Saturday, 27 April 2013

Archie #642: Glee Meets Archie Part 2 "Parallel Lives"


So i finally got the time to read the second part of Archie Meets Glee part 2 and this time the comic came out with 2 covers and thank goodness it was NOT the last comic available at the store this time!

Warning!! could contain spoilers!! 

I got the one with more people throwing slushy. Why more? Cause the more the merrier (Lolz :3) and I just didn't like the alternate cover where it's just Archie on the cover.What's more Sam is on the cover (oddly i hardly see him in the comic) and he is one of my favorite characters (*sigh Chord ;p)

The first page this time has Rachel and Veronica

OK so the story starts from where we left off last issue where the kids are still confusion on the switch.
Half of the kids from the Glee world are switch with half of the kids from the Archie world .

In the re-cap (i dont know if you noticed its written on the blackboard) Dilton trys to explain to the Glee gang about his parallel universe experiment gone wrong and how he will solve this situation which was to build another time machine. Only problem was that it could take a "while" which is a problem for both worlds as the Glee gang are having sectionals  against the Warblers and the Archies are having the battle of the bands the following week!  

Chuck in the Archie world uses his "comic book nerd" knowledge to explain to the Archie gang on Dilton wormhole incident which i like how they break the four walls with this theory! 

Both worlds need to avoid creating the "butterfly effect" by not altering each world with anything that will make major changes in both world.

So while Dilton and his glee counterpart Artie make the Portal the both gangs begin to adjust to their new parallel friends.

Of cause its not Glee or a Glee Crossover without Rachel needing to be Barbra Streisand 2.0 and is shocked to find Riverdale High without a Glee Club.

Now Riverdale High may not have a glee club but they are in need of more lead singers since half of the Archie's band members are in another universe.

So comes the part where Archie and Kelvin invites Rachel, Blaine and Mercedes to audition.

This is one of my favorite part in the comic that was watching Archie and Kelvin reaction to their audition and just imagining them singing in my head after watching and listening this nostalgic performances a billion times!

To tell you the truth this is the only time i love Rachel in this issue is when she sings Don't Rain On My Parade. I know to those who never watch glee will be like what song is this?!?!  but for those who watch glee will know this is a Rachel Berry classic!

I always thought of Blaine to be a Male version of Rachel and if you watch the series you will know he holds the title of "The New Rachel" in season 4

Now i admit Teenage Dream is one of my favourite performance but i am not a fan of the acoustic version but the version that he sang when we are first introduced to Blaine aka the Warbler version.

Anyway his performance seem to catch the eyes of Kelvin *wink *wink and its probably the first time i see Kelvin going all puppy love in the Archie series ! Lol

Btw i am a Klaine shipper :p

Now on to Mercedes Audition which i like that they picked Beautiful as its definitely one of my favorite Mercedes solos to date!

Heck words can't describe this so just click here to watch Mercedes performance in season 1 to see what i mean :))

What the Archie's didn't know is that Alexandra Cobalt aka the manager of Josie and the Pussycats has bugged the auditions and plan to add Mercedes to the band. This will be interesting on how  the Archie's will react to Mercedes if she switches groups (sounds like season 3 all over again...)

Now this Epic moment involving Sue and Jughead (btw Jughead is fav character in the Archie series) is definitely a highlight!

What's epic about this moment is when Sue trues to get Jughead to take off his infamous crown (i imagine it will be A LOT more comedic but harsher in realife) which Dilton stops Sue and Jughead as it will be a HUGH alter causing that butterfly effect.

Of all the sub-plots this had to be my favorite nd yes Sue is that "cray cray" in the series. And yes Jughead is that random on his forever hungry hunger. This also goes a bit in dept with examples of how a small alter can cause the butterfly effect hence will make the world end (and NO Sam its not the Mayra  apocalypse).

Speaking of butterfly effect will make the world end, this include NO KISSING so everyone has to be on their best behavior and stay on the lowdown of things.

This also show a more "manipulatively flirty" side of veronica (man i solute the writers for keeping this PG-13 here) and to tell you the truth ... makes me appreciate Rachel Diva personality more! 

While she tries to kiss Finn (ugh this part was hard to read as poor Finn keep telling her he HAS A GIRLFRIEND) she still tries to get what she wants which is "just a kiss".

