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Review: Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit


So the other night i was browsing on and i came across the Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit on their beauty section. From a glance i immediately tough of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms or those Clinique Chubby Sticks. So i went to (via google search) and looked at the reviews and saw that it was if not 100% positive it was 99% positive reviews  so that convinced me to buy it as i have been wanting crayon shaped lip sticks for a while and there is no way i am willing to spend AUD 17 for the ones from Revlon or AUD30 ++ from Clinique!

So i made an order for this set as for the price of 1 ++ revlon lip crayons i get 6 different shades to play with!
 The Packaging

The box is a nice salmon pink with lots of flowers decorated on the side which is nice for spring (although it is Autumn here in Australia)!

 The Lip Crayons also have the same flower design !

 From Left to Right: Fuchsia Flirt, Rose Romance, Petal Passion, Apricot Adore, Coral Crush, and Barely Bitten

This lip crayon names are true to their name (except Petal Passion) and even the packaging colour are true to the color of the lip crayons.

All six shades can use as it is or apply a clear gloss for a bit of shine for a bit of shine. The colours are build able.

They have a soft minty scent and a minty feel on the lips (like the ones from Revlon )


This kit is a good value for money (although i am aware of those Tarte lip crayons but i cant get access to them ... unfortunately)

They feel really creamy and a bit glossy but not sticky like a lip gloss as well as they dry matte on the lips.

A good all in one product to keep in the bag as they are moisturizing and give color to the lips.

They are retractable (like a lipsticks) so no sharpening needed!

They can be use as a "lip liner" as i actually outline my lips with the crayons before i "color" them in.

Because they are creamy they are easy to apply!  They glide on smoothly.

The colours are pigmented (except Petal Passion as its a clear balm).


They do not last for a long time. They fade the moment you eat and drink but they leave a stain of colour on your lips.

I was disappointing about Petal Passion being a clear gloss but i will go into details down below.

Describing each colors

Fuchsia Flirt

A nice bright fuchsia pink and it looks really bright on my lips. I love this for more statement lip.

Rose Romance

The packaging look like a dusty rose colour but it turns out as a nude pink on the lips. To be honest this is my least favorite shade but i still do wear it every now and then.

Patel Passion

Ok so the packaging and the lip stick might look like a baby bauble gum pink colour but this came out clear! I was at first kinda disappointed with this but after testing out all the lip crayons i realize how much i love the moisturizing and the minty scent so i thought  this will come in handy on days where i don't want to wear any lip colour but still want to use this lip crayons.

Coral Crush

I have been seeing alot of lip colour with the name of Coral Crush lately so i was excited to see this in the set! Like the name, this is a bright orange coral color with a hint of pink. Now this i love as bright coral lips are my favorite statement lip!

  Apricot Adore

This is a shade or two lighter that the Coral Crush  and like the name it is a apricot orange colour. This i like to wear it as it is or layer it with the next crayon that is Barely Bitten. By the way i love the name Apricot! On of my favorite fruit ! lolz :">

Barely Bitten

Lastly is Barely Bitten which is a peachy nude shade and I find that I love this as I never owned anything that is nude!

From Left to Right: Fuchsia Flirt, Rose Romance, Petal Passion ( The "Invisible"one), Apricot Adore, Coral Crush, and Barely Bitten 

So there you have my first impression, swatches and review on the Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit! 

They can be purchased at the following places:

Internasional:  ASOS - AUD 28.70 (free international shipping)

Now for Asos i didn't pay the full price as i took advantage of mu Uni's O-WEEK coupon at 20% discount so i only paid $23.00. If you are a student you can get 10% at a normal time but if you want to save more money then i suggest goggling ASOS coupon code and see if you can get a better discount.

Other than that i have to say this is going to be put into good use this Autumn ( i am in Australia btw) and i am going to end this LONG post now. 

However if you want to hear me ramble a bit further on camera check out my Youtube channel down below :P


lolz :3

Till next time 

~oxox rotan~


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