that it’s already made into a movie (production has already wrapped according to John Green’s vlog) I thought it will be the best time to pick it up before the movie comes out so that I can have my own opinion of the book before … if I decided to watch the movie.

So basically the story obviously centres Hazel and Gus bitter sweet love story where they are both terminally ill with cancer and it’s the kind of book that you know it will not end with a “happily ever after”
Their romance I really did enjoy as it was neither too fast nor too slow nor was it too flurry or dull. It was like they both understand each other and it’s not only just because they are both going through cancer but their personalities and thinking just blend well with each other … gosh they are a real match made heaven :’) Also when reading the things that Gus say or do for Hazel was really sweet and melts my heart with “aaawwwwwww”s and tears till the last page.

This book also touches topics like “cancer perks” where characters are treated different by society because of cancer and they get obviously get a lot of benefits mostly out of pity. However as quoted in the book “the world is not a wish granting factory” which is very true as with and without cancer you can’t always get what you want.

Also I really enjoy the little moments between Hazel and her Parents. Her parents obviously wants what’s best for Hazel even if it sometimes means forcing her just so they can see her happy and Vice versa. It made me miss having my parents in my life and I appreciate them even more after reading this.
I really love seeing the relationship between Hazel, Gus and Isaac as it was realistic and relatable, in a way make me think of when I hang out with my friends, showing that even though they are all going through cancer, at the day they are just regular teens playing video games and plotting revenge on ex-girlfriends. When you think of kids with cancer you think of their childhood being robbed or in a way forced to grow up fast. While they did have their serious moments like talking about death, they also have their funny, quirky, sarcastic and goofy moments.

Also the book touches on the relationship of an author and their readers. As the reader, we tend to forget that whatever happens in a book is usually (unless stated) fiction and made up in the authors mind. There is a lot that we readers want and there is just so much the author may and could give. The book An Imperial Affection which is Hazel favourite book in this book is somewhat relatable for her since it’s also a book about a girl with cancer. I honestly feel like TFIOS is a mirror of how the AIA book is played out and I even felt like Gus and Hazel when I was done with the book! I FEALT LIKE I WAS MISSING A FEW PAGES AND WANT MORE!

This book had a lot of good moments but also have its fair share of sad moments that makes you keep wanting to continue reading but I think keeps us hanging on a cliff not wanting to put the book down has to be the plot twist! Gosh! The plot twists caught me off guard every time it happens and got me hanging on my seat wondering what will happen next.

My favourite happy moment was when Hazel and Gus went to Amsterdam while my “fav” sad moment was the whole pre-funeral moment which I found it sadder to read than the actual funeral but I liked it as eventhough its meant to be a serioust thing where Hazel and Isaac are talking in their speech on how they remember Gus and there Gus is editing his eulogy.

The characters were also really realistic! There were many moments that I could relate to from the argument with the parents to just being a “rebel”.  They are teenagers and like many teenagers we tend to make mistake.

*SIGH* Gus… of all the characters in the book loved him the most and it’s not cause he is the one to die and made me cry a monsoon but its cause of this personality and how charming and sweet he is especially with Hazel yet he can have some crazy ideals like plotting Isaac’s ex-girlfriend revenge in less than 5 minutes! I really love how he has this really great metaphor…  

I also enjoy reading about Hazel. She is a really strong girl and it’s not just because she is a thought fighter with cancer but she does not let herself be a victim of her situation and goes on with life. Yes she feels angry, lost, and sad as well as describing herself as a “grenade” that is going to explode any time now which is one of the reasons why she is being “anti-social” and isolating herself from the world but when you are in a situation like Hazel but she still goes on with life and she is really lucky to have a great support especially her family. Also was anyone really surprise but not really surprise when Hazel said she is already done with High School and is now a college student?? I was like … wow … I know you are a smart kid Hazel but you’re really smart! It kind of explains how she thinks for intelligent and mature yet she still reminds us that she is only 16 with the sarcastic and quirky comments.

