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Morther's Day Ideas: Spend Time with her in a Special Way


Mother's Day is less than a week away and i thought i will make a blogpost of what I will give/do for my dear Mama for Mother's Day!

Sadly this will be the third Mother's day that i will not be home to celebrate with her (*cries) as i am currently studying abroad. But i still call my Mama on the phone to celebrate with her :D

So this post i will just give some suggestion on how to spend time with her in a special way. It's sort of a wish list/ to do list on what i will do with Mum when i get back! 

Breakfast in bed/Make her breakfast

So Mum start her day to a yummy breakfast! 

Make what she like for breakfast but usually don't have the time to make or something that she rarely indulges herself.

For my Mum, whenever i am back in Malaysia i make it a habit to have meals with her as she is usually busy throughout the day with work so breakfast is usually my mama and me time :3

Usually I'll prepare my mum's breakfast which consist of oatmeal, fresh cut fruits, yogurt,a  nice big mug of coffee (not too strong and not too creamy) and occasionally we will finish it off with a pastry that we will share that is a slice of cakes or croissant (yum!).

You can make whatever your mum's loves like pancakes, waffles, french toast or a BIG BREAKFAST style!

If you are not that handy in the kitchen or want to make a quick easy meal i will suggest making some nice toast with her favorite spread to go with along with a big mug of coffee/tea/juice.

Home Made Spa Day

Pamper your mum by making a home made spa day.

It can be making some home made facial mask to treating her skin to a nice luxurious bath (bring out the lush bath bombs!
For my mum, she is not a fan or going to spa as it can be a bit pricy as well as she is one of those who feel weirs on having a random person touch her (yes there are some people like that! even me at times) so at times i will make use of my man power and give her some "karate chop" aka a back massage and this helps with my mum who has the occasional back pain.
 This technique is the easiest i can think of for someone inexperience .

Basically with my hands I am just chopping the back in a fast motion. Now just remember that this is your mum... not a piece of wood so be gentle and don't break her back ! 

 High Tea with Mama

My parents both lives in UK for a few years for uni and both of them love to indulged in a good High Tea

Growing up whenever we go to Singapore one of our must go to places was the Royal Copenhagen tea room in Takashimaya (sadly it closed down a few years ago and now replaced with TWG *cries! )

I remember the open face sandwich, the scones, as i enter there will always be a glass cabinet displaying delicious cakes (*sigh nostalgic moment for me :"D).

So if that place was still open and i was in Singapore that's where i will take my dear Mama (and the family) to for High Tea!

Instead if i were to make this at home i will get some of my mum's favorite cakes and pastry and arrange them on a nice platter with a pot of English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea.

Also just because you are having "high tea" at home do bring out the nice teapot and cups (just don't break them! )

Its as simple as that! ;D

Window Shopping/Shopping

I don't know about you but i love shopping with my Mum (no surprise here )!

Its a rear treat as not only its a bonding time but its also a learning process we learn more of each other and what we loves and don't like!

I miss window shopping with my mum and talking about all the random things in life!

Of cause its a girl nature of window shopping  and literally coming out of the shop with with bags 2 hours later but its a fun and simple way to spend time with mum!

Go for a run

This idea was inspired my my dear second mother and teacher Mrs J

 Back home my family will go for a run at Lake Garden every Saturday.

I  rarely get to workout with my mum as she is usually busy trough out the week so we make it a habit on the weekends to workout early in the morning before breakfast!

What's great is that you have each other to cheer on when running those laps! 

 To admit, I'm a Mummy's girl and as much as I miss my mum i love living abroad and learning to live independently as i learn not to be too dependent on my Mum.

With this ideals I will suggest not only do this on Mother's Day but also to do it anytime when you want to spend time with Mum! 

Mother's day is a special day but remember that everyday is Mother's day so always treat your mum well.

How do you spend Mother's day with your mum???

~oxox rotan~


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