Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My chemist haul!!! + update on where i MIA??


So its been a while since i last posted a blog post or a video on my youtube video.

Now before i jump into this quick haul i thought i quickly explain where i MIA to.

So in case you don't know i am in uni and lately i have been FLOODED with assignments and mid-term and quiz and life! 

I am almost at the end of the semester and most of my assignments and  essays are done so woot! 

I will try and upload twice or  three times a week on my blog here as i sure have been neglecting both my blog and youtube channle. 

Anyways i miss you guys and i hope you all understand my crazy random life of uni and all :)

Now the haul:D

So my chemist warehouse is currently having a 50% off all revlon, maybeline and rimmel make up so i decided to pick up a few items that i have been eying on for a while

So here is what i got!!!

I know i got more than enough lip crayon shaped lip sticks! Hack! I got more than enough make up that has to do with lips! 

But with a deal like this and out of curious i got one to try and compare in person with my Pop Beauty Pouty crayons.

I got it in the color adore which is a red with gold shimmers.

So far i am loving this lip balms but will give a in dept review somewhere in the future so look out for that!

RRP: AUD17.95
DIS PRICE: $8.95
Next i got are from Maybelline and its the the color tattoo in 35 tough as taupe

I originally wanted bad to the bronze but that was sold out so i MIGHT .... might make another trip to my chemist to get another one of this guys. 

This are basically cream shadows and i have been wanting this since i first heard it but even though they are "reasonable" retailed at $11.95 i am quiet a "chipo" where i don't buy items at full price unless i BADLY want it or i know i can get it on discount. 

What's more although i have alot of eyeshadow i didn't see any point of getting the cream eyeshadow until recently when i started loving benefit's cream eyeshadow which convinced me to get this.

Also with the discount they are almost the same price as the cream eyeshadow from essence! So for the same price i get more product and some warble colors as even though i like the essence cream eyeshadow, its not everyday i am going to wear a sparking silver am i?

So yah that was a little long winded type on why i got the color tattoos.

Like i say i might be heading back to my chemist to get a few more of this guys :P

RRP: AUD11.95

Lastly is a repurchase! Yay! a rear phenomenon as i rarely finish something and repurchase it make up related.

ok so its not a legit make up product but is the Maybelline baby lips in smoothing cherry and I LOVE THIS! (well duh i am re-purchasing it) 

Its one of my favorite lip balms ever so a good reason why i repurchase it.

Whats more i ran out of chap-stick like lip balms and its more sanitize to have this instead of those pot balms on the go.


Hope you guys enjoy this haul! 

I got a review coming up soon and the hints... winter drinks and essence !

Like i say i might take opportunity of the sales and get a few more of the items so...another haul soon??? maybe??? :D

Did you get anything from the My Chemist sales???

Till next time 

~oxox rotan~

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