Now this is something personal but while reading the book and reading about Hazel feeling at the start, I could personally relate to her a few years back when I was (this is very personal and I rarely share this with anyone… and no it is not cancer but it is still health related that change my life and my habits …) diagnose with a health problem which change my life… now I am not going to tell you guys my health problem but it definitely changed my life especially the first few months of having it… but fyi I am ok now :D or else WHO THE HECK IS WRITING ALL THIS BLOG POSTS ;P lolz

Lastly now this got to do with the movie for TFIOS, in case you don’t know me well I love video games … and no this has nothing about Gus and Isaac videogames but I am currently obese with this game call beyond two souls where the emotions kind of reminds of this book. Now before you guys go slamming at me on how the heck does a paranormal emotional videogame have a link with an emotional roller-coaster Young Adult Contemporary novel??? Ok so in BTS there is a character name Nathan Dawkins who has a slight similar background as Peter Van Houten of them losing someone they love and I was playing the game when I was reading TFIOS. So for an odd reason I was picturing a crazier less caring version of Nathan when reading the Amsterdam moment in the book. When I was done with it I went to Wiki to check the cast list for the TFIOS movie as they did announce it going to be a movie … so …. William Dafoe… the voice actor for Nathan Dawkins in BTS … IS FLIPPING PLAYING PETER VAN HOUTEN!!! WOW! The dude I was picturing while reading is playing that character in the movie! xD now I seriously can’t wait for the movie! 

When they say this is more than just a book about cancer, it’s a heck more than that!

I really did enjoy this book. I laugh and cry with the characters also learned a lot just from reading this and maybe have different view on the world. It’s the first John Green book I have picked up and I plan to pick up more now that I have read this. The whole plot in general was really good and I definitely didn’t want to put this book down. I also was caught off guard and thrown off my tracks in many parts and the plot twist were really plot twisting. Many say John Green has his ways with words and I totally agree. I see us one day quoting him like how he quotes Shakespeare in this book and in fact the TFIOS title is inspired by a Julius Ceaser.

If you have managed to get to the end of this really ramble full blog good job! :P
Now if you are reading this and have not read TFIOS … do yourself a favour, put aside all the sad emotional water works stuff that people have been saying about this book and go out and get/borrow/buy yourself (preferred you own) a copy of TFIOS and read it with an open mind, love it and enjoy the experience of a whole new rollercoaster ride.

Rating: 5/5 (will give it more if I could) on Goodreeds

Where to get:
Big W (if in Australia)
Book depository

     Also ... Heya :)))))))

Check me our on Goodreeds to see the other books i have read and also what i am currently readin.

What did you guys think of TFIOS???

Till Next Time 

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October "Classy" Her Fashion Box unboxing (Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle subscription box)


So i have an un boxing from Her Fashion Box having that i just started subscribing to them after hearing all the great stuff about them from Australian Youtube and the Beauty Blogger world.

I thought it will be a great way to step out of my comfort zone and just have fun trying out new things by ordering a subscription box.

So basically HerFashion Box is an Australian monthly subscription box service where for $39.90 you can get a box with about 3 Fashion items and 4 beauty/lifestyle items which will usually be at a value of over $110!!!

You can choose from three types of boxes which style suits your style/taste/personality which is Classy, Trendy and Feminine.

 The box i choose was the "Classy" box and the theme of the month is "Down To Earth"

So when you first get the box in the mail it comes packed nice wraped with a pink box.

Ta-Daaaa the un opening box number 1

So the nice sleek black box that holds all the products in it. Its magnetic and quiet strong and good quality so you can definitely keep the box to keep the stuff you wanna keep in it.

Firstly it comes with some coupons and a magazine which holds all the infomation you'll need of the products in the box.

