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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Heya !!!

So ... a book blog today :P 

Anyway i am here with a book review on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which i just finished it and it was just flipping amazing hence why i am writing this review like ... NOW! 

Book Description:

"Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten."

So I picked this up after listening to all the hypes that has been going around about TFIOS and also now that it’s already made into a movie (production has already wrapped according to John Green’s vlog) I thought it will be the best time to pick it up before the movie comes out so that I can have my own opinion of the book before … if I decided to watch the movie.

So basically the story obviously centres Hazel and Gus bitter sweet love story where they are both terminally ill with cancer and it’s the kind of book that you know it will not end with a “happily ever after” 
Their romance I really did enjoy as it was neither too fast nor too slow nor was it too flurry or dull. It was like they both understand each other and it’s not only just because they are both going through cancer but their personalities and thinking just blend well with each other … gosh they are a real match made heaven :’) Also when reading the things that Gus say or do for Hazel was really sweet and melts my heart with “aaawwwwwww”s and tears till the last page.

This book also touches topics like “cancer perks” where characters are treated different by society because of cancer and they get obviously get a lot of benefits mostly out of pity. However as quoted in the book “the world is not a wish granting factory” which is very true as with and without cancer you can’t always get what you want.

Also I really enjoy the little moments between Hazel and her Parents. Her parents obviously wants what’s best for Hazel even if it sometimes means forcing her just so they can see her happy and Vice versa. It made me miss having my parents in my life and I appreciate them even more after reading this.
I really love seeing the relationship between Hazel, Gus and Isaac as it was realistic and relatable, in a way make me think of when I hang out with my friends, showing that even though they are all going through cancer, at the day they are just regular teens playing video games and plotting revenge on ex-girlfriends. When you think of kids with cancer you think of their childhood being robbed or in a way forced to grow up fast. While they did have their serious moments like talking about death, they also have their funny, quirky, sarcastic and goofy moments.

Also the book touches on the relationship of an author and their readers. As the reader, we tend to forget that whatever happens in a book is usually (unless stated) fiction and made up in the authors mind. There is a lot that we readers want and there is just so much the author may and could give. The book An Imperial Affection which is Hazel favourite book in this book is somewhat relatable for her since it’s also a book about a girl with cancer. I honestly feel like TFIOS is a mirror of how the AIA book is played out and I even felt like Gus and Hazel when I was done with the book! I FEALT LIKE I WAS MISSING A FEW PAGES AND WANT MORE!

This book had a lot of good moments but also have its fair share of sad moments that makes you keep wanting to continue reading but I think keeps us hanging on a cliff not wanting to put the book down has to be the plot twist! Gosh! The plot twists caught me off guard every time it happens and got me hanging on my seat wondering what will happen next.

My favourite happy moment was when Hazel and Gus went to Amsterdam while my “fav” sad moment was the whole pre-funeral moment which I found it sadder to read than the actual funeral but I liked it as eventhough its meant to be a serioust thing where Hazel and Isaac are talking in their speech on how they remember Gus and there Gus is editing his eulogy.

The characters were also really realistic! There were many moments that I could relate to from the argument with the parents to just being a “rebel”.  They are teenagers and like many teenagers we tend to make mistake.

*SIGH* Gus… of all the characters in the book loved him the most and it’s not cause he is the one to die and made me cry a monsoon but its cause of this personality and how charming and sweet he is especially with Hazel yet he can have some crazy ideals like plotting Isaac’s ex-girlfriend revenge in less than 5 minutes! I really love how he has this really great metaphor…  

I also enjoy reading about Hazel. She is a really strong girl and it’s not just because she is a thought fighter with cancer but she does not let herself be a victim of her situation and goes on with life. Yes she feels angry, lost, and sad as well as describing herself as a “grenade” that is going to explode any time now which is one of the reasons why she is being “anti-social” and isolating herself from the world but when you are in a situation like Hazel but she still goes on with life and she is really lucky to have a great support especially her family. Also was anyone really surprise but not really surprise when Hazel said she is already done with High School and is now a college student?? I was like … wow … I know you are a smart kid Hazel but you’re really smart! It kind of explains how she thinks for intelligent and mature yet she still reminds us that she is only 16 with the sarcastic and quirky comments.

