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Legend of Korra Book 2 Review : Chapter One ~ Rebel Spirit


So FINALLY LEGEND OF KORRA BOOK TWO IS FINALLY OUT (plz mind my fangirl excitement)

So every week when a new Legend of Korra episode comes out I'm gonna do Korra Cap where i'll review and ramble about the episode as well as give my thoughts on it. So do expect this to be a weekly thing :D

So Book 2 of the Legend of Korra is call Spirits where it takes place 6 months after the event of book 1 and man has alot of things change...

First off the Republican city is now ruled by a President i stead of benders who act as the council. Hence more free time for Tenzin to focus on training Korra and spend time with his family (aka "Vacation Tenzin" xp haha).

NOW .... team Avatar... well it looks like they split up and went their own direction after book 1.

Bolin is now captain of the Fire Ferret (wait what??) and remember in book 1 there were two pro-bending supporter dress like Korra and Mako??? Yup they are part of the Fire Ferret... Which are going down hill and out of the tournament...

Now Mako.... This kinda confuse me as he is part of the police force (which prior to this i though it was only earth benders who can bend metal that could join but i guess i was wrong...) with Lin Bei Fong (which where the heck is she??) and we see him taking down some bad guys CSI style with Sokka cheesy pick up lines ( Dear Mako... leave it to the pro ... Just .... No ...). If its by Zuko its acceptable (imagining Dante Basco Sexy raspy voice saying "looks like having car trouble, good thing the police are here" ... *sigh... yup need to snap out of daydreaming xD)

As for Asami, she is now the head of future industry since her dad has been toss to prison having that he was one of Amon "minions" in Book 1 and Future Industry is going down hill... Not good... But she did mentioned going to the soutern water tribe to get a contract agreement.

As for the Avatar aka Korra ... Wow i thought she will be more mature after the event in book 1 but nope she is still the same old Korra... More stubborn ... More air headed.... more rebellious... yup this story is going south ...and i thought she learned her lesson from book 1... not really...

Anyway we see her air racing with the Air babies with Commander Bumi (by the way he retired from the military now) and she uses her power to go into the avatar state as a "turbo booster" and wins the race.

Tenzin saw that and got upset at Korra try to lecture the stubborn avatar about misusing her powers and goes on and on about going to the air temples to continue her air bending training (which still needs alot like ALOT of work on) as well as to get her to connect with her spiritual side more. She may have master the physical content of being an Avatar but she need alot of work with her spiritual side.

So team Avatar Southern Water Tribe to where Korra reunite with the family and Tenzin and Bumi unite with theirs ( i keep forgetting that Katara is their mum lolz) as well as we are introduced to their older sister Kya (who used to beat up Tenzin as a kid! haha!). We also get to see Korra's uncle Unalaq who is the Northern Water tribe Chief, and cousins Desna (the guy twin) and Ekna (the girl twin) who both creep me out with their non emotion poker face ... does anyone think of Mai ??? Zuko's girlfriends/ ex-girlfriend (still not so sure what happen to her after The Promise)

So Korra's uncle is disappointed about the Southern Water Tribe "Glacier Spirits Festival" turned into a commercial fun fair and how they are not connected with their spiritual side since its suppose to be "a solemn time of fasting and meditation". Also he believe this is the cause of making the Dark Spirits angry hence kidnapping fishermen that were showed earlier in the episode.

Also a quick Bosami (Asami + Bolin) side plot, they go to this rich business man name Varrick to seal a contract in order to save Future Industry which they successfully did... Bolin style :P. I swear i ship this two if thing does not work out between Bolin and Eska or if General Iroh does not come back ... ok scrap that i ship Boleska!!! General Iroh plz come back!! I want to hear Dante's sexy raspy voice xD

We also learn later that the reason why Korra has been locked up for 16/17 years of her life for her Avatar training instead of the Avatar traditional travel around the world training with benders from other kingdoms is not because it was Avatar Aang wishes for the White Lotus to keep her in the South but her father and Tenzin wishes. Cause of this Korra gets upset as she thinks has no control of her life and can't be trusted.

A side note.. when Varrick introduced the Otter Penguins i started screaming and fangirling as it brings back the nostalgic of Avatar the Last Airbender book 1 when  Aang play with he them xD yay the producer bring back those cute Otter Penguins!!

