Monday, 10 June 2013

Song of the Day: Andy Grammer "Fine by Me"


So once again i have been MIA for a while on both my blog and YT (SORRY GUYS!!!)

Been busy revising for Exams and my first exam is on Friday!!! (WHAT!?!?! )

Anyway i thought i made a quick blog post on another song of the day.

Today's song is something i found on the Pandora app on my phone on the Train's (as in the band) station and its Andy GrammEr "Fine By Me"

Now prior to listening to him on Pandora i have never heard of him but he seems quiet popular that he was a guest performance on Taylor Swifts Speak Now Tour.

Fine By Me is one of those "happy go lucky" love songs. I love the the piano vibe of this song.

Its one of those up beat songs that makes me feel happy and drum my hands on the table like its an imaginary piano.

Andy Grammer music style kinda reminds me or Jason Mirz or Gavin DeGraw. Its a mixture of pop/R&B/Jazz with great piano and guitar beats.

I also love the music video but sad problem according to my friends back home is that its not available there.

Anyway i hope you all enjoy this quick Song of the Day post. I'll try and post once a week but no promises as i am still busy preparing for my finals exams.

What do you think of Fine By Me?

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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