Now this is something personal but while reading the book and reading about Hazel feeling at the start, I could personally relate to her a few years back when I was (this is very personal and I rarely share this with anyone… and no it is not cancer but it is still health related that change my life and my habits …) diagnose with a health problem which change my life… now I am not going to tell you guys my health problem but it definitely changed my life especially the first few months of having it… but fyi I am ok now :D or else WHO THE HECK IS WRITING ALL THIS BLOG POSTS ;P lolz

Lastly now this got to do with the movie for TFIOS, in case you don’t know me well I love video games … and no this has nothing about Gus and Isaac videogames but I am currently obese with this game call beyond two souls where the emotions kind of reminds of this book. Now before you guys go slamming at me on how the heck does a paranormal emotional videogame have a link with an emotional roller-coaster Young Adult Contemporary novel??? Ok so in BTS there is a character name Nathan Dawkins who has a slight similar background as Peter Van Houten of them losing someone they love and I was playing the game when I was reading TFIOS. So for an odd reason I was picturing a crazier less caring version of Nathan when reading the Amsterdam moment in the book. When I was done with it I went to Wiki to check the cast list for the TFIOS movie as they did announce it going to be a movie … so …. William Dafoe… the voice actor for Nathan Dawkins in BTS … IS FLIPPING PLAYING PETER VAN HOUTEN!!! WOW! The dude I was picturing while reading is playing that character in the movie! xD now I seriously can’t wait for the movie! 

When they say this is more than just a book about cancer, it’s a heck more than that!

I really did enjoy this book. I laugh and cry with the characters also learned a lot just from reading this and maybe have different view on the world. It’s the first John Green book I have picked up and I plan to pick up more now that I have read this. The whole plot in general was really good and I definitely didn’t want to put this book down. I also was caught off guard and thrown off my tracks in many parts and the plot twist were really plot twisting. Many say John Green has his ways with words and I totally agree. I see us one day quoting him like how he quotes Shakespeare in this book and in fact the TFIOS title is inspired by a Julius Ceaser.

If you have managed to get to the end of this really ramble full blog good job! :P
Now if you are reading this and have not read TFIOS … do yourself a favour, put aside all the sad emotional water works stuff that people have been saying about this book and go out and get/borrow/buy yourself (preferred you own) a copy of TFIOS and read it with an open mind, love it and enjoy the experience of a whole new rollercoaster ride.

Rating: 5/5 (will give it more if I could) on Goodreeds

Where to get:
Big W (if in Australia)
Book depository

     Also ... Heya :)))))))

Check me our on Goodreeds to see the other books i have read and also what i am currently readin.

What did you guys think of TFIOS???

Till Next Time 

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

CHRISTMAS Lush haul!!!


Haul time!!! :D 

So i have a good old lush haul!!!! 

I love lush and this is what happen when i go into the store for just one thing .. ONE THING ... i come out WITH MORE :P 

haha story of my life! 

But I can justify this impulse buy as the Christmas collection are here so ... nuf said :D

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo 100g

"Condition, body and shine for wavy, fluffy and frizzy hair. Cynthia Sylvia Stout is made with stout beer, which your great-grandmother probably used to make her hair shiny. Stout contains protein to give your hair weight, smoothness and gloss. It’s excellent for hair that goes frizzy in the damp. Cynthia smells delicious, just like a brandy, stout and lemon cocktail and even makes curly hair shiny."

This was my main purpose of going into lush ... to re-purchase this little bottle of hair miracle.. and yes i said it!

This "beer" shampoo is a really great cleansing shampoo. It's great if you like me have slightly greasy hair and need that little help in the oil control department. For me i really like how squeaky clean my hair is when i am done with my shower. It is quiet clarifying so i recommend once a week to cleanse product build up.

It cost's $12.95 which is really pricy especially cause this is the smallest bottle but a little goes a long was as this little bottle last me for 4 months!   
"Inspired by our love for roses and the benefits of nourishing argan oil, this shower gel is a decadent as it gets!  Skin brightening goji berry juice and Sicilian lemon give your skin a boost, while rose oil and rose absolute leave it soothed, softened and beautifully fragranced.  A luxurious way to start each day. "

I've been hearing alot of hype over this shower gel in the beauty world and decided to pick up the middle size bottle so that when my family comes to visit i can treat to trying some lush products (we don't have lush back home in Malaysia) 

Like the name, the consistency is like strawberry jam and it smell like a rose infused jam. The rose scent remind me of rose sirup from my high school days when i will occasionally treat myself to a glass of rose sirup water from the canteen during a hot humid day.

