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Rotan Read: Book Haul #1


So ... haul time ...a big one :P

So i have a HUGH STACK of Books that i had gotten over the past few months and i thought I'll share with you guys.

Now i know this is a bit different  from my usual haul but i lately have been in a book buying binge and i really enjoy buying books and reading. In fact I have always been an avid reader but have kinda gone out of the reading habit over the last couple of years especially now that Boarders have gone.. bankrupt ... i don'thave access to a bookshop that any of the latest books that is NOT overly priced  (gosh why is everything here in Australia here over the RRP price???).

Thanks to booktube (the literature community on Youtube) i found some great online sides and bookshops recommendations to buy books at a reasonable price that is cheaper than overpriced Amazon!  

So I'll list down below where i buy my books but mostly if its not from Big W it will  be from the Book depository.

I have tried and failed with my "weekly" reviews/recap on the Legend of Korra episodes thanks to uni and life but i have FINALLY got the Legend of Avatar comic The Search part 1 and part 2.

Gosh i have my eyes on this guys for a while as it is the series where we finally found out what happen to Zuko's and Azula's mum. The third part of the series comes out this month and you betcha I'll be getting my hands on it.

So i am a bit Late on the Meg Cabot band wagon having that i only started reading her books when i was 16. I have read most of the Princess Diaries book back home but i don't own the earlier books so i got book "Take Two", "Three Time Lucky" and "Mia Goes Four"

I got Avalon High back home in Malaysia but i miss reading it and i found this at a flea market for $3 so it was kinda an impulse :D

Where Beauty Lies by Elle and Blair Fowler. If you are a fan or part of the Youtube Beauty and fashion world, you'll probably know them as Juicystar07 and AllThatGlitters21 on youtube. This is their second book. Their first book was Beneath The Glitters which I enjoyed hence why i got this book as the first book sorta left us off hanging and i really just wanted to know what happens next. If you like fun, light "chick lit",check out Beneath the Glitter then check this out as it is the follow up of that book.

(also i might so a book review on this blog in the near future as i really did enjoyed this series)

The Elite by Kiera Cass, This is the second book in The Selection series which i have read the first book The Selection ... and once again was left hanging high in the plot ... like really high in the plot ... which also explain why i am continuing with this series as it is really different and unique and just run to read. Its sort of a fantasy, dystopian, chick lit book having it reminds me of Cinderella meet the hunger games cast system meet the bachelors.

Funny story ... I just finish The Selection days before I was leaving Malaysia to go back to Australia and i FLIPPING love the story and the plot and Maxon (swoon!! he is such a dream to read .. and yes .. i have a massive book crush on Maxon ... TEAM MAXON all the way!! ^^) and the characters and everything about book 1 that when i was at the airport I browsed trough MPH near my departure haul and i saw THE ELITE there ... i bought it and read half of it on the plane :D (ps : aussie readers get it in big w for only $11.50 :P)

Legend of Korra Endgame, yes i finally got this!!! this is the Junior Novel aka TV Show in book version of Legend of Korra. I love Junior Novel when i was in High School as they are a great quick read and nice and "small" and light to fit into my bags.

by chris colfer, Ok so i saw this at Big W the other day and had to get this in my life! Chris Colfer who plays Kurt on Glee has written 3 books and guess what?? i have never read any of them. so when i saw this in Big W i asked a friend who has read it and she say GET IT. Have yet to read it ... will probably leave it till the summer break :D

by Ann Pearlman, you know those people who are attracted to the book by its cover??? well i am one of them ! haha! i found this in a BooksForLess bookshop in Chadstone for $3 so i decided to pick it up as it looks interesting and will be a great Christmas read. There are also cookie recipe included at the start of each chapter which is intresting.

e I love the W.I.T.C.H. comic series and tv show and the book is basically the comic in novel form. Kinda sad that its discontinue in asia ... the series

by Jen Calonita, this was sorta an impulse buy!! well.. was only 67 cent when i was this online the other day so i can justify it :P I got this off Booktopia which is an Australian bookseller site and i highly recommend looking at the bargain section as the books there can be pretty cheap, free shipping when you sign up and its super fast shipping! (2 days). I am not sure if there was a glitch in that site on this book price but no complain  here :P

From the synopsis this is kinda a teen "chick lit" book. have not read it yet but will wait till the holidays to read this and if i like it i'll buy more of the books from this series.

by John Green OH GOSH ... THE FEELS!!! T.T

So everyone and their mom (and my high school English teacher...yes my high school English teacher :P ) have been telling me to read this ... but it was very hard for me to pick up/place into my cart as it is a book about teens going through cancer and after hearing A LOT of hype in goodreads, booktube, blogs etc and the fact i have finally watched the vlogbrother Youtube vids i gave in and bought the book ... and man .. no regrets as this is a rollercoaster that is only going up :P

I wont go into too much detail as i actually wrote a review that i will post sometime this month as i will be flipping busy with finals exam to do alot of blog posts.

all i can say is ... if your emotions can handle this ... get it! 

Fangirl  by Rainbow Rowell, once again ... a book that i suck into the hype but after reading the synopsis ... I HAD TO HAVE IT IN MY LIFE!! This is a new release in ... September??? and i usually don't get the book in hardcover for many reasons but because i cant wait for it to be in paperback so i cave and ordered it and read it and lived happily ever after.. ok that was a bit too cheesy lolz

Basically its about this girl name Cath who is a fanfiction writer for Simon Snow fandom .. kinda like harry potter but with one book more and no quidditch... who is going to University for the first time and she won't have her twin sister Wern by her side as Wern want's to make her own friends there and be her own person.

Gosh i love this book as its the story of my life !!!

I have never read a book that i can relate to so SO SO much!!!! Also after reading this i need to get my hands on Ranbow Rowell's other book Eleanor and Park like how after reading TFIOS I need John Green's other books!!!

I will ramble more about FANGIRL but then I will have no content for my book review nor will i want to spoil it for you guys :P


Okay ... so this is a big haul .. and guess what ... i placed another order off the bookdepository for my birthday... will share it with you guys when it is here :D

Let me know if  you guys like this book haul ... a change from a make up haul :P

Look out for some book reviews that will be coming up soon!!! :D

List down your recommendations or even books you have picked up recently! 

Where i buy my books:

Bookshop  : MPH BOOKSTORE, Popular Bookshop

Bookshop  : Books4Less
Onlline: Bookdepository , Booktopia
Retail Stores: Big W (highly recommend) , Target, K Mart

Have you read any of this books??

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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