What's more Finn seems to be quiet clueless ( i swear he is not that clueless in the series) on whether he is still with Rachel which manipulative Veronica manage to persuade him to kiss her which Dilton and Artie manage to stop them before their lips meet! 

We also have a part where Rachel manages to convince Principal Weatherbee on adding a glee club in Riverdale High and (trying not to cringe while typing this part) calling it the Rachel Berry-Manilows Glee Club. Now i wish Santana was in the Archie world as i will LOVE to see her going all Lima Highs at Rachel in a comic book.

If you have never seen Santana going Lima Highs Click here and enjoy :P

The comic ends with Puck making his move on Betty and asking her out to the Movies ... ugh oh...

 My Though:

We get more into details with the crossover story line like The Butterfly Effect Theory, Artie and Dilton friendship, Auditions and the romances.

Parts that i hate about this issue:

This issue to be honest makes me HATE Veronica more and the way they draw her here is very "catty" like here and yes in the Archie series she is THAT manipulative.

I also hate how other characters like Sam, Tina, Mike from the glee world are not even seen in this issue let alone mentioned as well as Ginger, Reggie and Nancy from the Archie world. Well if it is glee I am kinda not surprise of them as back up characters aka "neglected chatacters" as look at the tv series on how characters like  Joe and Sugar treated.

One more question is that is Blaine in the Warblers still as last issue he was still in his Dalton Uniform while in this issue he is in his normal cloths and bow tie  

Sorry if this sounded like a Rant :s its just my honest opinion.

Parts i like about this issue:

1) The fact that they make use of the Comic Book Genius aka Chuck on explaining the whole Butterfly theory while breaking the four walls on what happen to both worlds. 

2) The Audition part was great especially seeing Kelvin going all puppy love on Blaine.Song choices was good too as it was all kind of the breakout song for each respective character in the series.

3) Jughead and Coach Sue part was fun to read and re-read! love this two characters! although now i think Coach Sue has a new target ... this will be Interesting... 

Other than that this issue was more eventful since last issue was just a introduction storyline. Definitely can't wait till the next issue to hit stores now!!

What do you think of this issue???

Which sub-story do you like ??? 

~oxox rotan~

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Song of the day: Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift


So i have been a bit busy with uni assignments (and i am not even halfway T.T) but i have manage to type this quick little Song of the Day for you guys so Enjoy :P

Stay, stay, stay.
I've been lovin' you for quite some time, time, time.
You think that it's funny when I'm mad, mad, mad.
But I think that it's best if we both stay.

(so sweet :3) 

 The first time listening to previews on iTunes while shopping at the mall and this was one of the few songs that got me to automatically turn my heals and head over to get the RED album at JB-HIFI ( deluxe edition of cause! :p)

It's has this cute-fun-cheery-happy-lovely-feeling. It's also very country pop.

Its like how stay stay stay sticks in my head after listening to it (in a good way). Its very catchy !

This song starts off with a couple fighting and how they eventually fix their problems the next morning. As much as that someone annoys you, you're still the relationship as you know you are loved. In a way its kinda like Taylor's vision of a perfect relationship.

I think this will make a great music video as I think it will be funny at the "that's when you came in wearing a football helmet and say okay let's talk" part and have whoever is playing the love interest literally acting out that scene!

I kind of love this song more after reading a Glee Fanfic (my guilty pleasure :P ) on Ryder and Marley (I ship them!) that was inspired by this song!

Check out the fanfiction here! don't worry its a one shot one :)

Other than that I have been listening to it more after I saw Taylor singing during her red tour live on YouTube!

She looks so happy singing this! 

Now all i need is for her to make a Music Video with this!

Other than that, this song reminds me of Ours from the Speak Now album!

What do you think of Stay Stay Stay???

~oxox rotan~

Monday, 22 April 2013

Archie #641 : Archie Meets Glee Part 1 "Two Worlds Collide"


So the other day i got an email from Archie Comic Newsletter notifying me about the new comics coming out that month and i JUMP for joy for once in a LONG time as the Archie Meet Glee comic was finally out!

If you were to get to know me in real life i will have to say i have a overly obsessive obsession (if that is the right English) with Archie Comics and Glee. So this comic is practically perfect for me :P

This crossover is going to be a 4 part series from Archie Comic issue 641 to 644 and this first one is call"when two worlds collide".