"Double-strength conditioning cocktail. American Cream was inspired by a vision of 1950s US milk bars, bright red-leather-and-chrome, neon-lit cafes, where teenagers would meet and drink frothy, fruity milkshakes. Our creamy conditioner is what the girls would have used to make their hair soft before going out on a date, dressed up in their bobby socks and circular skirts. The scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges is so sexy and sweet that dates can’t stay away."
I always ask for samples whenever I go to lush so I decided to give it a go and try this conditional (why not its free :P). its not too bad but I think I'll try it a couple more times before seeing if I'll commit to buying a full size.
"Keep your skin looking and feeling amazing with this limited edition sugar scrub.  This year it’s even more beneficial for the skin, with added coconut oil and butters, such as murumuru and organic shea butter, to intensely moisturise.  Sugar and sand add the gentle polishing effect.  Fragranced with toning Brazilian orange oil as a nod to his exotic inspiration – the sand sculptures on Copacabana beach!"

Oh gosh just the name shout Christmas to me!!

I love this body butter/scrub! in fact as for typing out this blog now I have used up this sandy Santa! Its so nice and moisturizing and the scrub smoothen my skin!

I recommend chopping up (sorry santa :P) and using bit by bit of this the scrub on damp skin and scrub onto spots you want to moisturize and scrub.

It cost about $6.95 and it is not too messy to use in the bathroom as the sugar mixture dissolve into the dampen skin or into the water.

So that's my Christmas lush haul!!!

Hope you guys enjoy and if you want to see me haul it on my channel the vid is down below.

Check out the other awesome lush Christmas goodies here on the Lush Site.

Whatcha think of the lush goodies that I got???

Share with me your lush haul / thoughts on the lush goodies :)

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary : The Day of the Doctor Recap/Review


So "the day of the doctor" has come and gone and the Doctor Who 50th anniversery special was epic and fan satisfactory that they manage to squeze all of this into a one episode arch.

I am finally done with my exams!!! so to celebrate (apart from packing up my dorm and all that good stuff) me and my dorm mate (a fellow Doctor who fan) watch the 50th anniversery ... twice!! lets just say when you first watch it you're just too excited to notice all this cool bits that they put into the special to make it ... well special!!
Just so you guys know I am a fan of the series but I am kinda an of an on and off fan where one moment I will watch the series and then I won't keep track for months then I'll marathon it to catch up with the story line.

Also I got into the series cause of "The Sarah Jane Smith Adventure", one of the Doctor Who spin off.

So here my quick top 5 Doctor Who 50th anniversery moments


5) Bad Wolf Rose & Clara

Now I love how they bring back the "bad wolf rose" character as the form of a caution/gardian/voice of reason for the War Doctor (which is what  i am gonna refer to the John Hurt Doctor as i am so confuse the doctor timeline and all) and while i was happy seeing this entity mentoring the Doctors to a reasonable solution on saving Gallifrey as well as giving hints on helping them get out of their problems... i was kinda sad that this entity didn't interact with the 10th Doctor ( :'( sad for my OTC) but i was kinda glad she was acknowledge... kinda...

There was a moment where the War Doctor shouted after their I GOT AN IDEAL HOW NOT TO BURN  GALLIFREY moment where he shouted "Bad Wolf Girl I could kiss you now" and the 10th Doctor was like "Bad Wolf ??!!??" xD man i wish she atlease show a glimpse of herself to him!! 

I like how Clara was basically the doctor's voice of reason like "bad wolf" but is physically there to help persuade the doctor safe Gallifrey in a rational way. Her character is becoming one of my favorite doctor who companions ever!! 

Also i really enjoy her interaction with the War Doctor. 

4) Easter Eggs Feast!!! 

Gosh!! there were so many easter egg!! i could do a whole new post on my top easter eggs  in this episode! in fact i'll link a site where they have compiled at lease 35 easter eggs here.

My fav were River Song Shoes, Tom Baker Cameo (aka the forth doctor) who's iconic scarf also is showned, Caption Jack being mentioned (eeekkkkk!!! fangirl), the Fez (good use of it by the way :P but how the heck did they get it when River Song distroyed it??? O.o) and (saving the best for last) the Queen Elizabeth I running gag gets a story line! (haha we now know what the 10th Doctor did to get his head off!! he married her!! xD )
i love all this easter egg reference!!! 

Also i'll include this as an easter egg as this was epic but this... 

O_O Moffat sure know how to surprise the fans ... the next Doctor aka Pater Capaldi cameo was jaw dropping especially after it was said we will not see him till the 11th Doctor regenerate... epic!! 

