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Archie #642: Glee Meets Archie Part 2 "Parallel Lives"


So i finally got the time to read the second part of Archie Meets Glee part 2 and this time the comic came out with 2 covers and thank goodness it was NOT the last comic available at the store this time!

Warning!! could contain spoilers!! 

I got the one with more people throwing slushy. Why more? Cause the more the merrier (Lolz :3) and I just didn't like the alternate cover where it's just Archie on the cover.What's more Sam is on the cover (oddly i hardly see him in the comic) and he is one of my favorite characters (*sigh Chord ;p)

The first page this time has Rachel and Veronica

OK so the story starts from where we left off last issue where the kids are still confusion on the switch.
Half of the kids from the Glee world are switch with half of the kids from the Archie world .

In the re-cap (i dont know if you noticed its written on the blackboard) Dilton trys to explain to the Glee gang about his parallel universe experiment gone wrong and how he will solve this situation which was to build another time machine. Only problem was that it could take a "while" which is a problem for both worlds as the Glee gang are having sectionals  against the Warblers and the Archies are having the battle of the bands the following week!  

Chuck in the Archie world uses his "comic book nerd" knowledge to explain to the Archie gang on Dilton wormhole incident which i like how they break the four walls with this theory! 

Both worlds need to avoid creating the "butterfly effect" by not altering each world with anything that will make major changes in both world.

So while Dilton and his glee counterpart Artie make the Portal the both gangs begin to adjust to their new parallel friends.

Of cause its not Glee or a Glee Crossover without Rachel needing to be Barbra Streisand 2.0 and is shocked to find Riverdale High without a Glee Club.

Now Riverdale High may not have a glee club but they are in need of more lead singers since half of the Archie's band members are in another universe.

So comes the part where Archie and Kelvin invites Rachel, Blaine and Mercedes to audition.

This is one of my favorite part in the comic that was watching Archie and Kelvin reaction to their audition and just imagining them singing in my head after watching and listening this nostalgic performances a billion times!

To tell you the truth this is the only time i love Rachel in this issue is when she sings Don't Rain On My Parade. I know to those who never watch glee will be like what song is this?!?!  but for those who watch glee will know this is a Rachel Berry classic!

I always thought of Blaine to be a Male version of Rachel and if you watch the series you will know he holds the title of "The New Rachel" in season 4

Now i admit Teenage Dream is one of my favourite performance but i am not a fan of the acoustic version but the version that he sang when we are first introduced to Blaine aka the Warbler version.

Anyway his performance seem to catch the eyes of Kelvin *wink *wink and its probably the first time i see Kelvin going all puppy love in the Archie series ! Lol

Btw i am a Klaine shipper :p

Now on to Mercedes Audition which i like that they picked Beautiful as its definitely one of my favorite Mercedes solos to date!

Heck words can't describe this so just click here to watch Mercedes performance in season 1 to see what i mean :))

What the Archie's didn't know is that Alexandra Cobalt aka the manager of Josie and the Pussycats has bugged the auditions and plan to add Mercedes to the band. This will be interesting on how  the Archie's will react to Mercedes if she switches groups (sounds like season 3 all over again...)

Now this Epic moment involving Sue and Jughead (btw Jughead is fav character in the Archie series) is definitely a highlight!

What's epic about this moment is when Sue trues to get Jughead to take off his infamous crown (i imagine it will be A LOT more comedic but harsher in realife) which Dilton stops Sue and Jughead as it will be a HUGH alter causing that butterfly effect.

Of all the sub-plots this had to be my favorite nd yes Sue is that "cray cray" in the series. And yes Jughead is that random on his forever hungry hunger. This also goes a bit in dept with examples of how a small alter can cause the butterfly effect hence will make the world end (and NO Sam its not the Mayra  apocalypse).

Speaking of butterfly effect will make the world end, this include NO KISSING so everyone has to be on their best behavior and stay on the lowdown of things.

This also show a more "manipulatively flirty" side of veronica (man i solute the writers for keeping this PG-13 here) and to tell you the truth ... makes me appreciate Rachel Diva personality more! 

While she tries to kiss Finn (ugh this part was hard to read as poor Finn keep telling her he HAS A GIRLFRIEND) she still tries to get what she wants which is "just a kiss".

What's more Finn seems to be quiet clueless ( i swear he is not that clueless in the series) on whether he is still with Rachel which manipulative Veronica manage to persuade him to kiss her which Dilton and Artie manage to stop them before their lips meet! 

We also have a part where Rachel manages to convince Principal Weatherbee on adding a glee club in Riverdale High and (trying not to cringe while typing this part) calling it the Rachel Berry-Manilows Glee Club. Now i wish Santana was in the Archie world as i will LOVE to see her going all Lima Highs at Rachel in a comic book.

If you have never seen Santana going Lima Highs Click here and enjoy :P

The comic ends with Puck making his move on Betty and asking her out to the Movies ... ugh oh...

 My Though:

We get more into details with the crossover story line like The Butterfly Effect Theory, Artie and Dilton friendship, Auditions and the romances.

Parts that i hate about this issue:

This issue to be honest makes me HATE Veronica more and the way they draw her here is very "catty" like here and yes in the Archie series she is THAT manipulative.

I also hate how other characters like Sam, Tina, Mike from the glee world are not even seen in this issue let alone mentioned as well as Ginger, Reggie and Nancy from the Archie world. Well if it is glee I am kinda not surprise of them as back up characters aka "neglected chatacters" as look at the tv series on how characters like  Joe and Sugar treated.

One more question is that is Blaine in the Warblers still as last issue he was still in his Dalton Uniform while in this issue he is in his normal cloths and bow tie  

Sorry if this sounded like a Rant :s its just my honest opinion.

Parts i like about this issue:

1) The fact that they make use of the Comic Book Genius aka Chuck on explaining the whole Butterfly theory while breaking the four walls on what happen to both worlds. 

2) The Audition part was great especially seeing Kelvin going all puppy love on Blaine.Song choices was good too as it was all kind of the breakout song for each respective character in the series.

3) Jughead and Coach Sue part was fun to read and re-read! love this two characters! although now i think Coach Sue has a new target ... this will be Interesting... 

Other than that this issue was more eventful since last issue was just a introduction storyline. Definitely can't wait till the next issue to hit stores now!!

What do you think of this issue???

Which sub-story do you like ??? 

~oxox rotan~

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