The fashion 
"Great Southern Land" necklace

So it has a really nice kinda tribal necklace that will make a really nice statement piece.
I usually am not a jewelry person so this will be fun to accessorize with

Left: "Trial Blazer" ring and Right "The Eternity" ring

It also comes with a nice turquoise statement ring and a mini infinity ring.

I always wanted to get one of this large statement ring so i was definitely happy to see that in my box!

The Beauty
From left to right: Revitanail Nail Polish in "marshmallow", Ulta 3 Lipstick in "Red Sahara", Lonvcitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

Nail polish
Revitanail Nail Polish in "marshmallow"

I've seen this brand at priceline before but never really tried it.

Its a nice nude pink color and the name "marshmellow" is really cute.

Lip stick

Ulta 3 Lipstick in "Red Sahara"

Ulta3 is a really popular inexpensive brand  here in Australia. 

I own ulta 3 nail polish but never seen the make up in stores at where i live.

I've seen a few aussie youtubers showned the ulta 3 lipstick so it will br great to try this out.

The packaging is nice and sleek and reminds me of the covergirl lipsticks

The color is a nice deep red color... kinda look like a darker version of covergirl's "hot passion". Cant wait to play around with it.

Eye mask
Lonvcitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

Once again not really familiar with this brand nor have i seen this in stores.

Its an eye mask to hydrate, reduce under eyes dark circles and firm the under eyes.

Can't wait to try this as i have been looking at trying under eye masks for a while now.
The lifestyle

Skin Bright oh my! evening tea

This was what i probably was super excited for! I love love LOVE tea and drink tons of it!

This is a loose-leaf tea and from the description its meant to be like a soothing tea for night time before you sleep.

Not so sure how that's going to work but i am super excited to try!

*update* was watching the other video and read the little magazine that it came with i was suppose to get a tea strainer but for an odd reason i didnt get it... ah well i have a nice teapot waiting for me :D

Check out my youtube channle/ video if you want to see my reaction to the first time unboxing this box!

The unboxing that i did was my reaction when I literally first open the box so forgive me it I do look clueless but like i say i didn't want to look into the magazine as i wanted it to be a surprise!

This is the first time I subscribed to a subscription box and i am super please with the products that i got!

The concept of Her Fashion Box is really unique as you not only get beauty samples (which are usually deluxe or full size) but also fashion and lifestyle items as well.

I was super excited when i went to collect my parcel and when i was filming my unboxing for my youtube channel i had my friend Azelia in the room with me to check out the content of the box with me.
I will definitely continue subscribing  to Her Fashion Box whenever i am in the country (i go back to Malaysia every few months) as i really enjoy the products that are the box.

It definitely is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try new things

Apart from the jewelry i am definitely gonna  enjoy the nail polish and lipstick and tea!

If you are interested in signing up for Her Fashion Box you can sigh up here.

Don't forget you can also get 50% off your first box (That's $19.95!!!) by using codeword:  


Also i got my first order with using a coupon code for 50% off using some random coupon code I found online.

Check out HerFashionBox site

What did you think of this box and its content???

Till next time!! 

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Beauty News: NYX COSMETIC IN TARGET Australia!!!!


... The Pic Says it All ... 


Throw the confetti and pop the champagne as NYX COSMETIC will hit Target Australia Shelves this weekend !! 

Ok so i know i just uploaded a blog post .... but this is something that I need to Drop and Type and inform you guys especially my dear Aussie readers/viewers.
So i was browsing trough Facebook and Target and the Official NYX Australia page announced that they are officially selling NYX here! yay!

From the NYX official Facebook page it quotes " have over 241 products and the pricing is $8.95 up to $21.95 we have done our very best to keep it super affordable." 

So yay for the convenience of buying NYX products easily for us here in Australia especially since its usually easy to access to Target here.

I definitely have my eyes on a few products from NYX but could not be bother to get it its usually i get my NYX stuff online form Urban Outfitters when i order cloths I'll throw in one make up item to make the $50 for free shipping part.

