Sunday, 17 November 2013

Beauty news: Priceline 40% off all cosmetic sales!!! + a quick wish list/ shopping list


Breaking news!!!!

Breaking news for Priceline!!!!!

Oh gosh hello my wallet breaking... Lolz

yes this is a screenshot from my phone... deal with it :P 

So I just got an email from Priceline saying they are having a sales on all of their cosmetic!!!! 40% off!!  Oh hack yah!!!

So the sales will run from 19 Sept (Tue) to 20 Sept (Wed) 2013 where ALL COSMETIC related product will be 40% off!! The Sales will be going on in stores and online.

Great time for an early Christmas shopping ;))) 

And of cause while i am Christmas shopping I'll be shopping for myself some post exam stress relief goodies :P

So with the sales there are a few things that i really have my eyes on and with the sales i can do justice to this purchase them. (no pretty pictures as i am suppose to be studying for my finals and i am typing most of this on my phone.)



Essence is a brand where i am sure most aussie beauty lovers are in love with as its really good quality and really cheap! They never go on sales! So i can now justify getting some things from essence that i have my eyes on for a while as well as pick up a few new items from their new releases. Also... I am in need of a new sharpener as my current one broke :/

2) Maybelline Color tattoo

I have 4 of this guys so i want to check out colors that i dont have like Bold gold and pomegranet punk. They are great cream eyeshadows that i highly recomend and it is a must have in my collection.

3) SAVVY by DB pencil eyeliners

I want to pick a back up of my faavourite kohl eyeliner from savvy as well as with the sales some fun colors. I own at lease one of each type of eyeliner that they make so i am gonna check out other ones.

4) Models Preferred

I mainly want to pick up their brushed as i have my eyes on some of their face brushes. 

5) jumbo lip crayons

I love jumbo lip crayons and two brands i plan to check out are covergirl and Bourjois.

So that's my little wish list. there might be more. look out for a haul and share me your wish list and ideal for what you guys what to get so will have some ideals on what to check out.

What do you plan to get from priceline wit this great 40% off sales??? 

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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