3) Doctor's Chemistry :P 

Oh gosh the three doctor's interaction and chemistry was amazing!! no doctor out shadow each other and everything right down the dialog was epic!!! I really like how it's becoming a running gag for a multi-doctor episode to have them commenting on each other appearance sand shoes, skinny, chinny, granddad xD . Also even though this episode is suppose to be "dark and serious" the dialog balance out the storyline and makes it comedic without overdoing it nor making it sound like forced.

haha!! also .... i really like how when the War doctor ask the 11th doctor ...

Aaahhhh... yah ... there is... ALOT .... oooohhhh boy :P 

The moment who they all go into the 10th doctor TARDIS and it change 4 times from the classic to the current doctors. I enjoyed not only the glitch of the TARDIS (and seeing the tenth's TARDIS again) but also their dialogs especially between Tenth and Eleventh like "what are those round things" and "I Don't like it" xD

Speaking of which, i have to say this but I especially love the bromance of the 10th and 11th doctor !!!


Shipping this bromance  xD

I love how both doctors were synchronize when acting with each other selves!! Especially if you are someone (like me) who is a fan of both 10th and 11th doctor you will be shipping this bromance (ok fangirls you can scream now :P)!! Once again both the comedic part and the serious part were awesome to watch and i am sure as fun as it was for us to watch it was fun for the actors to act out miming each other!!! 

nuf said :P

2) David Tennant xD back on my tv screen!!!! 

 The moment when i saw the poster and watch the trailer knowing that David Tennant was coming back to reprise his role as the 10th doctor...fangirling anyone???


They say your favorite Doctor will be the one you start the series with. for me it will be the 10th Doctor.

Gosh am i happy to see him on my TV screen!!! It feels like nothing have changed... except his accent being more Dick Van Dyke ish ...

Also i really love how they gave him his own story line as well as giving a conclusion of the Queen Elizabeth I storyline form the "Shakespeare Code"episode a conclusion!!!

Yes it was kinda a comedic side story but that's the fun of the series!!

Though i wonder how many times was he force to make out with the queen xD lolz

Also him high-five his Tardis was epic!!!
Also the 10th Doctor is what i like to call the "flirtaciousndoctor" as
... Nuf said ;))

T.T anyone cried at thos part???? Why why why do they have make the feels come back???
1) saving gallefray + the ending

Oh gosh!!! I love how doctor who is such a out of the box show!!

I serioustly thought they were gonna push the red button (holding breath the whole time)

But what they did was not only unthinkable, breaking their own rules and practically rewriting Doctor Who history but the way they safe gallifrey was epic as i thought it will just be the three of them but when 10th mention "i've been doing this for a long time" and 13 doctors apper!!!! Epic multi doctor story line of all time!!

So in a nutshell was that they did the opposite of burning that is freezing gallefrey in time!! 

Btw my fav part... xD "nightmares eh???"

Also... Ending it with a cuppa tea xD now that's very British !! 

And the Matt smith monolog about his dream at the end xD

And probably the best ending credit!!!

So gallifrey falls no more!!!
The Doctor basically can go home now.
So yah.... Epic!!! I am so not ready to say goodbye to the Matt Smith doctor this christmas :"(

But i can't wait to see how Peter Capaldi as the Doctor will be like !

FYI I am currently on a "wibbly wobbly" bus while typing this on the way to meet my mum here in Sydney xD will edit when i find a computer and internet! (which i eventually found :P)
UPDATE: ok so there are some glitch in some of the pics that i uploaded so i will edit this again when i get back to Malaysia with better computer and internet... ugh just so you know ... my laptop has gone bust so will also be kinda lack in blogging for a while :(
  Also here in Sydney there is an ABC store where they also sell Doctor Who merchandice ( which are kinda overprice ... Well some of them) and ...

They have a flipping "TARDIS" !!!! XD
Had to take a picture with it and the Forth Doctor ;p

Whatcha think of this 50th special??? 

Also who'se your fav Doctor??? Mine is hands down Tenth (David Tennant xD) followed by Eleventh (Matt Smith).

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Beauty news: Priceline 40% off all cosmetic sales!!! + a quick wish list/ shopping list


Breaking news!!!!

Breaking news for Priceline!!!!!

Oh gosh hello my wallet breaking... Lolz

yes this is a screenshot from my phone... deal with it :P 

So I just got an email from Priceline saying they are having a sales on all of their cosmetic!!!! 40% off!!  Oh hack yah!!!

