Friday, 23 August 2013

Wish List #1:


so lately i've been browsing around a few online shopping sites and a few things caught my eyes and i thought i'll share with you guys and who knows, maybe i'll get it someday :P

Ok so i blame Polyvore for this as i stumble on this site while looking for some items to do an edit one day i type down London bus something ... yah i cant exactly remember but i stumble upon a nice top and was directed to its website which of cause its SheInside.

Most of the cloths sold here are around $20 to $80 so a bit pricy but save a bit every week hopefully i'll be able to treat myself to something off my list of wished. It also have free international shipping which is good meaning i'll have access to the site!

Ok so this top was what trigger me to go and have a look at this site! 
The design is so SO cute! the design looks like a cover of a children story book! 
What's more i love the red bus!

Ok so the picture is a bit blurry but ah well >.<* (you can click on the link aboce for a better picture of all the cloths.)

This one is similar to the one with the bus but instead it has picture of yummy sweeties! Candy, ice cream, macaroons *drool!* 

I love shirt that has cute yummy picture of food and the way its design makes it look unique and cute.

I might put this on hold however as the other day i was at cotton on body and i got two shirts that are very similar to this ... one with an ice cream on and one with a cherry soda. 

Yah i am obsess with cute tops with pictures of yummy food! ;D

Mint Green Sleeveless Pleated Belt Chiffon Dress

Ok so i am not really a dress person and usually only wear them when for formal occasion or forced to but i really love how this one is design and my ideal dress will be those that are chiffon ish material.

This mint green dress is nice, simple and girly. 
I also am not a big fan of SUPER low cut so this is great!
Also the color! i love me some mint green!

This one dress is an alternative to the one above bit i feel like the shade is more blue that green. 

Either way this dress is pretty too!

This dress and the one above kinda reminds me of The Selection by Kiera Cass book cover where the girl (i believe its America Singers :P)  is with a dress similar to this! In other words i love it!

Also the design at the bottom of the is very unique! And yah I'm obsess with the color.

Last dress on my wish list! 

Ok so i saw one of my favorite youtuber ilikeweylie have a dress similar to this but the shop she said she got it was kinda pricy (bout $60 to $80) and i saw this for about $25 ish which is reasonable in my budget

I love the paring of the mesh skirt with the denim vest!
Its simple yet girly and edgy (which i love).
Also unlike the ones above, its more casual. More like something i'll ware in the spring/summer.
I can see myself wearing it on a normal going to class day or going out with friends and i just want be dressier than usual.
Yah i am in love with this dress :P 

Ok ... so that concludes my wish list. Maybe i should do this as a weekly thing... what do you think??? 
Hopefully somewhere in the future i'll be able to get myself one of this guys!
Most probably i'll get the dresses first ... but which one??? :P

Let me know in the comments below on what do you think of this wish list.
Also if you guys have check out the site how bout letting us know in the comment your favorite items.

Till next time,

~oxox rotan~

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