It's not too bad for me to get NYX back home in Malaysia since it is sold at Sephora but i am only back home for a good 3 months per year! 

That's all i could say as the news is still only a few hours old... 

I'll keep you guys update via Twitter & Instagram : both @rotanrm

And also don't forget to come back here to check out if i did purchased anything from NYX.

Also you guys can check out the official Target Australia and NYX Australia FB page for more info

Are you excited for NYC to be Available in stores at your local Target??? 

What do you plan to get??? let me know if you want me to share with you my NYX wishlist :D 

Till Next Time

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Tutorial: Jodie Holmes Beyond Two Souls inspired Hair, Make Up and Outfit Cosplay/Halloween Tutorial

"I was born with a gift, or what they called a gift. It was really a curse. It's ruined my life. It made me the person that I am today, a freak, a mistake, someone to hate. "



Ok so am flipping Obsess with Beyond Two Souls the new PS3 exclusive game by Quantic Dreams aka the makers or Heavy Rain! I played the demo and watched alot of the walktrough on youtube and fell in love with the storyline and characters in the game especially Jodie Holmes who is played by Ellen Page which her look inspired me to make another tutorial based on a video game for this Halloween and ideal for Cosplay.

Pic used for this look reference:

I was inspired to do this look which is based off the scene in the game and demo call "hunted" where she is running from the CIA and also this is one the official promo picture for the game.

Products used in this tutorial:

Scars and bruises:
Glue Stick

I am using the wax in the glue in place of all those other fancy special effect like wax and latex since its user friendly, easily accessible and easy to wash off.
To wash it off just stand in the shower preferred warm water and it will easily slide off.
red ink pen
black ink pen
E.L.F. 100 eyes pallet
MP smudge/ crease brush
savvy by db eyeliner long wearing eyeliner in granite
Essence Volume maximum mascara

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop lip crayon in Barely Bitten

Just use a "my lips but better" nude for this or go with tinted lip balm as most video game characters have nice pigmented lips.
Face and body (for the "muddy look")
E.L.F. 100 eyes pallet
NYC smooth skin bronzer in Sunny
Powder brush
This bit you dont have to be neat as you want to look as dirty and muddy as you can since you "have been chased by the CIA" :P

hair tie that is the same color as your hair
Just tie a messy mid range pony tail ... no need to be neat once again .

flannel shirt - GAP
Maroon Shirt - Gap
Hoodie- dorm hoodie
Jeans- GAP
Running Shoes- Nike Air

If you made it to the end of this very long grocery list of items good job! :D

Let me know what do you think of the look??? 

What do you think of Beyond two souls????

Till Next Time

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Song Review: Glee - The Quaterback EP

Oh gosh... I am so not ready for this :'(

"Thank you Cory. You thought me to Don't Stop Believing" 


Ok so ... another song review sorta blogpost ...yup! 

So Glee third episode of the season is going to air this Friday (Australia time) and as much as I am looking forward to this episode, I also have kinda been dragging it as its the episode that is dedicated to Cory Monteith aka Finn Hudson and I (heck the whole fandom) knows this is going to be an emotional roller-coaster ride for all of us to watch. However, grab your tissue and a bowl of popcorn as this episode is to celebrate the life of Cory/Finn and what he has brought to Glee.

With that the songs for "The Quarterback" have just released (so no pretty pic of the cast singing as I am writing this prior to the episode airing) and I thought I'll share with you guys my thoughts on the songs.

  sung by Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Santana, and Tina

FINALLY Glee cover Season of Love!!!!! (happy dance time!! Mike Chang style :P)
  I am really happy with those who are chosen to sing this!!!
I was really surprise to see Mike being one of the them singing but am quiet happy (me luv Mike!!)

 Mercedes singing  Joanne part was predictable for me as her voice is just so powerful like Joanne.
Santana + Puck+Kurt +Tina singing Tom part ... wow!! at first i thought it will probably be just Puck but this combo of the four was WOW!! really really good! lovely! nuf said! 

