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Glee Season 5 Recap : Love, Love, Love




The episode opens with Rachael going for her Funny Girl callback. The director and actor were awkwardly quiet and think she is too young and "green" for the part (which Rachel overheard).

Rachel, thinking she messed up her audition, sadly breaks into singing "Yesterday" while walking trough the streets of New York  ... past places where she and Finn went on their date back in Season 2( :"( cries!!!!  )

and stops to look at a pic of her and her friends on Central Park bridge ( cry even more here if you notice the Mirror from S2 in S5)

Moving on to Glee Club, Mr Shue announce BEATLES WEEK for the next two weeks (yup this and the next episode xD) where this week ... or episode will focus more on the Beatles earlier music.

Everyone (especially Ryder ....which by the way... why is he back when i thought he quit after what happen with him and Catfish Unique last season.... anyway Ryder and Sam fanboying xD) is excited except Kitty.

When glee club ended, Artie offer Kitty his lap saying "your chariot awaits" (i was flipping giggling at Artie cuteness here) asking her out on a date to Breadstick as a thanks for getting him to talk to his mum while strolling ... i meant rolling down the school halls.

Now turns out Kitty it turns out hate Breadsticks (why?????? ah well more Breadsticks for Santana :P) so Artie takes her to the carnival where they sing " Drive My Car" while playing games, going on rides and having a good time with their friends (as well as Kitty winning a heap load of GIANT soft toys!!! xD).

At the carnival, another Cheerio name Bree comes up asking if Kitty and Artie are an item which Kitty deny. Bree then leave sweetly saying that they both look cute together and even uploaded a picture of them on Instagram (um yah this new girl is going south... )

Quick flip to New York, Rachael gets a job at the Diner that Santana works in ( i really love the uniform!! it reminds me of some military dress version of the Cheerio uniform).

Now back to Lima at the courtyard Blaine and Kurt are having a lovely romantic picnic while sorting out their relationship and in the end get back together (WOOHOO!!! KLAINE IS BACK TOGETHER XD).

So just in case they DID get back together Kurt prepares something ... and blows his whistle (weird but i am thinking of a glee fanfiction named Little Brother Wes ... anyway the whistle was random) and out comes the marching band  as Klaine breaks into "Got to Get You Into My Life" dancing around the tables and steps around the courtyard (it seems almost every season premier have to have a courtyard music scene)

The best part was Definitely the ending when ...



Ok so after calming ourselves down...

Coach Sue is back at McKinley as Principal after planting some .. stuff ... in Principal Figgins office getting him into trouble. He is now the Janitor at McKinley (oh nooo :s )

Artie and Kitty are secretly dating and meeting each other "Under the stars" aka the astronomy classroom 
while singing " You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" (i love how this song suits this scene). Tina then confronts Artie about him dating Kitty where which he admits so but Kitty still wants to keep it a secret.

Moving on to  Blaine running back into glee club announcing that he is going to propose to Kurt (oh not finchel 2.0 ... sorry guys buy i still think its a bad ideal as they are still so young)  which most of the glee club apart from the overly enthusiast Sam trying to pump the awkwardly silent mood (idk of the whole glee club like the proposing ideal). Blaine then tells them that he is going to propose to Kurt ... with the help of Vocal Adrenalin (ugh oh), Haverbrook School for the Deaf ( what????) and Dalton Academy (WTH??? ... actually that i am totally excited about xD me love the Warblers xD) having that " I want this to be more than an ordinary proposal, I want this to be a cultural statement" on gay marriage and to show that this love can unite everyone.


Blaine then bust into "Help!" as the glee club runs around Ohio gathering the other rival show choirs. Where it stops at Dalton where we get to see the Warblers that we know and love (yes i still love them even after the crap they pulled last season).

Now back to New York, the directors that Rachel read to earlier came to the Diner and Rachael Berry ... being Rachael Berry she is proves to them that she is more than a star and "green" where with the help of Santana (GO TEAM BERRYLOPEZ) and the whole diner they sing “A Hard Day’s Night”... Cheerio style!

When done they leave (to Lima I assume) as Blaine text Rachel something important (ooohhhhhhhh :D).

Back to Lima in now Sue's office, Coach Roz and Mr Shue are called in (thinking Sue is gonna fire them) where Sue wants both of their respective teams to win nationals or else they are both fired.

At glee club, Tina announced about Kitty and Artie dating where Kitty apologies to Artie about keeping their relationship hush having that she is worry about her social status and that he is going to collage soon. She then announce they are bout now official and allow Artie to update his facebook status.

Blaine notice Tina being bitter and meaner lately (oh finally!! why did it take a whole season for them to realist this!!!) after seeing her being the only one in the Too Young to be Bitter Club (oh how ironic the name) stuffing her face with chocolate cake (i think).

Thinking that she is upset about being alone after her break up from Artie and Mike (you forgot your self Blaine :P) he rounds up most of the guys in glee club to think of an ideal to cheer her up as well as offering one of them to be her prom date.


