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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Anyway i am here with a book review on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which i just finished it and it was just flipping amazing hence why i am writing this review like ... NOW! 

Book Description:

"Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten."

So I picked this up after listening to all the hypes that has been going around about TFIOS and also now that it’s already made into a movie (production has already wrapped according to John Green’s vlog) I thought it will be the best time to pick it up before the movie comes out so that I can have my own opinion of the book before … if I decided to watch the movie.

So basically the story obviously centres Hazel and Gus bitter sweet love story where they are both terminally ill with cancer and it’s the kind of book that you know it will not end with a “happily ever after”
Their romance I really did enjoy as it was neither too fast nor too slow nor was it too flurry or dull. It was like they both understand each other and it’s not only just because they are both going through cancer but their personalities and thinking just blend well with each other … gosh they are a real match made heaven :’) Also when reading the things that Gus say or do for Hazel was really sweet and melts my heart with “aaawwwwwww”s and tears till the last page.

This book also touches topics like “cancer perks” where characters are treated different by society because of cancer and they get obviously get a lot of benefits mostly out of pity. However as quoted in the book “the world is not a wish granting factory” which is very true as with and without cancer you can’t always get what you want.

Also I really enjoy the little moments between Hazel and her Parents. Her parents obviously wants what’s best for Hazel even if it sometimes means forcing her just so they can see her happy and Vice versa. It made me miss having my parents in my life and I appreciate them even more after reading this.
I really love seeing the relationship between Hazel, Gus and Isaac as it was realistic and relatable, in a way make me think of when I hang out with my friends, showing that even though they are all going through cancer, at the day they are just regular teens playing video games and plotting revenge on ex-girlfriends. When you think of kids with cancer you think of their childhood being robbed or in a way forced to grow up fast. While they did have their serious moments like talking about death, they also have their funny, quirky, sarcastic and goofy moments.

Also the book touches on the relationship of an author and their readers. As the reader, we tend to forget that whatever happens in a book is usually (unless stated) fiction and made up in the authors mind. There is a lot that we readers want and there is just so much the author may and could give. The book An Imperial Affection which is Hazel favourite book in this book is somewhat relatable for her since it’s also a book about a girl with cancer. I honestly feel like TFIOS is a mirror of how the AIA book is played out and I even felt like Gus and Hazel when I was done with the book! I FEALT LIKE I WAS MISSING A FEW PAGES AND WANT MORE!

This book had a lot of good moments but also have its fair share of sad moments that makes you keep wanting to continue reading but I think keeps us hanging on a cliff not wanting to put the book down has to be the plot twist! Gosh! The plot twists caught me off guard every time it happens and got me hanging on my seat wondering what will happen next.

My favourite happy moment was when Hazel and Gus went to Amsterdam while my “fav” sad moment was the whole pre-funeral moment which I found it sadder to read than the actual funeral but I liked it as eventhough its meant to be a serioust thing where Hazel and Isaac are talking in their speech on how they remember Gus and there Gus is editing his eulogy.

The characters were also really realistic! There were many moments that I could relate to from the argument with the parents to just being a “rebel”.  They are teenagers and like many teenagers we tend to make mistake.

*SIGH* Gus… of all the characters in the book loved him the most and it’s not cause he is the one to die and made me cry a monsoon but its cause of this personality and how charming and sweet he is especially with Hazel yet he can have some crazy ideals like plotting Isaac’s ex-girlfriend revenge in less than 5 minutes! I really love how he has this really great metaphor…  

I also enjoy reading about Hazel. She is a really strong girl and it’s not just because she is a thought fighter with cancer but she does not let herself be a victim of her situation and goes on with life. Yes she feels angry, lost, and sad as well as describing herself as a “grenade” that is going to explode any time now which is one of the reasons why she is being “anti-social” and isolating herself from the world but when you are in a situation like Hazel but she still goes on with life and she is really lucky to have a great support especially her family. Also was anyone really surprise but not really surprise when Hazel said she is already done with High School and is now a college student?? I was like … wow … I know you are a smart kid Hazel but you’re really smart! It kind of explains how she thinks for intelligent and mature yet she still reminds us that she is only 16 with the sarcastic and quirky comments.

Now this is something personal but while reading the book and reading about Hazel feeling at the start, I could personally relate to her a few years back when I was (this is very personal and I rarely share this with anyone… and no it is not cancer but it is still health related that change my life and my habits …) diagnose with a health problem which change my life… now I am not going to tell you guys my health problem but it definitely changed my life especially the first few months of having it… but fyi I am ok now :D or else WHO THE HECK IS WRITING ALL THIS BLOG POSTS ;P lolz

Lastly now this got to do with the movie for TFIOS, in case you don’t know me well I love video games … and no this has nothing about Gus and Isaac videogames but I am currently obese with this game call beyond two souls where the emotions kind of reminds of this book. Now before you guys go slamming at me on how the heck does a paranormal emotional videogame have a link with an emotional roller-coaster Young Adult Contemporary novel??? Ok so in BTS there is a character name Nathan Dawkins who has a slight similar background as Peter Van Houten of them losing someone they love and I was playing the game when I was reading TFIOS. So for an odd reason I was picturing a crazier less caring version of Nathan when reading the Amsterdam moment in the book. When I was done with it I went to Wiki to check the cast list for the TFIOS movie as they did announce it going to be a movie … so …. William Dafoe… the voice actor for Nathan Dawkins in BTS … IS FLIPPING PLAYING PETER VAN HOUTEN!!! WOW! The dude I was picturing while reading is playing that character in the movie! xD now I seriously can’t wait for the movie! 

When they say this is more than just a book about cancer, it’s a heck more than that!

I really did enjoy this book. I laugh and cry with the characters also learned a lot just from reading this and maybe have different view on the world. It’s the first John Green book I have picked up and I plan to pick up more now that I have read this. The whole plot in general was really good and I definitely didn’t want to put this book down. I also was caught off guard and thrown off my tracks in many parts and the plot twist were really plot twisting. Many say John Green has his ways with words and I totally agree. I see us one day quoting him like how he quotes Shakespeare in this book and in fact the TFIOS title is inspired by a Julius Ceaser.

If you have managed to get to the end of this really ramble full blog good job! :P
Now if you are reading this and have not read TFIOS … do yourself a favour, put aside all the sad emotional water works stuff that people have been saying about this book and go out and get/borrow/buy yourself (preferred you own) a copy of TFIOS and read it with an open mind, love it and enjoy the experience of a whole new rollercoaster ride.

Rating: 5/5 (will give it more if I could) on Goodreeds

Where to get:
Big W (if in Australia)
Book depository

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What did you guys think of TFIOS???

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