Friday, 21 June 2013

Quick and Sweet Benefit Haul!!! 50% OFF Sweet-n-wow KIT!


So I was at Myers and I walked by the benefit counter and what did I see but the 50% off clearance section...ugh ohhhhhhhhh 

Yup I had to... ;p

So yah I probably splurged a bit but its not everyday benefit make up goes on 50% !

So i got the Sweet-n-wow kit for $25 originally $51 which here in Australia ITS A BIG DEAL as make up here is about double to triple the US RRP.

This kit comes with a full size Sugar Bomb and a small size pose tint.

Pose Tint

Pose Tint is a poppy-pink lip and cheek stain that comes in a small vial with a nail polish like applicator.

From what i heard you are to put 3 dots on your cheeks and blend it in with your fingers but three dots was not enough to get the pigmentation that i wanted.Kinda needed 6 to 8 dots to get to the pigmentation that i wanted but i am guessing the amount to apply depends on your skin tone.

When i first open the bottle i thought it was a very bright pink but when apply on my cheeks it surprisingly look natural on my cheeks! its not crazy pink but a normal "healthy flush" sort of pink! 

I really liked this and funny thing was after trying it out i could not be border to remove the blush when i went to the gym and when i came back i was surprise that it didn't budge! quiet good prove that its water prove and "sweat prove".

Good cheek stain but i have yet to try it on my lips.

Sugarboom box powder
"Sugar Rush Flush"

Next is the Sugar Boom blush and i have tried this at the counter last year and really like how it looks on me so it was like "destiny" calling me to get this when i saw this kit on the clearance table

I have yet to try it at home but i really like the color of this blush! This powder is made out of four shades that is a pink,rose,soft plum and peach and when swirl it all together makes a nice peachy pink bronze blush that will look good for the summer time or in my case if you are from a tropical country all year round!

Can't say too much about the product now as i just got it and have yet to play with it so i'll probably update in a review.

What i can say is i have played with the brush and man is it the softest brush my cheeks have ever felt! keep in mind i have yet to owe any face brush apart from an ELF angle face brush as i usually use the applicator that comes with the product.

Also i am obsess with the smell of the blush! it has a nice musky smell which surprise me as i thought it will smell sweet!


I had my eyes set on Benefit's Box blushes especially Sugarboom for quiet a while now. Its a great deal as you are getting a full size blush and a deluxe sample size pose tint and with the 50% discount you cant go wrong! 

Original Price: $51
Sales Price: $25

Where to get: in Australia Benefit counters are located at Myers Departmental Store.

So if you want this box blush at amazing deal GO GET IT NOW!!! :D

What's the sweetest deal you've ever snatch?

Till Next time

~oxox rotan~

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