So the sales will run from 19 Sept (Tue) to 20 Sept (Wed) 2013 where ALL COSMETIC related product will be 40% off!! The Sales will be going on in stores and online.

Great time for an early Christmas shopping ;))) 

And of cause while i am Christmas shopping I'll be shopping for myself some post exam stress relief goodies :P

So with the sales there are a few things that i really have my eyes on and with the sales i can do justice to this purchase them. (no pretty pictures as i am suppose to be studying for my finals and i am typing most of this on my phone.)



Essence is a brand where i am sure most aussie beauty lovers are in love with as its really good quality and really cheap! They never go on sales! So i can now justify getting some things from essence that i have my eyes on for a while as well as pick up a few new items from their new releases. Also... I am in need of a new sharpener as my current one broke :/

2) Maybelline Color tattoo

I have 4 of this guys so i want to check out colors that i dont have like Bold gold and pomegranet punk. They are great cream eyeshadows that i highly recomend and it is a must have in my collection.

3) SAVVY by DB pencil eyeliners

I want to pick a back up of my faavourite kohl eyeliner from savvy as well as with the sales some fun colors. I own at lease one of each type of eyeliner that they make so i am gonna check out other ones.

4) Models Preferred

I mainly want to pick up their brushed as i have my eyes on some of their face brushes. 

5) jumbo lip crayons

I love jumbo lip crayons and two brands i plan to check out are covergirl and Bourjois.

So that's my little wish list. there might be more. look out for a haul and share me your wish list and ideal for what you guys what to get so will have some ideals on what to check out.

What do you plan to get from priceline wit this great 40% off sales??? 

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Breaking News: Naughty Dog's new games!!! Last of Us DLC and Uncharted news !!!


So a little random but if you guys remember a while ago i did a makeup/cosplay tutorial on a character name Ellie from the PS3 exclusive game The Last Of Us which i played somewhere in June/July and man was it a beauty to play! The storyline and game in general is amazing, sentimental, action-pack and just epic!

So last night just as i was about to go for dinner Naughty Dog, the developers of the The Last Of Us announced the DLC and not only released the TRAILER for the DLC (fyi for those who are wondering WTH is a dlc its short for downloadable content) BUT ALSO A NEW UNCHARTED GAME!!! WHAT??? :D 

I definitely had a good dinner chatting with my friends and watching the trailer for both games xD

The Last Of Us DLC : Left Behind

Yay finally we got news on the DLC!!! 

So before watching the trailer i was actually speculating a prequel which will make sense having Naughty Dog mention that Joel and Ellie story "is done" in the original game. I was actually speculating characters to be staring in the DLC to be new characters having that ND announced "wrap up the casting" meaning new characters or i was hoping it will be a bit like heavy rain: taxidermist dlc (flipping creepy btw) where it focus on supporting characters like Tess, Sam and Henry or even Marlene.

After watching the trailer, well its confirmed from the looks of it it will be a prequel staring Ellie (yay!! Ellie is back!!!) and the friend Riley who she befriended with in the boarding school she was placed in and escaped in the comic series that came out with the original game called "The American Dream".

 I am assuming we are playing as Ellie here. Gosh this was totally unexpected as i thought Ellie and Riley story was already told in the comic so there it for their story but the beauty of DLC is that it can be about anything! I defiantly cant wait to get my hands on this!

Also lets take a moment to admire the beauty of this abandon theme park that Ellie and Riley are at in the trailer. I can't wait to learn more about their story and Ellie and Riley's friendship. From reading the comic and the game itself they seem pretty close.  Riley is definitely like the "cool older sister" figure to Ellie. I definitely am gonna cry when playing this as we know Riley and Ellie both got infected and Riley turned while Ellie who is obviously immune. I am guessing that the DLC will show us how they got infected. I am not so sure if it got covered in the comic series as i don't have access to it.


Oh gosh i can't stop swooning on how much i love this series! its very Indiana Jones treasure hunting meet Lara Croft from Tomb Raider actions but with its own spin when it comes to cinematic!

After playing TLOU, earlier this year i played uncharted 3 at my cousin place and WOW! the cinematic is flipping beautiful!!! Also i played for the amazing storyline and gameplay.

There were a lot of speculations of Naughty Dog making a new uncharted for the ps4 and this totally confirms it!

I don't know what to expect from this game but from watching the trailer i am guessing we will learn more of Nate's past as in deep alot deeper as in the third game we learn that he was an orphan and how he meet Sully.

