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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary : The Day of the Doctor Recap/Review


So "the day of the doctor" has come and gone and the Doctor Who 50th anniversery special was epic and fan satisfactory that they manage to squeze all of this into a one episode arch.

I am finally done with my exams!!! so to celebrate (apart from packing up my dorm and all that good stuff) me and my dorm mate (a fellow Doctor who fan) watch the 50th anniversery ... twice!! lets just say when you first watch it you're just too excited to notice all this cool bits that they put into the special to make it ... well special!!
Just so you guys know I am a fan of the series but I am kinda an of an on and off fan where one moment I will watch the series and then I won't keep track for months then I'll marathon it to catch up with the story line.

Also I got into the series cause of "The Sarah Jane Smith Adventure", one of the Doctor Who spin off.

So here my quick top 5 Doctor Who 50th anniversery moments


5) Bad Wolf Rose & Clara

Now I love how they bring back the "bad wolf rose" character as the form of a caution/gardian/voice of reason for the War Doctor (which is what  i am gonna refer to the John Hurt Doctor as i am so confuse the doctor timeline and all) and while i was happy seeing this entity mentoring the Doctors to a reasonable solution on saving Gallifrey as well as giving hints on helping them get out of their problems... i was kinda sad that this entity didn't interact with the 10th Doctor ( :'( sad for my OTC) but i was kinda glad she was acknowledge... kinda...

There was a moment where the War Doctor shouted after their I GOT AN IDEAL HOW NOT TO BURN  GALLIFREY moment where he shouted "Bad Wolf Girl I could kiss you now" and the 10th Doctor was like "Bad Wolf ??!!??" xD man i wish she atlease show a glimpse of herself to him!! 

I like how Clara was basically the doctor's voice of reason like "bad wolf" but is physically there to help persuade the doctor safe Gallifrey in a rational way. Her character is becoming one of my favorite doctor who companions ever!! 

Also i really enjoy her interaction with the War Doctor. 

4) Easter Eggs Feast!!! 

Gosh!! there were so many easter egg!! i could do a whole new post on my top easter eggs  in this episode! in fact i'll link a site where they have compiled at lease 35 easter eggs here.

My fav were River Song Shoes, Tom Baker Cameo (aka the forth doctor) who's iconic scarf also is showned, Caption Jack being mentioned (eeekkkkk!!! fangirl), the Fez (good use of it by the way :P but how the heck did they get it when River Song distroyed it??? O.o) and (saving the best for last) the Queen Elizabeth I running gag gets a story line! (haha we now know what the 10th Doctor did to get his head off!! he married her!! xD )
i love all this easter egg reference!!! 

Also i'll include this as an easter egg as this was epic but this... 

O_O Moffat sure know how to surprise the fans ... the next Doctor aka Pater Capaldi cameo was jaw dropping especially after it was said we will not see him till the 11th Doctor regenerate... epic!! 

3) Doctor's Chemistry :P 

Oh gosh the three doctor's interaction and chemistry was amazing!! no doctor out shadow each other and everything right down the dialog was epic!!! I really like how it's becoming a running gag for a multi-doctor episode to have them commenting on each other appearance sand shoes, skinny, chinny, granddad xD . Also even though this episode is suppose to be "dark and serious" the dialog balance out the storyline and makes it comedic without overdoing it nor making it sound like forced.

haha!! also .... i really like how when the War doctor ask the 11th doctor ...

Aaahhhh... yah ... there is... ALOT .... oooohhhh boy :P 

The moment who they all go into the 10th doctor TARDIS and it change 4 times from the classic to the current doctors. I enjoyed not only the glitch of the TARDIS (and seeing the tenth's TARDIS again) but also their dialogs especially between Tenth and Eleventh like "what are those round things" and "I Don't like it" xD

Speaking of which, i have to say this but I especially love the bromance of the 10th and 11th doctor !!!


Shipping this bromance  xD

I love how both doctors were synchronize when acting with each other selves!! Especially if you are someone (like me) who is a fan of both 10th and 11th doctor you will be shipping this bromance (ok fangirls you can scream now :P)!! Once again both the comedic part and the serious part were awesome to watch and i am sure as fun as it was for us to watch it was fun for the actors to act out miming each other!!! 

nuf said :P

2) David Tennant xD back on my tv screen!!!! 

 The moment when i saw the poster and watch the trailer knowing that David Tennant was coming back to reprise his role as the 10th doctor...fangirling anyone???


They say your favorite Doctor will be the one you start the series with. for me it will be the 10th Doctor.

Gosh am i happy to see him on my TV screen!!! It feels like nothing have changed... except his accent being more Dick Van Dyke ish ...

Also i really love how they gave him his own story line as well as giving a conclusion of the Queen Elizabeth I storyline form the "Shakespeare Code"episode a conclusion!!!

Yes it was kinda a comedic side story but that's the fun of the series!!

Though i wonder how many times was he force to make out with the queen xD lolz

Also him high-five his Tardis was epic!!!
Also the 10th Doctor is what i like to call the "flirtaciousndoctor" as
... Nuf said ;))

T.T anyone cried at thos part???? Why why why do they have make the feels come back???
1) saving gallefray + the ending

Oh gosh!!! I love how doctor who is such a out of the box show!!

I serioustly thought they were gonna push the red button (holding breath the whole time)

But what they did was not only unthinkable, breaking their own rules and practically rewriting Doctor Who history but the way they safe gallifrey was epic as i thought it will just be the three of them but when 10th mention "i've been doing this for a long time" and 13 doctors apper!!!! Epic multi doctor story line of all time!!

So in a nutshell was that they did the opposite of burning that is freezing gallefrey in time!! 

Btw my fav part... xD "nightmares eh???"

Also... Ending it with a cuppa tea xD now that's very British !! 

And the Matt smith monolog about his dream at the end xD

And probably the best ending credit!!!

So gallifrey falls no more!!!
The Doctor basically can go home now.
So yah.... Epic!!! I am so not ready to say goodbye to the Matt Smith doctor this christmas :"(

But i can't wait to see how Peter Capaldi as the Doctor will be like !

FYI I am currently on a "wibbly wobbly" bus while typing this on the way to meet my mum here in Sydney xD will edit when i find a computer and internet! (which i eventually found :P)
UPDATE: ok so there are some glitch in some of the pics that i uploaded so i will edit this again when i get back to Malaysia with better computer and internet... ugh just so you know ... my laptop has gone bust so will also be kinda lack in blogging for a while :(
  Also here in Sydney there is an ABC store where they also sell Doctor Who merchandice ( which are kinda overprice ... Well some of them) and ...

They have a flipping "TARDIS" !!!! XD
Had to take a picture with it and the Forth Doctor ;p

Whatcha think of this 50th special??? 

Also who'se your fav Doctor??? Mine is hands down Tenth (David Tennant xD) followed by Eleventh (Matt Smith).

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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