Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: Essence 24h hand protection balm ~Winter Edition



So, recently Essence AU announced the released of this limited edition "winter scented" hand cream which is good timing since we are going into winter here in Australia.
Of cause being a fan of Essence make up, i went a little crazy and got all three scents.

I have seen essence skincare range back home in Malaysia but unfortunately the shop closed down and Watson which is the only other place i can get essence does not sell the skincare range.

So it came in 3 yummy winter drink scent which are CARAMEL HOT CHOCOLATE, APPLE CINNAMON PUNCH and GINGERBREAD CHAI LATTE 


First i'll start with the one i didn't really enjoyed.

The caramel hot chocolates scented lotion have sadly made me discover that i am not a fan of caramel...

When i first smell it i thought is smell sour like yogurt! But when i smell it again there is a scent of cocoa which is slightly nicer to my nose (haha).

Still the "after sour" scent is still there so sadly this was not a nice scent to my nose.


So this i have nice things to say !

The apple cinnamon punch scent smells downright like an apple pie!

The scent is nostalgic and comforting and just makes me feel at home. I think of being home and waiting for the apple pie my dad or aunt is baking to come out of the oven. (mind my random homesick moments! :'s)

I know this will sound weird but i thought of MacDonald Apple Pie when i first smell this ... and yes i am obsess with this scent as it smell an apple pie!

and a side note i am obsess with the smell of cinnamon and tend to put ALOT of it into my coffee/hot chocolate.

So yah ... if you like to smell like apple and cinnamon GET THIS! :p



This is like Christmas in tube! 

The packaging of the gingerbread man in the front of the tube is so cute!

I think of Christmas time of having ginger snaps or a yummy spiced fruit cake.

I am obsess with this scent with the fact the spice and ginger make me feel warm and comfy!


This hand creams are quiet good for the price you pay . I still however have to say that Crabtree and Evelyn's hand therepy are still my most favourite hand creams but this i like for the scent! 

I use it not only on my hand but on the dry parts of my body like elbow, knee and feet. 

The Pros
Its not too thick and not greasy .
The Price
The scent (except the Caramel Hot Chocolate)
The Size (good handbag/ travel size)
Cute Packaging 

The Cons
Limited Edition!! noooo!!!!! :"(
I am not a fan of the Caramel Hot Chocolate scent.

They are $1.95 and are available at selected Priceline and Target. 

I have to say since they are limited edition i might be purchasing a back up of the apple and gingerbread ones. I also do recommended if your unsure of the scent then try the testers (there are testers in the stand) to be sure you like the scent.

Other than that essence have once again pleased me with a great collection! 

Have you tried anything from the collection??

What is your favorite Winter Drink?
(ps: mine is skinny latte, green tea latte and hot chocolate with LOTTA cinnamon :P)

till next time! 

~oxox rotan~

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