Wednesday, 11 December 2013

CHRISTMAS Lush haul!!!


Haul time!!! :D 

So i have a good old lush haul!!!! 

I love lush and this is what happen when i go into the store for just one thing .. ONE THING ... i come out WITH MORE :P 

haha story of my life! 

But I can justify this impulse buy as the Christmas collection are here so ... nuf said :D

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo 100g

"Condition, body and shine for wavy, fluffy and frizzy hair. Cynthia Sylvia Stout is made with stout beer, which your great-grandmother probably used to make her hair shiny. Stout contains protein to give your hair weight, smoothness and gloss. It’s excellent for hair that goes frizzy in the damp. Cynthia smells delicious, just like a brandy, stout and lemon cocktail and even makes curly hair shiny."

This was my main purpose of going into lush ... to re-purchase this little bottle of hair miracle.. and yes i said it!

This "beer" shampoo is a really great cleansing shampoo. It's great if you like me have slightly greasy hair and need that little help in the oil control department. For me i really like how squeaky clean my hair is when i am done with my shower. It is quiet clarifying so i recommend once a week to cleanse product build up.

It cost's $12.95 which is really pricy especially cause this is the smallest bottle but a little goes a long was as this little bottle last me for 4 months!   
"Inspired by our love for roses and the benefits of nourishing argan oil, this shower gel is a decadent as it gets!  Skin brightening goji berry juice and Sicilian lemon give your skin a boost, while rose oil and rose absolute leave it soothed, softened and beautifully fragranced.  A luxurious way to start each day. "

I've been hearing alot of hype over this shower gel in the beauty world and decided to pick up the middle size bottle so that when my family comes to visit i can treat to trying some lush products (we don't have lush back home in Malaysia) 

Like the name, the consistency is like strawberry jam and it smell like a rose infused jam. The rose scent remind me of rose sirup from my high school days when i will occasionally treat myself to a glass of rose sirup water from the canteen during a hot humid day.

"Double-strength conditioning cocktail. American Cream was inspired by a vision of 1950s US milk bars, bright red-leather-and-chrome, neon-lit cafes, where teenagers would meet and drink frothy, fruity milkshakes. Our creamy conditioner is what the girls would have used to make their hair soft before going out on a date, dressed up in their bobby socks and circular skirts. The scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges is so sexy and sweet that dates can’t stay away."
I always ask for samples whenever I go to lush so I decided to give it a go and try this conditional (why not its free :P). its not too bad but I think I'll try it a couple more times before seeing if I'll commit to buying a full size.
"Keep your skin looking and feeling amazing with this limited edition sugar scrub.  This year it’s even more beneficial for the skin, with added coconut oil and butters, such as murumuru and organic shea butter, to intensely moisturise.  Sugar and sand add the gentle polishing effect.  Fragranced with toning Brazilian orange oil as a nod to his exotic inspiration – the sand sculptures on Copacabana beach!"

Oh gosh just the name shout Christmas to me!!

I love this body butter/scrub! in fact as for typing out this blog now I have used up this sandy Santa! Its so nice and moisturizing and the scrub smoothen my skin!

I recommend chopping up (sorry santa :P) and using bit by bit of this the scrub on damp skin and scrub onto spots you want to moisturize and scrub.

It cost about $6.95 and it is not too messy to use in the bathroom as the sugar mixture dissolve into the dampen skin or into the water.

So that's my Christmas lush haul!!!

Hope you guys enjoy and if you want to see me haul it on my channel the vid is down below.

Check out the other awesome lush Christmas goodies here on the Lush Site.

Whatcha think of the lush goodies that I got???

Share with me your lush haul / thoughts on the lush goodies :)

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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