 I am hoping they sing this in the auditorium like how in Rent they sing it on stage in a role in the dark auditorium like... well the pic tells it all :P 

Original movie version

 Sung by Mercedes 

Oh goshhhhh Season 1 feelings here!!! :")
Ok this at first I expected if to be sung by Mr Shue or even Finn's bff Puck.
 Mercedes was kinda unexpected but i really her redemption! Its soulful, emotional and just beautiful :') 

Gosh when Cory passed away lots of radio stations in Malaysia were playing "I'll stand by you" and I actually forgot about this song as it was like Season 1.

Also random but kinda did  wish that Mercedes and Finn had a duet so while on tumbler someone mixed both their versions of I'll stand by you so go and check it out.


 Sung by Artie and Sam

 High 5 for Samtie Duet!!!

Ok this I too didn't expect! I didn't expect at all!! 
I am really happy we finally have a duet between Sam and Artie!! 

This song I'll call it their dedication to Finn the quarterback, drummer, leader and just in general a really  good friend

I meant Finn was both Sam and Artie really good friend trough out their times in Glee.
Heck Finn was a good friend of everyone and that's just what i see this song represent!
Finn introduce new bees of Mackenly into glee club when they have no where to go (Sam,Rory and Ryder)
For Artie ...  in the pilot Finn saved him from the other jocks in the end of  the episode! that my friends was the start to Finn and Artie friendship :D

Anyway I hope they sing this acoustic! 
I am a big fan of James Taylor songs! His voice is just nice and soothing.
As for Sam and Artie, I love their redemption, their voices blend together really well.
Maybe we will see more Samtie duet in future??

 sung by Santana



ok I calm down with the cap locks... 
Well i was seeing a Santana solo coming since she and Finn eventually became really good friends (she did after all call him to help bit up Broady)

I love Santana's redemption of this!Its beautifully sung! But I also feel really sad as its about ... the ifs of dying young... Mixed emotions.... anyways Probably my new fav Santana solo since Nut Bush City Limits.

Gosh I feel the nostalgic of Landslide. Naya Rivera needs to sing country more!

Yay a song by Puck! Its been a while since we last heard him sing. However according to some sources it might be one of his last on glee (from what i read in the synopsis they might be writing him out! no! :'( he is Jake's brother too!!)

Puck was a character that i learned to grow to love in the series. I neither hate him nor love him when i first started watching glee.

This song is real hardcore country (now that i think about it... lotta country songs here).
Practically talking about Blood Brothers which is what we know Finn and Puck for!
Gosh! This song was really raw and emotional. Blew me away!
I always love Pucks voice.
This as his dedication song to his best friend and practically his brother is well suited.
Gosh I am going to miss the Puck/Finn bromance :'(

sung by Rachel

Ok most of this songs i am writing it as i listen to it for the first time... this i was not prepared at all... 

Goosebumps are crawling around me once again ... as Lea's voice songs it out... as i type this out.

Emotions, sadness, love, pain, cries  (like real cries! :'( ) I hear them all.

soft but powerful. angelic and beautiful.

This is definitely one of the best I've heard on glee not just as a Rachael solo but as a song from the series.

Its going to be hard to watch this part when the show airs.


I to be honest was hoping the original 5 (Tina, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie and Rachael) to sing Don't Stop Believing since it is the Glee's anthem but i think we should leave it as the final musical number that Cory/Finn was ever involved in this series.

I was also hoping for a Kurt solo since he and Finn are brothers...(i am still crying thinking back last season Finn said to Kurt good to see you too little brother... oh boy my Furt Feelings :"( )  

But other than that ... the song selection that was chosen I am really happy with.
So yah... that is my thoughts on each of this songs from the Glee: The Quaterback EP
Its definitely a mixture of emotions but i think they did it justice on dedicating and celebrating the life of Cory/Finn as well as closure to another chapter.
What do you think of the songs that are selected for this episode?? 

