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Breaking News: Naughty Dog's new games!!! Last of Us DLC and Uncharted news !!!


So a little random but if you guys remember a while ago i did a makeup/cosplay tutorial on a character name Ellie from the PS3 exclusive game The Last Of Us which i played somewhere in June/July and man was it a beauty to play! The storyline and game in general is amazing, sentimental, action-pack and just epic!

So last night just as i was about to go for dinner Naughty Dog, the developers of the The Last Of Us announced the DLC and not only released the TRAILER for the DLC (fyi for those who are wondering WTH is a dlc its short for downloadable content) BUT ALSO A NEW UNCHARTED GAME!!! WHAT??? :D 

I definitely had a good dinner chatting with my friends and watching the trailer for both games xD

The Last Of Us DLC : Left Behind

Yay finally we got news on the DLC!!! 

So before watching the trailer i was actually speculating a prequel which will make sense having Naughty Dog mention that Joel and Ellie story "is done" in the original game. I was actually speculating characters to be staring in the DLC to be new characters having that ND announced "wrap up the casting" meaning new characters or i was hoping it will be a bit like heavy rain: taxidermist dlc (flipping creepy btw) where it focus on supporting characters like Tess, Sam and Henry or even Marlene.

After watching the trailer, well its confirmed from the looks of it it will be a prequel staring Ellie (yay!! Ellie is back!!!) and the friend Riley who she befriended with in the boarding school she was placed in and escaped in the comic series that came out with the original game called "The American Dream".

 I am assuming we are playing as Ellie here. Gosh this was totally unexpected as i thought Ellie and Riley story was already told in the comic so there it for their story but the beauty of DLC is that it can be about anything! I defiantly cant wait to get my hands on this!

Also lets take a moment to admire the beauty of this abandon theme park that Ellie and Riley are at in the trailer. I can't wait to learn more about their story and Ellie and Riley's friendship. From reading the comic and the game itself they seem pretty close.  Riley is definitely like the "cool older sister" figure to Ellie. I definitely am gonna cry when playing this as we know Riley and Ellie both got infected and Riley turned while Ellie who is obviously immune. I am guessing that the DLC will show us how they got infected. I am not so sure if it got covered in the comic series as i don't have access to it.


Oh gosh i can't stop swooning on how much i love this series! its very Indiana Jones treasure hunting meet Lara Croft from Tomb Raider actions but with its own spin when it comes to cinematic!

After playing TLOU, earlier this year i played uncharted 3 at my cousin place and WOW! the cinematic is flipping beautiful!!! Also i played for the amazing storyline and gameplay.

There were a lot of speculations of Naughty Dog making a new uncharted for the ps4 and this totally confirms it!

I don't know what to expect from this game but from watching the trailer i am guessing we will learn more of Nate's past as in deep alot deeper as in the third game we learn that he was an orphan and how he meet Sully.

A lot of people speculated that it was Francis Drake who was doing the voice over in the trailer but i think not as Sir Francis Drake was British and the accent sounds very ... not British .. American?? All i have speculating is that we might see an old villain or else someone from Nate's past.

Anyway in the trailer the only hint we get was the map which i don't have much knowledge from playing the game on the link of the Caribbean map but Drake must have went there years ago.

Also notice there is no "UNCHARTED 4" in the trailer??? it just say "UNCHARTED" in a totally different font? I have no ideal where this game is going but i am betting this will not be a prequel but might have some "time traveling" where Nate's past is link with the story. I am not so sure if they will mention anything about the name but notice there is no full title?? just "uncharted" ??? maybe it is just a teaser but i am sure they will release the full name as UNCHARTED 4...  xD

All i hope is that the original gang return and THEY DON'T KILL SULLY.... OR ATTEMPT TO KILL HIM ... AGAIN (gosh you don't want to know the heart attack and feels when i played the third game and i thought they really did kill him T.T)!!!


So yah that's my rambling fangirling blog post about this two games that i am currently happy about. Its something a bit different but hey... i like alot of things and this is my random world where i randomly blog about random stuff  :D

 Naughty Dog is definitely becoming one of my favorite game creators having that they bring alive all this amazing stories with great graphite  . The Last of Us DLC is expected to come out "early 2014" while the for UNCHARTED ... the release date is yet to be known .

 All i can say is that this is gonna be a great new adventure for all this great games coming out.

Have you played The Last of Us and/or Uncharted???  

Are you looking forward to the launch of this new games??? 

Till next time :D 

~oxox rotan~

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