So basically this comic which is just an introduction to the who story of how Dilton Doley from Archie's Comic invented a wormhole machine that makes a portal which leads him to Brittany's locker in the glee universe which it's described to be a parallel universe of the Archie universe.

He goes on to explain the similarities of the characters from both world like Rachel to Veronica, Reggie and Puck, Archie and Finn, Kelvin Keller with Kurt and Blaine and more!

He also noted that music is a big part of both world ( The Archie's with the whole battle of the band against The pussycat dolls while Glee with the whole show chior competition)

The comic also parodied the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle with Finn-Rachel-Quinn which I died laughing watching Finn, Rachel and Quinn sharing that milkshake!!

Now Dilton found it interesting how the New Direction always break into music wherever they are at random (duh! It's glee!! ) so decided to " crossover" to the "glee world" and see it for him self.

Now here is where the "fun part" come in which is how the two worlds "meet" or in this case collide. Now just as Dilton is about to crossover trough the portal, Moose and Chuck were both playing football and (surprise surprise ) the ball hit the window into the lab that Dilton and the portal machine are in which hit the machine! Now football hitting a portal machine is definitely a recipe for disaster .... Or should I say " shuffle".

With this the characters from both world are shuffled and this my friends is how the two worlds meet!

The characters from the Archie universe that got "sent" to the glee world are Veronica, Dilton, Jughead, Nancy, Reggie and Ginger while the those from Lima that sent to Riverdale are Rachel, Puck, Blaine, Quinn, Mercedes and Brittany.

In Riverdale, it ends with Archie asking the the Glee gang to join The Archie's to help them compete in the battle of the band while in Lima, Dilton tried to explains MR.Shue on the swap while Veronica tries to find her way out but ended up getting slushed ( Which was my favourite part!)

As a fan of Glee there were a few things that I found odd as:

1) Why do they show Blaine in his street cloths for a moment and his Dalton uniform the next? And is he part of the New Direction or is he still in Dalton?

2) There was a part that made me CRINGED that was at one point when Brittnay said "la-la-la-la" like Does she do that on the series? (Sorry but I am a Brittnay fan)

3) the way they draw some of the characters especially Kurt and even maybe Finn... I didn't really like it somehow... Maybe I am too used to seeing the current season 4 Kurt. What's more the fact that they made Kurt Shorter or Blaine taller ( I don't know which) just does not agree with me as for those glee fans will know that Kurt is the tall one!

My thoughts :

As a huge fan of both Glee and Archie I have to say there is not so much in this particular comic as it is sort of an intro to the storyline and the characters which in a way it's good for the Archie fans that don't watch Glee and the Glee fans who's first time picking up an Archie comic book.

In my opinion because according to the interviews with the comic and glee writers that I read prior to buying the comic, because the characters from Glee that are featured in are the core characters, ( so meaning no Sugar, Rory, Marley, Ryder, Unique, Joe and Jake... Sadly) so the story is somewhere set around season 2 of glee when Quinn was still in the Cheerio and Blaine was still in Dalton Academy and of cause most of the season 3 graduates are still in high school.

I was really happy that they added some "singing" from the series into the comic which are:

1) We Got The Beat

2) Wanna Be Starting Something

3) Single Ladies

4) I Can't Fight This Feeling

5) Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat ( nostalgic feeling here! But I wish it was the original 5 aka Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes and Tina singing it and that they didn't include Finn and Quinn)

As for The Archie's sang their classic "Sugar Sugar".

Overall as a fan from both series this is definitely something to collect as its not everyday we see our beloved Glee club crossover into the comic book world and this is definitely ALOT more unique and comic book like for both worlds to meet instead of going to a national competition and meeting up!

Whatcha think of the crossover?

Are you planing to get all 4 issues?

Are you an Archie fan , a Gleek or both?

Let me know your opinions on the comments below !

~oxox ROTAN~

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hugh Priceline Haul + Bag of beauty!!

Heya!! so as the title and picture above says its a massive Priceline Haul!!

So every year (at lease from what i notice) Priceline will come out with this Bag of beauty where if you spend $60 in participating brands you will get the bag filled with goodies for FREE!

