Saturday, 17 August 2013

Good Eats: Lindt Cafe at Chadstone


So here is a new part of my Blog call Good Eats (no not  the cooking show on food network ... althought i do admit if is my fav cooking show :P) where i will just give my thoughts of a restaurant or cafe that i recently visited and also share my love for food !

So after living in Melbourne for 3 years i finally went to Chadstone the other day with my friend and one of the place we visited was the Lindt cafe! 

Me being a chocoholic i knew i could not leave Chadstone without trying something from Lindt Cafe so i made a mental note to keep some space for dessert during lunch.

Me and my friend ordered 3 items from the menu. A cake, a fresh berry waffle and a milkshake!

     Seasonal Berry Fresh Waffle ~ $16.00
The fresh berry waffle was a Seasonal special which was with raspberry sauce, white chocolate ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce. 

        Yummy chocolate fudge !!!

The waffle was one of the best me and my friend have tasted! Light an crispy, the ice cream with the raspberry combo top with chocolate fudge (which was a generous amount) was the best of the three items! 

            Celebration du chocolate ~ $9.90
       So fancy!!!! 

The "Celebration du chocolate" cake is a mixture of Dark chocolate cake with layer of chocolate mousse was not bad but was not my favourite. We did finished it (i forbid wasting good food) but don't think its worth $10. It was a bit too sweet for me. I'll probably skip this the next time i visit there.

Chocolate Milk Shake - $8
            Milkshake !!! I <3 Milkshake!!

Last thing that we ordered was a chocolate milkshake! Yum! I Love LOVE MILKSHAKE XD

They actually have a thing call iced chocolate but guy at the counter suggested if i like something thicker then i should order the milkshake (which i did ;p ).

It was thick with flakes of chocolate inside. It was sweeter than i expected to be as it was dark chocolate but not too sweet so i was ok with it.


Not a bad place to have a yummy sweet snack or tea break when shopping around Chadstone.

It is a bit pricy (my eyes pop when i saw the price of the waffle i'll admit) but as an occasional treat why not?? :P

If you love chocolate or have a sweet tooth for waffles treat yourself to Lindt's cafe! 

I'll definitely be going back one of this days for the milkshake and waffle.

Also i rarely put picture of myself on my blog so HI!!! :D

Check out more info and other opinion on urban spoon:
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till next time

~oxox rotan~

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