What are you guys expecting from this episode?? 

Till next time...

...Don't Stop Believing... Keep on Dreeming...


~oxox rotan~


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Glee Season 5 Recap: Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Heya!!! Another glee cap from me today!! :D 

New York

1) Santana getting a gig before Rachael I didn't see it coming at all!!!

I definitely didn't see the yeast foot commercial coming at all xD 

"I Like Yeast In My Bagel, Not In My Muffin" lolz

2) Dantana!!!

To be honest it was alot faster pace than i expected... anyway i ship them :D

First kiss and they are officially a couple ... wow that's fast!!1 

I think Dani is gonna be my new fav character in this season! 

I am a huge Demi Lovato fan and seeing her back on my tv screen just makes me :D (btw her disney show Sonny with a chance was hands down one of my most fav tv show on disney to date)

Also them singing "Here comes the sun" was really nice and soothing. I love that song! I was first actually introduced to it by my drama teacher Russel back in collage when i had to take drama an elective.

3) Rachael, Kurt and her "Mojo"

Ok so this is the Rachael Berry that i know and love! The type that is crazy career driven and will not rest till she gets her solo... or the lead in this case .

I love her duet with Kurt (been a while since we got a slice of HummelBerry Duet Pie :P)  when they were singing Get Back. I really love them dancing and moving around the pianos (i wanna be part of that number !!xD )

Also Kurt.... he got a job at Broadway diner with Santana and Rachel since Vogue.com does not pay ...  and when he entered the diner .....

<3_<3 ... and he said back in S2  he can't do a "sexy face" to Blaine.... did anyone fainted at this??? Blaine must have given him lessons...  oh Kurt :3 Why are you so ASDFJKL;   XD

The part where Kurt, Rachael and Santana pledge to give themselves 2 years to make it big in NYC with the pinky swear was just nice and heartwarming. 

Also ... now I was betting on Rachel getting the part and just when the directer ask for a full cake I immediately jump off the sofa screaming "she's getting the part!! She's Fanny!!!!" and true enough Rachael did get the part!! 

Yay!! Congrats Rachael!!! 


1) Sam + Penny

Ok so I am starting out with this as it was my least favourite part of the episode ... just saying ... I meant Sam is one of my favs but not another story line relating to him finding a new love interest ... on THE SCHOOL NURSE!!! >.<" 

I kinda understand him getting upset on not nominated for Prom King since he it is his final year and he is one of those who loves his popularity status and it was funny as it is seeing him getting the shots and flipping funny of him getting scared of shots ... and Penny ... the pretty Sophmore intern nurse ... who I am scares of ... it was funny watching him stare at her while singing "Something" (which was my least fav song of the episode.. sorry Sam)

Half of the time i was scream "CHORD YOU NEED A HAIR CUT!!!" ... just saying :P (i prefer him with short hair than long)

  also ... Sam, Ryder (no surprise after watching him staring at Santana in Diva) and Jake (typical puckerman :P) staring at Penny like cupid had just gave them the shots was FUNNY XD 

Penny ... now I admit she started out as a nice sweet character ... till she started injecting the sausage... yah i am now scared. Other than that i like her ... as long she is not the nurse that i go for my injections ... 

2) Kitty VS BREE

OK so Kitty like Santana and Quinn didn't start out as as a character I liked but after shooting stars last season her character grew onto me.

Exactly my question...

She like Blaine, Tine and Artie got nominated for the Junior-Senior Prom Queen (isnt she a sophomore ?? I don't understand how this high school prom thing works...) and I thought it was nice of her to let Tina win since its Tina's final year and her time to shine.

Man she is scary.... 

Bree confront Kitty that she wants her to run against Tina for Prom queen since its been a years since a Cheerio won the crown and even goes to the extend of posting poster around the school promoting Kitty for prom Queen ( idk why but Bree reminds me a bit of Quinn ...)

