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Legend OF Korra Book 2 Review: Chapter 4 ~ Civil War Part 2


Ok so my last few LOK review i feel like it was very "WIKI plot analysis" type of review and it just takes too much time to write so i am just going to go straight to the plots and tell you guys what i think of the episode.

Team Avatar


I was really glad that Asami is back and although the role was neither big or small i was just glad to see her in the episodes again!

Her flying the planes and helping Korra and Mako bursting out the prisoners brings back nostalgic from book 1 (I WANT MEELO to shout PRISON BREAK!!! :D) as well as when Zuko and Sokka went to Boiling rocks in ALTA book 3 to burst out Sokka's dad and unintentionally Suki but a much faster pace without evil fire benders to stop them! 

Also was anyone happy to see Asami using those equilist weapons when like the glove when fighting the prison guards??? 

Once again i am really impress with the fighting scenes from Korra! You have to admits Korra may have been keep on lock down for 15 years in the south but all those training definitely made her a good fighter! Also for once her going into the Avatar state like on/off button finally is put into good used!

Also team Avatar teaming up with Varrick  (who in this whole episode has been hiding in a otter bear from Unalaq and his kids)... at first i was a bit skeptical but his comedic ways was really funny to watch!

Korra' family and Manipulative Unalaq!!

OK so seeing Korra's parent being taken away was really tear jearking! When Unalaq said that the judge he hire for the trial will be "fair" I seriously thought .... wait HIRE????   where is this going to??

The trail when Korra's mum was innocent i sighted of relieve but then when Judge Hotah sentence Korra's dad and the rebels to death  MY MIND WENT OH HELL NO !!! then when Unalaq step up asking the judge to not hang them having that one of them is his brother (um ... right...) so instead life in prison for them all (still OH HELL NO).

When Korra's and her mum visits her dad in prison, he tells Korra not to bust him out of prison as it will start a civil war (and I'm sure we and the spirits won't want that) and what's more the North which as we know is stronger than the south will crush them!

When Korra's mum broke down later at home it seriously was tear jearking for both us viewers and Korra!

Korra with Naga catch Judge Hotah (which i keep screaming WHY???) and threaten him by placing his head into Naga's mouth (and as Naga's snack :P  ... although i was not into the ideal of the fact that she COULD HAVE ALMOST KILLED HIM!!)

to release her father from prison ... this judge turned out to be a blabber mouth and blurs out whatever we need to know (and all the stuff i have been speculating and predicting) about Unalaq!

1) Unalaq is a flipping manipulative bastard which we already know that! He scripted Judge Hotah what to say at the trail and was just following his orders

2) Unalaq only wanted Korra's mum to be innocent and change her dad's sentence to that Korra will still be on his freaking side but get Tonraq out of his way (nice brother .. he was never nice)


(FYI THE THIRD ONE WAS WHAT I WAS SPECULATING TROUGH THE LAST 2 EPOSIDES ... yah let me know in the comments if you agree with me on that)

Also later when Unalaq ships Korra's dad and the rebels to the North, Korra threaten to attack them which as the Avatar she can't so as she is the avatar and can't cause war. 

Also she finally realize that her uncle is a manipulative, power hungry evil bastard and that she will not be helping him anymore as well as to the fact that he does not need her to open the spirit northern portal.

Vacation Tenzin

OK so Tenzin finally found Ikki and in was in ways I'll never expect...


So yah.... Ikki ran away and "adopted" 4 air bison as her new siblings and having a tea party with them...and Tenzin who at first i thought was gonna flip was actually really cool and calm (like a good airbender) and went with the flow of joining his daughter for her tea party (heart melting moment ) and said "can they be my siblings too" ... gosh! was the fight from the previous episode really that bad????

I think the cave was like an escape chamber for the "drama" of both of them from their siblings. When Ikki suggest on inviting her aunt Kya and Uncle Bumi with Tenzin saying "they'll spoil our good mood" and going on to describing how awesome Tenzin siblings are while Tenzin went on to describing how awesome Jinora and Meelo are.

As they observe the bison family, they discuss how family will always be there no matter what the fight.
With that they return to the air temple where Jinorra make amends with her siblings and went on to play air ball,

Bumi in the statue room talking to Aang's statue apologizing for not turning out to be an air bender (cries!!! :((). Kya then comes in assuring him that he did made his dad proud and gives him a hug (oh man more cries!!!).

Later when they reunite with Tenzin, after exchanging apologies, Kya show them a picture that Katara gave her before they left

  Now that's one happy family :D

I really enjoyed the "Vaca Tenzin" clan! Its really toughing and teaches us about family bond and that they are always there no matter what the fight. There are alot of parallel between Tenzin and his siblings as well as Aang, Katara and Sokka!


PAPA TENZIN is really nurturing :3 we saw that with Rohan last episode too! 
Yup gotta love the loving and caring Tenzin.


OK of all the storyline there was this has to be my most favorite!

Firstly Eska... is Bolin your boy friend or your slave??? 

Yah Bolin ... honey... that's no way for your GF to treat you like that...

Also later when Bolin tries to once again break up with Eska, he is practically drag and chocked with a betrothal necklace (with a SKULL !! A SKULL I TELL YOU) for her to "mark her territory" and marring him at sunset (this is overly worse than the overly attach girlfriend that I watch on Youtube!!)

Well i have no ideal how the proposal scheme goes in the Avatar world ... bit i am pretty sure its the guy that propose not the girl.... so much for tradition eh Eska??? :P

So .... Bolin later "announcing" his engagement to team avatar made my jaw drop :O


So yah ... we pretty much have Bolin and Pabu dress like Eska and Desna 2.0 and me laughing till my stomach hurts! xD

And in the end Bolin becomes a runaway bride... i meant groom... with him thanking Korra for breaking up him and Eska with the war. However.......


UGH... OHH... she looks piss off!!! :P

I SWEAR THIS PART SCARED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME!!! (keep in mind i was watching LOK in the comfort of my room at 2am in the dark) 

I Swear i know i mentioned that Eska was like Azula but scrap that if Korra is the REINCARNATION OF AANG, Eska is the REINCARNATION  of flipping Azula from and this scene was like a parallel of the ending of Sozin Comet part 4 when Katara defeated Azula and she goes mental!!! 

But this ending just scary, funny and epic!


Other than overly attach girlfriend goes crazy, the episode sorta leaves us with a clip hanger on the faith of the southern water tribe and that Korra's dad need the President of the United Republic to use the United Forces (plz bring general iroh back!!!) on the South side in order to fight the north and put Unalaq in his place.

This episode was really good! It was just perfect! Best Episode yet!  I now once again have to wait till the next episode to see that Team Avatar will be up to and also if Bolin is still alive from the Overly attach girlfriend attack :P.

Also i really love is that this episode was just full of nostalgic moments in the "Vaca tenzin" part! Like seriously it highlighted something that i always see in this show that is the bond between friends and family from Tenzin and his sibs to Ikki and her sibs to even Korra and her parents (yes i am throwing that in there even though she was a pain in the first 2 episides.

What did you think of this episode???

 Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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