Friday, 24 May 2013

WOW_HD CDs Haul!!!


So the other day I placed an order on Wow_HD which is a online site that sells CDs, DVDs, books and more.

I have ordered from this site before and liked the service the first time so that's why i am ordering my CDs from here again as i like the service, shipping and of cause the prices.

On top of that, the site is currently having some really good offers like for the month of May 2013 it is having free shipping (usually $2 per item) and on top of that by the time this post is up from FRIDAY 24 May 2013 till Sunday 27 May 3013 (unless it is extended) the site is having 15% off all its items which i say is a good deal!

This is the second time this month the site is having a sale like this and i am quiet glad as i manage to save alot of money from buying from this site instead of from going to the cd shop as well as there were a few cds that i had on my wish list so now is the time to buy.

So i placed an order for 3 CDs and my total including insurance ( 99 cent per order and its optional) after the discount and free shipping came up to $34.02.

Lawson Chapman Square
So this purchase i blame my brother for it... just kidding :P 

But my brother is a fan of Lawson and thanks to him i am OBSESS with the band! 

Quiet recently they toured Asia and Australia and sadly i didn't get to see them in concert as they weren't in my area. 

This CD i have seen in JB-HI FI but if cost like $20 for the normal edition and $23 for the deluxe edition! freaking expensive!!! 

So when i saw this which is the deluxe edition on the site at $11.01 after the discount i immediately click on the cart button as i have been wanting and have heard and love all the songs on spotify.

What's more my like i say earlier my brother love the band as well and being a nice sister it will be part of his birthday present.

Normal price: $12.95
Discount Price :$11.01

The Polar Express Soundtrack

I love The Polar Express movie! Its probably one of the Christmas movie and any sort of movie in general of all time!

I remember loving the soundtrack of the movie especially "Believe" by Josh Groban and if i were to say my favorite singer for Christmas songs it has to be Josh Groban as his voice suits the feeling for feeling for Christmas... if you know what i meant :P 

So anyways this CD i had my eyes on for a LONG TIME  since the movie came out i wanted it to play in the car during family road trips as my family loves playing Christmas CDs on road trips even if its not Christmas and yes we are one of those people who listen to Christmas songs all year round!  

 Plus the price even before the discount is SO MUCH cheaper than at the CD shop which last time i check a was $40 for this one CD!!! (heck my total order is less than that! haha)

Normal price:$9.95
Discount Price : $8.47

David Arculeta No Matter How Far

Now the MAIN REASON i went on the site was for THIS particular CD which is a David Archuleta CD (haha "surprise" ???)

If you read one of my previous blog post about the album review for David Archuelta's new album No Matter How Far i mention i didn't really need the album as i already purchased 2 new unreleased songs from iTunes and have the other songs from the Asian edition of other albums.

However i caved and got the album as it was at such a great deal and is probably the only way i can get it since (if i am not mistaken) its only available in the USA.

Anyway if you want a in dept review of the album click here to check it out.

Normal Price: $15.95
Discount Price: $13.56


I am really happy with my purchase especially the price I paid I saved a good fraction compared to what if i were to by it in stores here in Australia on normal price. 

The site is really easy to use and with the discount and free shipping for the month of May 2013 its a real steal deal!

Only down side is that because i ordered 3 CDs they came in 3 different weeks which is really weird as i thought it will come all in one go.

Anyway the first CD took about 4 days to arrive, the second was a week and the third was 2 weeks! This i find it really weird.

But other I will still continue shopping from this site as my CDs still arrive and they are all in 1 piece! 

Hope this was helpful :)

Check out WOW_HD site for more offers 

Want a review on the CDs that i have yet to review? Let me know in the comments below.

 ~oxox rotan~

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