Sunday, 9 March 2014

Prey for Flight MH370


So on Friday March 7, 11.45PM I left Malaysia to go back to Melb, Australia for Uni.

I was taking Malaysian Airlines which is the airlines i usually take when traveling.

That evening just as my plane was about to take off a little voice in my head told me to say a little prayer...

Now i am not a very religious person and I usually don't talk about my faith or religion openly (I am Buddhist btw) but whenever i travel i always wear my Buddha beads as it makes me feel safe. 

Anyway I said a quick prayer and we were off.

8 hours++ later we landed safely in Melbourne and when I after customs, baggage collection, taxi chasing and all things fun about traveling I finally reach my dorm room at one where I have internet access and I can change my phone chip to my Vodafone SIM card .

The moment I opened Facebook I was shocked and sadden to learn the news about the missing plane MH370 as I was in that terminal (probably even walked passed it as my flight was near there but changed to another part of the terminal) and its the same plane company that I was using.

I immediately called my parents who had heard of the news were worried for me having that I didn't call them sooner as my phone was on the Malaysia SIM card.

Till now (9 March 2014 at 10.35 pm Melbourne time) there is still no news about the missing plane.
I ask my dear blog readers to pray for the flight to be found. Prey for the safety of the passengers and the crew and pray for their love ones.

Also pray for anyone and everyone who's traveling for a safe journey.


~oxox rotan~


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