A lot of people speculated that it was Francis Drake who was doing the voice over in the trailer but i think not as Sir Francis Drake was British and the accent sounds very ... not British .. American?? All i have speculating is that we might see an old villain or else someone from Nate's past.

Anyway in the trailer the only hint we get was the map which i don't have much knowledge from playing the game on the link of the Caribbean map but Drake must have went there years ago.

Also notice there is no "UNCHARTED 4" in the trailer??? it just say "UNCHARTED" in a totally different font? I have no ideal where this game is going but i am betting this will not be a prequel but might have some "time traveling" where Nate's past is link with the story. I am not so sure if they will mention anything about the name but notice there is no full title?? just "uncharted" ??? maybe it is just a teaser but i am sure they will release the full name as UNCHARTED 4...  xD

All i hope is that the original gang return and THEY DON'T KILL SULLY.... OR ATTEMPT TO KILL HIM ... AGAIN (gosh you don't want to know the heart attack and feels when i played the third game and i thought they really did kill him T.T)!!!


So yah that's my rambling fangirling blog post about this two games that i am currently happy about. Its something a bit different but hey... i like alot of things and this is my random world where i randomly blog about random stuff  :D

 Naughty Dog is definitely becoming one of my favorite game creators having that they bring alive all this amazing stories with great graphite  . The Last of Us DLC is expected to come out "early 2014" while the for UNCHARTED ... the release date is yet to be known .

 All i can say is that this is gonna be a great new adventure for all this great games coming out.

Have you played The Last of Us and/or Uncharted???  

Are you looking forward to the launch of this new games??? 

Till next time :D 

~oxox rotan~

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Side Effect !!! New Youtube Show

 Hello new "glee" ... i think i am gonna get addicted to you .. ugh oh :P


So i found this show on Youtube the other day while watching those advertisement before the video plays and ended up watching it after the 100+++ time of watching the ads (well if youtube is pushing its advertisement on it why not :D). 45 minute later I am on the edge of my seat wanting more of this sweet little pill of a show.

So Side Effect is this comedic musical drama run by AwesomenessTV , on Youtube about this Broken family of 5 kids,

Keith: the oldest of the 5 who put his medical studies on hold to look after his younger sibling.

Lexi and Jason : If i am not mistaken they are twins... not so sure but i read somewhere they are.

Whitney: The main character who is currently on medication to cope with her depression of the death of her mother and the fact that her father is missing which gives the side effect of  "musical hallucinations" which makes her the target of being bullied by her peers.

Sam: The youngest of the bunch.

The show starts 6 month after their mother passed away of cancer and their father left them suddenly shortly after with the family now facing financial problems.

The show is kinda original having that most musical's that i have seen have all this random dancing and musical moments while this show the musical moments is all a hallucinations in Whitney's mind. I love how animated the musical numbers are (my fav has to be the Ke$ha and Taylor Swift cover) and that it definately look like how I DREAM A "musical hallucinations" will look like :P.

The storyline is quiet interesting and i can definitely see myself tunning in ... every week??? i am not so clear about how awesomeness tv show runs but i'll definitely be watching to see what happen to the kids, it they ever find their dad, Whitney and her musical hallucinations and etc.

I am usually not a fan of web shows but i think i am gonna be a fan now on as guess what?? NO COMMERCIAL EVER FLIPPING 10 MINUTES :D !!!! lolz

Now if you don't already notice, i didn't say "MOVE OVER GLEE AS I THINK I FOUND A NEW SHOW ...ETC" cause even though this show have some similarities with Glee, its also really different. Glee is the drama of high school while this is more of a family drama sorta show.  I definitely say if ask me to describe this in my own words, its a more family drama version of Glee (and if you know me well you'll know that i love Love LOVE GLEE! XD).

Check this show you if you are a fan of musical, sibling drama, Glee or even top 40's songs.

What do you think of Side Effect??

Till next time :D

~oxox rotan~

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Rotan Read: Book Haul #1


So ... haul time ...a big one :P

So i have a HUGH STACK of Books that i had gotten over the past few months and i thought I'll share with you guys.

Now i know this is a bit different  from my usual haul but i lately have been in a book buying binge and i really enjoy buying books and reading. In fact I have always been an avid reader but have kinda gone out of the reading habit over the last couple of years especially now that Boarders have gone.. bankrupt ... i don'thave access to a bookshop that any of the latest books that is NOT overly priced  (gosh why is everything here in Australia here over the RRP price???).

