Thursday, 29 August 2013

Find Asos Uni Treasure Hunt... the crazy thing i do in life!


So this afternoon was probably one of the craziest afternoon i have ever experience while at uni that has nothing to do with exams or assignments... instead i spent an hour +++ waiting in line on a VERY SUNNY DAY while dress like it is still in the dead of winter aka Ugg boots and jumper for the goodies that Asos was giving out at my uni!

Ok so first off i got a notification from the Lost on Campus app on my trusty iphone and it said that at mid day to type in #findasos into my phone which i did and when i got to the hidden treasure hunt place at midday MAN WERE THERE ALOT OF PEOPLE! lolz

So it turns out some have gotten the notification early or saw the clues around Uni so they got the advantage of being there early and alot of them have been waiting out there since 11am! gosh!

I reach there at 12pm just sprinted from my class and man the line ...

Yah i waited for 1 hour and 11 minute (yes i timed myself :P)

Spotted a random ASOS balloon flying ;p

So cause i was by myself i had no one to chat to so for once the ebooks on my ipad came in handy! :P

Read about 22 pages of French Star in New York by Anna Adams :P my current favorite book ... would have read wattpad or fanfic but my ebooks have lately been neglected :P

Also they gave out bottled water which was a good ideal of them having it was very VERY hot!! Cool cute bottle with ASOS on it!

So after an hour++ of waiting i finally got in and most of the stuff were gone! :'( NOOOO!!!!

But then i saw this jersey cold shoulder top and i was like.... yah my effort is not going to waste after all :P and picked it up and went.

When i got home i tried it on an ... um ....

Its long... ITS VERY LONG!! Lolz ita up to my leg so i assume this is actually dress... Yah i think its not a shirt but a dress...

I look like a modern version of Boo from Monster Inc!!! haha!!!

So i tucked in the shirt into my jeans, pull out a bit to loosen the ends and yay! i got myself a slightly loose cold shoulder shirt!

So guys lesson learned... is good things come to those who wait (yah i am once again quoting a David Archuleta song :P)  and its university ... we bound to do something crazy in our uni life... although compare to others I don't know how my "crazy" idea of waiting in line on a sunny day for hours just for freebies will be like to you guys ... haha.

Also ASOS gave everyone a 20% off coupon on your next order which is valid till 12 September 2013. Click the code below to be directed to the website.

So go knock yourself out with this great coupon deal from Asos and treat yourself to that little something you've been eyeing on :D

Other than that ... just another ramble and random blog post from me :P

What's the craziest thing you've done for a freebie???? This was definitely one of the craziest thing I've done :P  

And by the way Hiiiiiiii xD!!!

Thought I post a pic of myself at the end! 

Just being random ;))))

Till Next Time!!!

~oxox rotan~

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