At prom, Bree with the help of Dottie pulls a prank on Tina where as Tina was announced as Prom Queen a bucket of  Red Slushie Falls on her and Bree started laughing at her prank.

Kitty later offers Tina her dress and with the other ND girls helps clean her up.

She's pretty even with normal cloths!!! 

So yah Kitty I seriously love her this episode even more!!! 

As for Bree.. i wonder how Coach Roz (who i love her btw!) found out about her prank... anyway when Sue made her head Cheerio all I can think is .... oh dear lord Sue Silvester 2.0 is gonna be hack loads of trouble ...

3)New Direction new bees

Ok so not alot of ND related scenes but the performance from Ryder, Unique, Jake and Marley was AWESOME!!! "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was one of my fav this episode!!! (random but its one of my mum's fav Beatles song) 

I had to keep reminding myself that Unique is not Mercedes. Also them dressed up as the Beatles in the military attire made the performance more enjoyable! 
4) Tina, and the ND Seniors

Ok Tina jumped up shouting  "This is my chance to be bigger than Jesus" and started singing Revolution was epic!!! But her rejection Jake and Mr Shue High 5 ... rejecting Sam as her date cause he is not nominated as prom king (my samtina feelings are crying!!) and her telling Artie loosing is uncool... um Tina... this is not you...

Tina going to prom with a group of single girls kinda makes me want her to sing and "Single Lady" xD

Also i really love her first dress!!! I seriously love how her dressing style has changed so much from S1/2 to now.

Was really happy but kinda expected for the to win Prom Queen ( idk why Stoner is prom King but i thought it was one of those joke winnings).

Ok when this happen i flipping wanted to cry with Tina!!! :'( 

Like seriously it was her one time to shine and the "Carrie" thing had to happen ... WHY!!!????
 I was debating on posting this pic as its flipping sad and the slushie looks like blood but i think i should... anyway seeing this I don't blame her for breaking down as in the 5 seasons of glee her character was a human prop being shunt to the background and her time to shine was just .... :'( 
Also I don't blame her for breaking down as for years she and the ND gang have been slushied and bullied for being a looser and this was just the cherry on top of the cake for her....
When she wanted to leave Blaine stop her from leaving and... 

Dang they are playing the nostalgic card with us from S2 when Kurt was crowned Prom Queen!! IDK about you but Blaine is really good with the prep talk about going back out there and owning that crown!!! Man i know there are ALOT of hates on Blaine cause he gets too many solos but i seriously love Blaine and this is one of the many reasons why!!! He is a really good friend and influence to his friends.

I really am glad he called Tina back and ask her to fight and OWN that prom! Seriously guys ... one day they will look back and laugh at this.

So as the ND girls start cleaning Tina up (Kitty is seriously really sweet in this episode!!)

Sam Giving Tina her crown (SAMTINA MOMENT !!! XD)

And Ryder giving Tina ... now Pink roses (swoon Ryder is so adorable here xD I ship them if SamTina does not happen )

All while singing "Hey Jude" xD 
And order is restored xD 

Ok so yes i was a little long winded on the whole Story but it was my fav story line from the series in a while! Tina is my fav character and i really hope that a really good story line comes for her in the near future!

5) Let it Be + Ending

Let it Be is one of my top favs Beatles songs and its just a pop music classic

So looks like things between Dani and Santana are official and they were just really cute during the song.
The NYC gang are singing Let it Be while raising a toast to Rachel landing the role as Fanny and i think they have one too many glasses of Champagne in the end :P
ND- I really love that this is a group number and that Mr Shue is looking at them all happy.

Ok so this wraps up my commentary/ Review/ Gleecap for this episode and the 2 part Glee Beatles special !

Next episode ... man I don't know how i am gonna be able to watch the quarterback.... I just watched the trailer and ;"( 
Anyway let me know in the comments what do you think of this episode??? 
What's your fav Beatles song??
Till Next Time 

~oxox rotan~