Thanks to booktube (the literature community on Youtube) i found some great online sides and bookshops recommendations to buy books at a reasonable price that is cheaper than overpriced Amazon!  

So I'll list down below where i buy my books but mostly if its not from Big W it will  be from the Book depository.

I have tried and failed with my "weekly" reviews/recap on the Legend of Korra episodes thanks to uni and life but i have FINALLY got the Legend of Avatar comic The Search part 1 and part 2.

Gosh i have my eyes on this guys for a while as it is the series where we finally found out what happen to Zuko's and Azula's mum. The third part of the series comes out this month and you betcha I'll be getting my hands on it.

So i am a bit Late on the Meg Cabot band wagon having that i only started reading her books when i was 16. I have read most of the Princess Diaries book back home but i don't own the earlier books so i got book "Take Two", "Three Time Lucky" and "Mia Goes Four"

I got Avalon High back home in Malaysia but i miss reading it and i found this at a flea market for $3 so it was kinda an impulse :D

Where Beauty Lies by Elle and Blair Fowler. If you are a fan or part of the Youtube Beauty and fashion world, you'll probably know them as Juicystar07 and AllThatGlitters21 on youtube. This is their second book. Their first book was Beneath The Glitters which I enjoyed hence why i got this book as the first book sorta left us off hanging and i really just wanted to know what happens next. If you like fun, light "chick lit",check out Beneath the Glitter then check this out as it is the follow up of that book.

(also i might so a book review on this blog in the near future as i really did enjoyed this series)

The Elite by Kiera Cass, This is the second book in The Selection series which i have read the first book The Selection ... and once again was left hanging high in the plot ... like really high in the plot ... which also explain why i am continuing with this series as it is really different and unique and just run to read. Its sort of a fantasy, dystopian, chick lit book having it reminds me of Cinderella meet the hunger games cast system meet the bachelors.

Funny story ... I just finish The Selection days before I was leaving Malaysia to go back to Australia and i FLIPPING love the story and the plot and Maxon (swoon!! he is such a dream to read .. and yes .. i have a massive book crush on Maxon ... TEAM MAXON all the way!! ^^) and the characters and everything about book 1 that when i was at the airport I browsed trough MPH near my departure haul and i saw THE ELITE there ... i bought it and read half of it on the plane :D (ps : aussie readers get it in big w for only $11.50 :P)

Legend of Korra Endgame, yes i finally got this!!! this is the Junior Novel aka TV Show in book version of Legend of Korra. I love Junior Novel when i was in High School as they are a great quick read and nice and "small" and light to fit into my bags.

by chris colfer, Ok so i saw this at Big W the other day and had to get this in my life! Chris Colfer who plays Kurt on Glee has written 3 books and guess what?? i have never read any of them. so when i saw this in Big W i asked a friend who has read it and she say GET IT. Have yet to read it ... will probably leave it till the summer break :D

by Ann Pearlman, you know those people who are attracted to the book by its cover??? well i am one of them ! haha! i found this in a BooksForLess bookshop in Chadstone for $3 so i decided to pick it up as it looks interesting and will be a great Christmas read. There are also cookie recipe included at the start of each chapter which is intresting.

e I love the W.I.T.C.H. comic series and tv show and the book is basically the comic in novel form. Kinda sad that its discontinue in asia ... the series

by Jen Calonita, this was sorta an impulse buy!! well.. was only 67 cent when i was this online the other day so i can justify it :P I got this off Booktopia which is an Australian bookseller site and i highly recommend looking at the bargain section as the books there can be pretty cheap, free shipping when you sign up and its super fast shipping! (2 days). I am not sure if there was a glitch in that site on this book price but no complain  here :P

From the synopsis this is kinda a teen "chick lit" book. have not read it yet but will wait till the holidays to read this and if i like it i'll buy more of the books from this series.

by John Green OH GOSH ... THE FEELS!!! T.T

So everyone and their mom (and my high school English teacher...yes my high school English teacher :P ) have been telling me to read this ... but it was very hard for me to pick up/place into my cart as it is a book about teens going through cancer and after hearing A LOT of hype in goodreads, booktube, blogs etc and the fact i have finally watched the vlogbrother Youtube vids i gave in and bought the book ... and man .. no regrets as this is a rollercoaster that is only going up :P

I wont go into too much detail as i actually wrote a review that i will post sometime this month as i will be flipping busy with finals exam to do alot of blog posts.

all i can say is ... if your emotions can handle this ... get it! 

