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Song Review: David Archuleta No Matter How Far Album


Its been a while since i blog about music and since I move to this new blog i thought i should start doing song review again.

So i thought i should start with my one of my favorites singers that is David Archuleta which if you followed my previous blog you will have seen a few full of ramble blog posst (kinda a big regret but hey that was when i first started blogging lolz).

If you are an Archie/ArchAngle when you will know that he is currently on a 2 year hiatus for a Morman Mission. With that he seem to have been planning for a while cause in the past 2 ++ years he have released 3 albums! yup! 3 albums!

One that was Forevermore which is a album full of Philippine song covers, Begin which is his 5th Studio album full of OPM (Original Pinoy Music) covers and one original song (Broken) and just last month he released his 6th Studio album that was called No Matter How Far.

Now to be honest as excited as i was for No Matter How Far I was not really looking forward to buying the album as 80% of the track list are actually bonus songs that was released in Asian edition of some of David's albums as bonus tracks or albums that are exclusively available in Asia which i already own most of the cds so i decided to get those that i don't have off iTunes ... for now... as i might purchase the album in future.

I was however looking forward to the two NEW never before hears songs that was Don't Run Away and Hearts Fall Out.

Track List for the No Matter How Far and track by track review

1) Nothing Else Better To Do 

This is a cute song that when i close my eyes i think of Hawaii beaches and just enjoying the breeze and wishing that there was 25 hours in a day! Its like David's version of Bruno Marz "Lazy Song" but more lay back and relax .

My favorite line is your velvet on a red cupcake as Red Velvet cupcake is one of my favorite cakes!  

This will be very nice sung live with just a guitar or a ukelele which i am hoping that David will feature this in upcoming concerts when he gets back #DA2014

Original Album : The Other Side Of Down Japan Bonus Track

2) Everything And More

Now this is a lovestruck balled that i loved from the moment i first heard it on flyfm back in Malaysia and was released specially for the Asian Tour 2011 along with a few other songs.

Its kinda a "endless love" sort of song with the whole we're everything and more  line.

Original Album : The Other Side Of Down: Asian Tour Edition

3) Don’t Run Away

This i was really excited for!

I actually heard this a few months before the album announcement and the Official Release as it was leaked on the internet.

When i first heard this, the piano intro gave me a nostalgic feeling when i first heard Crush! Only difference is this is a sad song, where a person is pinning his/her lover not to leave.

If I were to compare the style of this song with David's previous work i will have to say it is a mixture of Crush from the piano style but he is singing with the emotions that we see in Wait ( which this song is featured in this album as well) with the Don't go/ Don't Run Away part.

I also love the Music Video which the artist did an AMAZING job with the artworks.

Check out the music Video here :

4) Tell Me

This song just reminded me of David back in his American Idols days where his angelic glided nicely in balled. This song was covered for the OPM album Forevermore which i already owned and have played this countless times on my iTunes.

David nailed this powerful balled beautifully. Nuf said :P

Original Album : Forevermore (OPM Album)

5. Love Don’t Hate

This is one of those songs with a many meanings. I feel like the message is "think before you act" as we all make mistakes or say stuff that can "cut" and without knowing it hurts others.

This is kind of an apologetic song like asking for forgiveness as well as an advice to others not to repeat one's mistake.

To me another meaning of it is to respect others as some things we do without knowing could offend others.

Original Album : The Other Side Of Down: Asian Tour Edition

6. “Wait”

Like Don't Run Away , Wait is an emotional but powerful balled where the person is pleading someone not to go away.

"Wait wait wait don't go"

I remember watching the music video (which i till now still dont understand the hidden meaning) and wow... it's a sad song. This i will not really call it a love song as it sounds sounds like he is singing the emotions of loosing someone.
Original Album : The Other Side Of Down: Asian Tour Edition

7. Heart Falls Out

Move aside Chris Brown and Ne-Yo! David can sing  (and maybe even dance) to techno R&B too!

Amazing mixture of R&B, Techno and Pop ! It feel just happy listening to this bubbly mixture!

Its nice to hear playful techno-ish songs from David every now and then! It kinda remind me of Look Around which coincidentally this song is written with the same writer Victoria Horn!

Just hearing it gives me that same happy feeling of when i listen to Parachutes and Airplanes as well as Rainbow! You feel so happy you just want to jump and dance to the song with happiness! lolz :P

This NEW never before released track i am sure got the whole fan base Heart Fall Out!

8. Notice Me

A soft balled where the story is just as the title says where you hope for that person you have your eyes on to notice you.

Original Album : The Other Side Of Down: Asian Tour Edition

9. “I’ll Never Go”

This songs till today still brings tears to my eyes as it was like David's "farewell song" when his departures for his mission.

"I'll never go far away from you" 

As a fan i think he purposely choose this song to "comfort" the fan base that even though  he is on his mission, he will still be here and still be making music.

Check out the MV :

 Original Album : Forevermore (OPM Album)

10. “Forevermore”

Whenever i hear forevermore i think of the Nandiko Ako the drama series David did last year!

This OPM song is beautiful! A great endless love balled!

Check out the MV:

 Original Album : Forevermore (OPM Album)

Hope you all like this track by track review!

I "tried" to keep this simple but obviously my brain and fingers have a mind of its own (lolz)

Anyway this is just my thoughts on the whole album. Of cause i will say get the album especially if you are not in Asia and want to get your hands on the never before release tracks!

All the songs are great and I am really glad that this selection of songs for the album are chosen!

My fav song from the album is Hearts Falls Out not only because it is a new song but because it sounds fun, happy and unique! To me this stands out the most! 

What is your fav song from the album? 

Have not got the album? Click here for more links to order or download

~oxox rotan~


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