This offer is on until sold out in stores or till 22 April.

So i have been wanting to get few products for a while so with the bag and additional discount i picked out a some brushes and got back ups of eyeliners.

1) Savvy Kohl ~ $3.99
2) Savvy Soft Glide Eyeliner pencil ~ $6.39
3) Savvy Long Wearing Eyeliner ~5.59
4) Australas Lip Gloss ~ $3.57
5) Double Ended Colour Dipped Double Shadow Brush ~ $14.99 (got 30% off)
6) Double Ended Dome Smudge/Slanted Eyeliner Brush ~  $14.99 (got 30% off)
7) Domed Smudge Brush ~  $14.99 (got 30% off)
8) Models Prefer Mystique Soft Touch Blush in Charisma ~ $12.99 (30% off)

~ EcoTools Body Loofah
~ Press & Go "Red" Nails
~Kiss Everlasting French Nails
~Savvy Makeup Removing Wipes
~Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Mascara
~Natio "Flutter" Lipstick
~Revlon "Sugar Plum" Lip Butter
~Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY" Nail Polish
~Rimmel "Shimmering Sand" Wake Me Up
~Australis HD Concealer in "Light/Medium"
~Nude by Nature PrimerManicare Cuticle Therapy
~Models Prefer Brow Highlighter
~Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Mascara
~Revlon BB Cream $5 Discount Voucher


The bag is from Models Preferred. A big tote bag with cheetah prints on the outside and black in the inside. I am not that big of a fan of the bag as its not really my style have i use the bag but it will be nice and handy on days i am going to uni for one or two classes with just a notebook, some essentials and my iPad.


Very happy with the items purchase! I realize most of what i purchased for the bag are Australia Brands so that's good as i can try out some as even though i have been in Australia for 3++ years i still have yet to try some of this brands like Models Preferred, Natio, Nude and more!  

Whats more most of the brands were having sales so i got to stretch my buck more and get more items to try out.  

Other than that this Bag of Beauty free gift is great in terms of value for money since you'll be getting $220 worth of products and trying brands you'll never try! 


Did you get the bag of beauty??? what was your favorite thing in the bag?

~oxox rotan~

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Song of the Day: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster of People + best cover versions!


So in case you guys don't know i live in a Dorm while here at Uni and currently my floor is having a Hunger Games inspired competition/challenged called ASSASSIN.

Now with the game is to basically "assassinate" people on my floor (we are grouped by building floor) and run try to "kill" our target! (and if you still don't understand my short horrible explanation GOOGLE IT! :P)

So anyways i thought this song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster of People should be a great theme song for the next few weeks... or days... or hours  ...

Now just a Disclaimer here what me and my floor/dorm mates here are playing is just a game for fun and there are no guns or weapons. Just a tap on the Shoulder and BANG BANG you're out of the game! 

May the odds be ever in your favour

This indie-pop hit sounds kinda lay back considering the story behind the song it traumatizing and the lyrics is very dark.

As weird as it sounds, i like artists who can make a song sound not what is suppose to like Pumped Up Kicks is dark but the song sound "hip" and fun and something you want to grab your guitar and dance around to.

I love when this song is sung acoustic. What's also odd is that i find that other artist have covered better version than the band but i still like original.

Now there are two other arties that i know have covered their version and coincidentally they are both former contestant of The Voice USA.

So first version i love is Dia Framptom from season 1. Now she didn't cover this on the show but i was fortunate hear her sing this live in concert back in Malaysia for her Asia tour (*nostalgic memory of going to my first concert here! ;"D). She covered it for a local radio station Flyfm and sang the "Striped Version" which me and my Dad (he is a HUGE fan of Dia) always look forward to when it airs on the radio! 

I love how her raspy voice sounds with this! She has this cute raspy voice and the way she sung it makes the song mysterious. 

The next is  Mackenzie Borge and from Season 3 and this he did sang it on the show as his blind audition song.

Now his version has a blow me away (HE COULD GET MORE THAN JUST ONE TURN! COME ON JUDGES) and he had added a country rock vibe to the song!


Overall this song is just a fun song to listen to. Its catchy and and Edgy in a unique way and its just something one can sing along or party to even though the lyrics it self is intense and creepy .The lyric is unique and the word can easily be playing in my head.