Fangirl  by Rainbow Rowell, once again ... a book that i suck into the hype but after reading the synopsis ... I HAD TO HAVE IT IN MY LIFE!! This is a new release in ... September??? and i usually don't get the book in hardcover for many reasons but because i cant wait for it to be in paperback so i cave and ordered it and read it and lived happily ever after.. ok that was a bit too cheesy lolz

Basically its about this girl name Cath who is a fanfiction writer for Simon Snow fandom .. kinda like harry potter but with one book more and no quidditch... who is going to University for the first time and she won't have her twin sister Wern by her side as Wern want's to make her own friends there and be her own person.

Gosh i love this book as its the story of my life !!!

I have never read a book that i can relate to so SO SO much!!!! Also after reading this i need to get my hands on Ranbow Rowell's other book Eleanor and Park like how after reading TFIOS I need John Green's other books!!!

I will ramble more about FANGIRL but then I will have no content for my book review nor will i want to spoil it for you guys :P


Okay ... so this is a big haul .. and guess what ... i placed another order off the bookdepository for my birthday... will share it with you guys when it is here :D

Let me know if  you guys like this book haul ... a change from a make up haul :P

Look out for some book reviews that will be coming up soon!!! :D

List down your recommendations or even books you have picked up recently! 

Where i buy my books:

Bookshop  : MPH BOOKSTORE, Popular Bookshop

Bookshop  : Books4Less
Onlline: Bookdepository , Booktopia
Retail Stores: Big W (highly recommend) , Target, K Mart

Have you read any of this books??

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Newsstand Pickup: Instyle Australia Nov 2013 FT free $89 worth of Napoleon Perdis Make Up Kit Review


So i was at Coles the other day and while browsing along the Magazine section and stumble upon this...

So In style magazine Australia is giving away 3 full size Nepoleon Perdis Make Up with the November 2013 Issue (the one with Drew Barrymore featured on the cover) which here in Australia i notice they give out this goodies every now and then but lately non have really caught my eye to buy the magazine until now.

So apart from the Magazine, it comes with a mascara, lip gloss and a cream blush which for $12.95 its a steal deal here in Australia having that make up is pretty pricy. In fact napoleon perdis is quiet a high end brand here with the price around the same as MAC.

 So the first thing it comes with is a Mascara which is the only thing that has a name on it which is the "Lashes to Lashes Black Mascara". The packaging is a nice square sleek black tube. I can't say much as i have not use it and in fact have yet to open it as i have a lot of mascara to go trough so I'll let you guys know in future how this mascara works out for me.

Lip Gloss

This i have tried, used and love it! Its a peachy pinky nude color which i love. I have wore this a couple of times and have in fact used this yesterday over Revlon lip butter in Creaminess which makes a great combo wit the peachy nude lip butter... stick??? idk.. haha

The packaging is this hexagon shape tube with a gold cap which gives it a luxurious look and the applicator is the usual  'doe foot' applicator. The formula is creamy, yet sticky but pigmented and i love how the gloss feels on my lips. Also idk if its me but it has a fruity sweet but slight vanilla scent to it... idk maybe its my nose but it has a nice sweet scent.

This i'll recommend for that perfect nude lips. Of the three this is my favorite product.

Cream Blush

Once again this has no name (but i know its made in the USA). This cream blush comes in a cute plastic transparent compact. I was pleasantly surprise that it came with a mirror. The blush is a nice dusty pinky shade that will be nice for this coming spring/summer season. I once again have yet to use or watch the blush so i can't comment much about the formula.


I love buying magazines and InStyle is a magazine that i have been reading for years but usually I'll go for the US editions as that's what my mum has been buying for years. I especially love when magazines include great freebie with purchase with their magazines.

The quality of the products is fairly good considering it is "free" when you purchase the magazine.
I'll at lease use two of the three products in this set which is the cream blush and lip gloss. The mascara I'll either keep for future use or give it away I have A LOT of mascara to use.

I'll definitely recommend if you are a make up junky, want to try Napoleon Perdis make up (which i have never tried before) or want to expand your make up collection (like me), run out and get this magazine and of cause get the freebie! Its a great value for money and if you are starting with make up, there are some great products to start with in this set.

Also i have flip trough the Magazine and found some great articles so if you love Fashion and beauty magazine this is definitely a great deal!

For more info on the products, check out InStyle's site.

What do you think of the set??? Have you picked it up???

Have you tried Napoleon Perdis make up before?? let me know what do you think.

Till Next Time 

~oxox rotan~