Friday, 5 April 2013

Haul: Room Organisation containers from Diaso

So I am never really known for a neat room so while I was at Diaso on Swanston Street I saw a few containers that were unique and that I thought it can help organise my room at a great budget.


I am usually hesitance when it comes to buying containers to decorate my room as it can be expensive but everything at Diaso was $2.8 !!

I got 4 items to organize my room... could have gotten more but I wanted to get a few basic "I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE" containers that were useful for storage and also nice to decorate.

So I numbered the items so that i can reviewed them without " clogging" my blog with pictures (learn my lesson with the last blog post ... ah well :P 

1) Circle Shower Caddy

So first i got this basket in a nice tiffany blue color (my favourite color by the way if you can tell with my blog post picture watermarks) and i use this as a shower caddy as even though i have been in Australia for three years i have nothing like this (previously use a bucket btw) to keep all my toiletries and this is a great height and saiz at a great price!

2) Accessory Stand

Now i don't know why it is called an accessory stand as 1 it was in the make up / beauty area and 2 i always thought accessory stand was for jewellery and this does not look any ware close to on.

Anyway i decided to use this "accessory stand" as a make up organizer and it is ALOT cheaper than those i saw in Priceline which could range from AUD 5 to AUD 20++ which i think its not really worth the price if you ask me.

This is definitely a life saver for me and for the price its a great investment to organize your make up storage so that it wont look like a huge pile of clutter!

3) Interior Wooden Box

This container/box/whatever you want to call it caught my eyes cause of the word " Memphis City Limit" and as cheesy as it sounds but it reminds me of two songs that i love! 

One song is Steve McQueen  by Sheryl Crow as there is a line that says "went to bed in Memphis"
another one is Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner but i prefer the glee version more (Santana KILLED it!)
yup i am that cheesy lolz!

I also find this box cute and very Americanized with that route 10 sign (although i wish it was route 66 lolz). At first i have TOTALLY NO IDEA what to use this container for... but i eventually made use of it for all my little bottle of lotion, skincare and hair bushes!  

4) Interior Wooden Tray

Lastly before i ramble (or type ) too much is a cute wooden tray that was in the same area as the wooden box .

This tray from first glance i know what i am going to use if for and where i will put it as it is JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR but nicer and made of wood instead of plastic!

It has the qoute on the bottom "The Most Beautiful Scenery Which You Have" which i was like 0.o haha! 

But to tell you the truth this tray makes it a "nicer" and cleaner view on where i place it which is on top of my printer. Why my printer? cause i use it to keep all the random things i have on my desk that has nothing to do with studying like mirror, watches and lip balm! 

I just chuck them into the tray and i am good to go as my desk look less messy and i now know where EVERYTHING IS!

Hope this haul is helpful for you guys to find great unique looking organizing containers at a great bargain!

Any questions, comment or just want a chat then comment down below :)

~oxox rotan~

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