I especially love the bass melody.

you better run, better run faster than my bullet

What do you think of Song of the Day: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster of People??? 

~oxox rotan~ 



Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Nivea Lip Butter


So I just got back from Target and i just have to blog about this as I found the Nevia Lip Butter!!

After watching a bazillion youtubers and bloggers raving about this i had to go out and get them!

So i got it in Carmel cream (left) and Vanilla & Macadamia (right)

Vanilla& Macadamia

Ok so i got the last pot of Vanilla & Macadamia (talk about destiny :P) at my Target and the moment i got out of Target i opened it and applied it on my lips!!

It smells amazing!!!! its has this yummy nutty vanilla smell that oddly reminds me of Famous Amos Cookies!!

If this sounds odd but i also think it smells of white chocolate as well!! 

Lip Butter in Caramel Cream

This does not smell sickening sweet (which is good as i cant stand super sweet scent). 

 Like the name it smells like warm caramel and cream (nuf said)!! 


~ Very Moisturising
~ nice yummy scent (DON'T EAT THE TIN!! LOLZ)
~ Affordable (almost same price as in the USA & Nivea always goes on Sale!)

~ No taste
~ Need more flavours!!! (raspberry please come to Australia!! )

The Product:
Its like a buttery lip balm.

I love the smells especially the Vanilla & Macadamia one!

Its a good heavy moisturizer for the night to apply just before you go to bed and wake up with nice sofe lips!

The Tins remind me a bit of the Roes Bud Salve lip balms (which i own) but thinner,and the balm is more of a buttery moistening feelin.

It is has no color (not tinted)

Melts and moisturize the lips.

A clear balm.


Firstly i am now having a philosophy where if anything has the word "lip butter" it flys off the shelves!!

Its true to its name as it feels buttery on my lips. I can't stop raving about the scent of this ! Smells
Heavenly yummy! It apply very creamy on the lips. 

Other than that i have to say that it comes out at the right time as its Autumn heading into winter now here in Australia as well as i have hit pan on a few of my lip balms (R.I.P Maybelline Baby Lips)!

Will definately be using this alot over the coming cold season!  

Price: $5.69 ( Its not highly overprice like alot of things in Australia)
 but i got mine on offer at Target for $3.57

Where to get: Priceline, Target, selected places that sells Nivea.

What do you think of the Nivea lip butters?? 

~oxox rotan~ 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Make Up Review: Benefit Passport to Posh Kit

My First Benefit Purchase!!!


So the other day I was at Myers and as I browse trough the make up counters I saw the Benefit counter having a clearance sales for their Passport to Posh kit.

Now I never own anything from Benefit but I have heard a lot of rave review on blogs and YouTube on the company so I walk up to girl at the counter and the next thing I know I was given a master class about the products!

What sold me on getting the kit was the concealer (which i never own one) and cream eyeshadow!

Is also comes with "instructions" on how to apply the products

And here is the content!

It comes with a deluxe sample of Bad Gal Lash Mascara, 3 powder eyeshadow, a double ended eyeshadow brush, a concealer brush, a ceaseless eyeshadow, a concealer and an eye bright.

The creaseless eyeshadow in R.S.V.P.
I dont own many cream eyeshadow nor do I have any in this color so it was nice to try this. I heart alot of good reviews about their ceaseless eyeshadow so it was nice to get one of them in the kit.

Its easy to apply and its great as a base or just wear all over the lids as it is.

Its a neutral pinky champagne gold color. Good for everyday ware if you just want to sweep a bit of something on the eyes with a bit of liner and mascara and you are good to go.

It last long too! I wore it the whole day and it does not crease!

Powder eyeshadows

Three powder eyeshadow, a highlight which is a matte white, a pinky champagne gold for all over the lids (the powder version of the ceaseless eyeshadow included in this kit) and a matte dark brown for the crease or to make a smoke brown look.

Very good pigmentation (it better be as Benefit is not Cheap! lolz). Its nice for an everyday neutral look.

Concealer and eye bright

A part from  the cream eyeshadow i wanted the concealer as i have been needing one badly as i have no concealer and luckily this concealer was in my shade! 

The concealer was easy to use and conceal any imperfections like under eyes dark circles, redness and the occasional pimple. The girl at Benefit advise me to use a brush to apply the product on my face (dont worry the kit includes brushes) and use my fingers to blend it out.