They call Tina to the auditorium and cheer her up (more like serenade her :P) with "I Saw Her Standing There" while dress as the fab four as the other glee girls run in fangirling (season 2 Justin Bieber fangirling nostalgic here xD) 

Tina in the end choose Sam ( MY SAMTINA FEELINGS XD) as her prom date since he is the “least gay and least Asian" (um .. okkkk).

Ok last moment ...

Burt try to trick Kurt to thinking that he is taking a "short cut" way to the airport when actually he is driving him to Dalton. Kurt being the smart Alex he is (not to mention planing his own 10th surprise birthday party) knows what's in store.Kurt and Burt have another father-son talk on relationship where Kurt think they are too young but Burt also pointed out that he and Kurt's mum married young as well. His word of advice was to just go in and see what does Blaine have to say and answer a "yes", "no" or a "maybe" with Kurt jokingly asking if there is another option.

So in goes Kurt knowing what to expect ... not knowing exactly HOW TO EXPECT IT ...

I think Kurt was stunt on how extravagant the proposal was.. not to mention that all his friends and BFFS (yay Mercadese is back !! they remember she was her bff in S1 and 2!!)

Anyway Blaine with the four glee clubs serenade Kurt with “All You Need is Love” ending at the staircase that he and Kurt first meet in S2 (cries!! happy they pay attention to detail).

I'm not going to type out Blaine entire proposal scene so I'll link the video here but this is something that is better watch than read :P

So Blaine propose to Kurt and He says Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Principal Sue

Now i didn't really care for the whole Principal Sue thing and although Coach or now Principal Sue is one of my favorite character what she did to Figgins was just... well mess up .. but then again its Sue!

Artie + Kitty

I seriously love their relationship this episode!! I was rooting for kitty to be with either Artie or Ryder last season.   Artie and Kitty were both really cute together ... if the right word was to be said I'll use fluffy ... in a good way :P

Their issue on hiding their relationship to being official was really fast pace but somehow i feel its defiantly more realistic.

Also both duets I really enjoyed!

Also i seriously am loving Kitty more and more this past few glee episodes

Glee Club

What i am curious about is Ryder!! If i remember correctly he said he was gonna leave glee after regional thanks to the whole Unique catfish thing. Instead it seems like the catfish event never happen >,<* But then again its Glee and  they are never good with continuations.

The whole "Help" scene was really random, funny and just fun to watch!!

I was freaking happy to see the warblers back and to see Sebastien being for once friendly with Blaine! 

Also Tina, it took them A WHOLE SEASON to FLIPPING realize her character change!!! WTHACK GLEE!

Anyway i am finally glad that they address Tina being suddenly bitter and the boys trying to help her out.

Also SAMTINA GOING TO PROM!!!!  seriously samtina is my the paring that i ship and i know i ship a couple when i start reading fanfiction of them !  

 New York

I love the diner scenes!! Can't wait for more!! Next episode has Demi Lovato in it!! xD

Also enjoy seeing Rachael showing the producer the star she is!

When Rachael was walking through New York and trough all those places that we saw in S2 when she and Finn went on their date.



Firstly let me mention how freaking cute this two were the whole episode!! 

I seriously didn't like the ideal of them getting engage (totally fine with them being back to boyfriends) as i think they need a bit more time to figure out their relationship as well as them being too young . But after Blaine speech to Kurt change my thoughts bout this. 

I think their break up in S4 made them stronger as a couple now.

Anyway when Blaine said he wants to spend the rest of his life loving Kurt i think my Klaine feelings to happy tears!! :")

Also to the fact that he proposed to Kurt on the Stairs that that first meet just brings back nostalgic happy Season 2 memories where the Klaine ship set sail!

The proposal was freaking romantic!! magical!!! epic!!! And this I definitely know this will go on as Kurt and Blaine love each other really dearly (heck Kurt dreams of singing Come What May with Blaine!) 

Seriously wish them the best!



I feel like the producers have been reading ALOT of fanfiction as I swear it feels like came to life on my TV Screen!

The Klaine shippers got their well long awaited engagement, the Kitty/Artie (sorry guys i really don't know what their ship name is) are a couple and for me SAMTINA is gonna happen (i am betting my money this season Sam and Tina WILL be a couple!.. ok i wont bet on money ...haha how bout oreo's)

This episode was really fast pace considering that they manage to squeeze alot of plots and subplots into 45 minutes along with all those musical numbers.

I actually like that there are alot of musical numbers in this episode. They manage to balance the plots and musical numbers very well.

My favorite plot has to hands down be KLAINE scenes and the guys helping Tina! That part was freaking funny!!!

So yah that's a wrap about this episode!

Yay Glee is back!!!

By the way if you guys are in Australia they're showing Glee every Friday on channel Eleven at 7.30pm 

What did you think of the Season Premier????

What's your favorite scene??? 

Till Next Time
~oxox rotan~


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