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October "Classy" Her Fashion Box unboxing (Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle subscription box)


So i have an un boxing from Her Fashion Box having that i just started subscribing to them after hearing all the great stuff about them from Australian Youtube and the Beauty Blogger world.

I thought it will be a great way to step out of my comfort zone and just have fun trying out new things by ordering a subscription box.

So basically HerFashion Box is an Australian monthly subscription box service where for $39.90 you can get a box with about 3 Fashion items and 4 beauty/lifestyle items which will usually be at a value of over $110!!!

You can choose from three types of boxes which style suits your style/taste/personality which is Classy, Trendy and Feminine.

 The box i choose was the "Classy" box and the theme of the month is "Down To Earth"

So when you first get the box in the mail it comes packed nice wraped with a pink box.

Ta-Daaaa the un opening box number 1

So the nice sleek black box that holds all the products in it. Its magnetic and quiet strong and good quality so you can definitely keep the box to keep the stuff you wanna keep in it.

Firstly it comes with some coupons and a magazine which holds all the infomation you'll need of the products in the box.

The fashion 
"Great Southern Land" necklace

So it has a really nice kinda tribal necklace that will make a really nice statement piece.
I usually am not a jewelry person so this will be fun to accessorize with

Left: "Trial Blazer" ring and Right "The Eternity" ring

It also comes with a nice turquoise statement ring and a mini infinity ring.

I always wanted to get one of this large statement ring so i was definitely happy to see that in my box!

The Beauty
From left to right: Revitanail Nail Polish in "marshmallow", Ulta 3 Lipstick in "Red Sahara", Lonvcitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

Nail polish
Revitanail Nail Polish in "marshmallow"

I've seen this brand at priceline before but never really tried it.

Its a nice nude pink color and the name "marshmellow" is really cute.

Lip stick

Ulta 3 Lipstick in "Red Sahara"

Ulta3 is a really popular inexpensive brand  here in Australia. 

I own ulta 3 nail polish but never seen the make up in stores at where i live.

I've seen a few aussie youtubers showned the ulta 3 lipstick so it will br great to try this out.

The packaging is nice and sleek and reminds me of the covergirl lipsticks

The color is a nice deep red color... kinda look like a darker version of covergirl's "hot passion". Cant wait to play around with it.

Eye mask
Lonvcitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

Once again not really familiar with this brand nor have i seen this in stores.

Its an eye mask to hydrate, reduce under eyes dark circles and firm the under eyes.

Can't wait to try this as i have been looking at trying under eye masks for a while now.
The lifestyle

Skin Bright oh my! evening tea

This was what i probably was super excited for! I love love LOVE tea and drink tons of it!

This is a loose-leaf tea and from the description its meant to be like a soothing tea for night time before you sleep.

Not so sure how that's going to work but i am super excited to try!

*update* was watching the other video and read the little magazine that it came with i was suppose to get a tea strainer but for an odd reason i didnt get it... ah well i have a nice teapot waiting for me :D

Check out my youtube channle/ video if you want to see my reaction to the first time unboxing this box!

The unboxing that i did was my reaction when I literally first open the box so forgive me it I do look clueless but like i say i didn't want to look into the magazine as i wanted it to be a surprise!

This is the first time I subscribed to a subscription box and i am super please with the products that i got!

The concept of Her Fashion Box is really unique as you not only get beauty samples (which are usually deluxe or full size) but also fashion and lifestyle items as well.

I was super excited when i went to collect my parcel and when i was filming my unboxing for my youtube channel i had my friend Azelia in the room with me to check out the content of the box with me.
I will definitely continue subscribing  to Her Fashion Box whenever i am in the country (i go back to Malaysia every few months) as i really enjoy the products that are the box.

It definitely is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try new things

Apart from the jewelry i am definitely gonna  enjoy the nail polish and lipstick and tea!

If you are interested in signing up for Her Fashion Box you can sigh up here.

Don't forget you can also get 50% off your first box (That's $19.95!!!) by using codeword:  


Also i got my first order with using a coupon code for 50% off using some random coupon code I found online.

Check out HerFashionBox site

What did you think of this box and its content???

Till next time!! 

~oxox rotan~

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