Sunday, 10 November 2013

Side Effect !!! New Youtube Show

 Hello new "glee" ... i think i am gonna get addicted to you .. ugh oh :P


So i found this show on Youtube the other day while watching those advertisement before the video plays and ended up watching it after the 100+++ time of watching the ads (well if youtube is pushing its advertisement on it why not :D). 45 minute later I am on the edge of my seat wanting more of this sweet little pill of a show.

So Side Effect is this comedic musical drama run by AwesomenessTV , on Youtube about this Broken family of 5 kids,

Keith: the oldest of the 5 who put his medical studies on hold to look after his younger sibling.

Lexi and Jason : If i am not mistaken they are twins... not so sure but i read somewhere they are.

Whitney: The main character who is currently on medication to cope with her depression of the death of her mother and the fact that her father is missing which gives the side effect of  "musical hallucinations" which makes her the target of being bullied by her peers.

Sam: The youngest of the bunch.

The show starts 6 month after their mother passed away of cancer and their father left them suddenly shortly after with the family now facing financial problems.

The show is kinda original having that most musical's that i have seen have all this random dancing and musical moments while this show the musical moments is all a hallucinations in Whitney's mind. I love how animated the musical numbers are (my fav has to be the Ke$ha and Taylor Swift cover) and that it definately look like how I DREAM A "musical hallucinations" will look like :P.

The storyline is quiet interesting and i can definitely see myself tunning in ... every week??? i am not so clear about how awesomeness tv show runs but i'll definitely be watching to see what happen to the kids, it they ever find their dad, Whitney and her musical hallucinations and etc.

I am usually not a fan of web shows but i think i am gonna be a fan now on as guess what?? NO COMMERCIAL EVER FLIPPING 10 MINUTES :D !!!! lolz

Now if you don't already notice, i didn't say "MOVE OVER GLEE AS I THINK I FOUND A NEW SHOW ...ETC" cause even though this show have some similarities with Glee, its also really different. Glee is the drama of high school while this is more of a family drama sorta show.  I definitely say if ask me to describe this in my own words, its a more family drama version of Glee (and if you know me well you'll know that i love Love LOVE GLEE! XD).

Check this show you if you are a fan of musical, sibling drama, Glee or even top 40's songs.

What do you think of Side Effect??

Till next time :D

~oxox rotan~

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