The eye bright i saw at the counter was originally in a pencil form! now why they gave us in a pot form i don't know but all i know is this works really nice of applied a in the inner corners to brighten up the eyes which is more natural than the usual white eyeshadow.


For someone who never tried Benefit in general this kit is great to start with on getting familiar with the company's products. It's also great for Beginners as it all neutral shades so its good for everyday use and they should have no problem using since it comes with a tip and tricks style card.

I have yet to try the mascara as I am still working on finishing up some other mascaras so i will probably review it in future blog posts!

I like how it comes with brushes to apply as lets face it not everyone has a bazillion brushes! 

Its great for traveling as I can throw in the whole kit and go since i have everything i need to make a simple look

It also comes with a mirror its handy for touch ups.

The only down side is that Benefit packaging for their kits are usually bulky. 

Other than that its a nice kit and for the price I got it for I could not pass it up!

 Where to get: Benefit counters at Myers (not sure if David Jones have)

 Price : Got if on offer for $36 but it was originally $56

What do you think of the kit??

Have you tried anything from Benefit?? 

~oxox rotan~  



Monday, 15 April 2013

Song of the Day: Superman by Joe Brooks


So a random idea pop into my head as this morning that i should do a Song of the Day section.

I recently found my ipod nano and i have re-discovered a good number of songs that i have not listen to in a while.

I love music and blogging so once a day (not EVERYDAY but just days i feel like it) i will post a song i am i have been obsessing or playing on repeat till I jam the iTunes repeat button (IT CAN HAPPEN) to share with you guys (Sharing is caring :P)

So for the past few days i have been obsessing over This guy and his songs!!!! *_*

Yup i admit i am a huge Joe Brooks Fan but i never really know who he was till he came to Malaysia a couple of  years ago and all the radio stations and stores were playing his songs especially Superman!

This song is catchy and kind of lay back. Its also very "cute" and sweet love song.

"Cause I'm no superman,
I hope you like me as I am"

Its about a guy who cares for a girl that he think he is not good enough for her. He may not be "Superman" but he hopes she will love him for who he is.

If any guy want's to confess to a girl he loves her and she loves music(trying not to sound mushy here :P) sing this! That girl will be head over heals on you (and she better keep him!)

ALSO the music video is amazing! Some people don't like him with the glasses but i think its cute (mind me i like guys with glasses :P).

What do you guys think of me posting Song of the day?

Who's the Superman/ Superwoman in your life?

~oxox rotan~

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Random Haul: Books, CDs, Toys!!


So i have a random collective haul today :))))

Yup it is very random but that's how Rotan Random World roll :P


1) Toys from Big W ~ I usually buy Easter chocolates after Easter when they are on sales and sometimes i will get a few cute toys for myself and my brother (dont judge ! its a tradition :P). so i got a cute fluffy duck and a couple of toy car 

Duck ~ $2
Toy Cars ~ 50 cent each!

  2) So Little Time books ~ I went trough a phrase where i collected this! I still read them but when i am back home as that's where my stash of Mary Kate & Ashely books are. I didn't have this two books in my collection and i have been wanting some new books to read. I found them in a flea market for $2 each

3) I capture the castle ~ I have been eyeing on this at my uni's co-op book shop for a while. The other day they had 35% off all novels so i finally picked it up for $6.45 after discount.

4) Glee Summer Break Novel ~ I got this book at allbooks4less bookshop for $5! back home i have been wanting this for years but could never bring myself to buy it as it's really expensive.

5) The Script Science & Faith album ~ The Script is one of my favorite bands! I dont owe any of their albums so this was a great find as it usually $20++ but i found it in Big W for $9.95! 

6) Gordan Lightfoot Gords Gold ~ This i got from Jb-HiFi for $7 for my dad. I always remember how my dad talks about Gordan Lightfoot and i remember in Malaysia its either hard to find or overprice so for $7 its a good deal

7) Archie #642 "Archie Meets Glee Part 2 " ~ So i got the second part of this epic crossover! I already reviewed Part 1    and i will review Part 2 in an up coming  blog post!

So that's my Random Haul 

Hope this was interesting if not random :P

~oxox rotan~