Monday, 12 August 2013

Update + Where i MIA to + quick chit chat.


So its been a while since i made a blog post having that i have been taking a bit of a vacation from my laptop and just been relaxing and spending time with my family having that i went back to Malaysia in July for a month for the winter break.

So i thought i will get out of this blogging slump and just post a nice chit chat post on what am i up to and what's been going on with my life.


In case you don't know about me i am currently living in Australia for university. I am heading into my second semester of the year and am excited to see what this semester has for me.

I in fact just got back from classes and man am i drained and hungry ( munch on a yummy butter milk scone as i type this :P)


In the month of July i have been reading alot of awesome novels and catching up with Fanfiction and Wattpad.

I also got a stack load of books and magazines that i have been itching to get my hands on back in Malaysia. Now you may ask why is it only in Malaysia i get a stack loads of this? Well for Magazines i stock up on those not available in Australia like Galaxie and 17 magazine. As for books, well its cheaper there and easier to find (not to mention more bookshops backhome) and didnt want to store the books that i wanted in my dorm as since it is a pain to move out at the end of the year imagine me unpacking my library of books! haha!

But some book that i gotten my hand on back home were Beautiful Creatures, Warm Bodies and The Selection. All good reads. nuf said :P

3) Blog post schedule

So i have been considering doing a schedule for both my blogpost and youtube post so that i will atlease know when i am to upload them as well as be more consistent with my post. I do have a couple of posts that i am typing out now one is a nail of the day, some make up reviews i am planing on making both video and blog as well as movie review.

I will update you guys on my schedule for both my blog and youtube.

4) Request !

Ok so i am thinking of doing some tags that i have been seeing around youtube but so many to choose i am not so sure where to start! So if you have any ideal on which to start please let me know in the comments.

Also if you guys want me to blog, or review about anything random, feel free to leave it in the comments too! :D 

5) Writing and creation block TOP 10, Throwback and Shiny Ideas that i PLAN to do on YT and here!

I have ALOT of shiny ideas for blog and youtube! I just am not sure how to approach whether its a review, chitchat or even a simple haul!

I kinda have "writers block" and i just am not happy with how the last few blogpost drafts i have. I am still learning on how to make a great interesting blog and YT whether its unique or its something new.

Like i say i do have great ideals but i am not sure how to post them and even if i have draft out or even filmed i am just not so sure how to edit it to be a better blog.

Till then i am still taking small steps and learning on making a greater blog!

Also I am thinking of doing a top 10 post. whether it is top 10  songs, food, make up, games. So i'll keep you guys updated on that.

I am also thinking of having a post call throwback where i will reintroduce some nostalgic flashback. Will also keep you update on that.

Well that's my grocery list update on my life. I am gonna go back and continue typing up the movie and makeup review so yah ...

Thanks for standing my me while i was MIA and to my new followers hi :D

Will update you guys on a "schedule"  for both youtube and Blogger

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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