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Review: Essence Me & My Ice Cream Trend Edition


Make Up + Ice Cream = Happy Me !!!  xD

So yay Essence released a new limited edition collection that i am a bit late on the band wagon but thank goodness i manage to snatch the last of the lot of this collection (that was not touch, open, tested .. yah that's the only down side of Essence products.. itchy hands!! >.<") and although i didn't get all that i wanted (i really wanted that cream blush!!!) I am still quiet happy with the stuff that i picked up!

Shimmer Pearls ~01 I-CY U $5.75

Description :

"shimmering scoops of ice cream… the softly shimmering pearls with a light color dispersion are perfectly aligned with the pastel shades of this trend edition. they give your face and neckline a subtle glow and can even cover-up fine imperfections as well as slight redness thanks to the different nuances. available in 
01 i-cy u."


 This shimmering pearl was what i was looking forward to the most! 

Was really lucky that i got one of the last ones at my priceline!
This is an illuminating powder that has purple, yellow,green and peach pastel shimmer pearls that is to look like ice cram dipping dots (had to google search the name but i remember seeing the ice cream in a macbarbie07 video a long time ago).

Its really shimmery and can be used all over the face or as a highlighter. 

Basically this is to be a drugstore dupe of Guerlain's Meteorites which I've seen but never owned.

I think i got this mainly because of the cute packaging... yah i am a sucker for cute packaging :P

Not so sure if I'll get alot of use out of this as I am not that big of a fan of highlighter illuminating powder (and i advice if you have oily skin stay away from this)  but if you are a make up junky (like me ;p) this is something that is worth to have in your collection as something cute to display and own.

 Lip Balm ~ $3.50
 From left to right  03 Ben & Cherries, 02 icylicious and 01 ice, ice baby

Description :

"let’s twist! these unique lip balms are available in three different color combinations: lavender-vanilla, apricot-beige and pink-mint. the colors blend perfectly upon application and look really cute, too! they pamper your lips with shea butter and jojoba oil as well as leaving behind a delicious fragrance. available in 01 ice, ice baby, 02 icylicious and 03 ben & cherries."

The lip balms were a bit of a hit and a miss for me. I was hopping they will have a hint of color like the Kiss Care Love Lip Balm that Essence has however this gives no color on the lips so this is just a regular lip balm not a tinted lip balm.

The formula compare to to the kiss care love lip balm is alot creamier and smoother.

I like that the packaging is better than the Kiss Care Love lip balms as those were really hard to twist up! In fact mine broke so i cant really use the lip balm anymore.

Each of the lip balm has a "candy cane" swirl with a slight sweet flavor.

If you always want the Maybelline baby lips from USA/CANADA, this is a "close" dupe to it.

Its not very moisturizing ... just an ok lip balm.

 From left to right  03 Ben & Cherries, 02 icylicious and 01 ice, ice baby

01 ice, ice baby

The swirl of the packaging is purple and yellow. The color reminds me of ice cream "potong" which is ice cream blocks that i can usually get back in Malaysian Yam and Corn flavor ( yes I know ... very weird flavor but its a delicacy back home). 

The Scent has this very artificial grape smell. I actually love the scent! It brings back memory of one of my favorite Mat Kool ice cream that was this grape ice pop back home that I'll get after school!

hehe random but ever heard of the song "ice ice baby" by vanilla ice?? that's what i thought of when i first heard of this!  (and then i thought of glee S1 when they perform this in the library in the episode "bad reputation" .... and the glee project where they performed this and got slushied :P )

02 icylicious

The swirls is this creamy white and peach color. The scent is very creamy vanilla. I kinda think of a milk shake when i see this.

03 Ben & Cherries

Firstly does anyone think of Ben & Jerry ice cream when they saw the name??? I thought of it :P 

Anyway the swirls are pink and green. The scent ... for a very odd reason was very floral like... yah that's what i smell of :P


I didnt get much from this collection as i was a little late or i already have something very similar in my collection. The shimmer pearls were really unique and something I can see in my collection hence why i got it. As for the lip balms ... well i go trough them really fast so why not.

The packaging and theme is a really fun spring ideal! It kinda reminds me of something I can see in Etute house.

Other than that if you love essence and ice cream (me love ice cream!!!) you should check out this collection (and run to your nearest priceline while its still there!)

Did you get anything from the collection? if so what did you get??? 

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?? ( mines green tea and chocolate!!!)

Till next time 

~oxox rotan~

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