Now for you Makorra fans out there ... DON'T WORRY!!! they are still an item XD

At the carnival we see Korra and Mako feeding each other farry floss... or candy floss .. idk which and we see poor Bolin being the awkward third wheel to their date. Here a bit more of Korra and Mako relationship is showed where they discuss about Korra being locked up over a game of Squirt the water into chibi Aang mouth (nostalgic of The last air bender here xD). Korra uses her water bending skill and wins a toy Appa and kinda gives Mako a hard time on how he should answer her which his honesty of agreeing with Tenzin was a bed move in Korra's Book.

Also Bolin trys to interact with the twins (he thinks Desna is a girl ...) and surprisingly the emotionless Eska finds him amusing and drag him to one of those game booth.
Now onto the action bit ... later that night Naga wakes Korra and the gang up as it turns out they are under attack by the Dark Spirits! So Korra with Mako, Bolin, Tenzin, her Dad and uncle try to defend the Spirit by force, Korra entering the Avatar state and peacefully talking to it but neither work. In the end Korra's uncle Unalaq does this bending where he "guides" the spirits away with this glowing thread .

After this, Unalaq offer to teach Korra how to defend the Spirits and be her Spiritual adviser. Korra who has loss interest of training advance air bending accepts this (which made me freaking angry as she is pushing Tenzin, the guy who guided her all those months in book one and you can see he look like he was about to cry! ugh Korra why are you so freaking stubborn?!?!?! >.<") offer which both Tenzin and her father disapprove but still let her go.

The episode ends with Tenzin and going to the air temple (which one??? i totally forgot) for "Vacation Tenzin" where Bumi and Kay follow on request of his mum Katara ( sigh ... i miss my mama when i saw this part). It also ends with Unalaq telling Korra he has great plans for her.

So yup that's my ramble of this episode.

Overall it was a great opening to the season. It was a great introduction episode to pick up from where we left in the last book and a great introduction into this book where we will get to learn more about he Spirits and the Northern Water Tribes that we have yet to see since the Avatar the Last Airbender series.

I like the name of the episode name of the episode Rebel Spirit as it suit with what's happening that is Korra rebelling against her mentor in favor of Unalaq and also learning about the Dark Spirits which for Korra i think the reason for following Unalaq is to learn more about defeating them and bringing balance between her world and the spirit world.

Love Bolin even more in this episode ( and the voice actor is freaking awesome as well ). 

Korra... as much as I love her i really hope she will come to her sense and realize that there is something sketchy about her uncle and just go back to Tenzin and get the Air bending thing straighten out as well as just give clueless Mako a break. She is very rebellious in this episode after finding out the reason she was keep secluded for her Avatar training and just need someone to flatten that big air head of hers. (but i still love her)

However one thing i like about Korra is that she has the ability of controlling herself on going in and out of the avatar state which was something that even Avatar Aang could not master till near the end of book 3 considering the fact her is more spiritual grounded than Korra. If only she realize and use her full capacity the right way I'm sure the adults and mentors will give her more trust and freedom that she desire.

To be honest i see where Korra rebellious and stubbornness is coming from here there is two point of view. One is that no one trust her and everyone who is controlling her and telling her what to do with her life since she was like ... idk ... 4 years old and keep lock up in the Southern Water Tribes for most of her life and another is Korra wanting to take control of the life, make her own decision (even though i have a feeling most of them are bad... really bad ones... )and just gain the trust of others. I have a feeling this is gonna go on for this whole book.

Like i say i am having suspicion about her uncle... i have a feeling this is Tarlok 2.0 happening where he "sweet talk" Korra into being on his side and he uses her for his greediness of gaining more power. Yah i am seeing a mirror here where like Tarlok in book 1 bribe and sweet talk Korra into joining his force team. Its a bit early in the series to tell if he is going to be another villain but we do know that he will be the one teaching a new form of sub-bending.

Asami's character is probably one of the most underrated  character in this season and I am hoping to see more than her 3 minute of exposure in future episode soon. Also WHERE IS LIN BEI FONG???? She was just briefly mentioned by Mako and that's it !!! Hopefully we will see more of her in future episode too (pretty please :P).

Oh and one last thing is Avatar Aang and Katara Children! Finally we get to see the trio and their sibling relationship together! We all know that Bumi and Kay are very similar and according to their mum "very active as kids" while Tenzin was known  as the serious one. Its fun watching them have a throwback and tease Tenzin about beating him up as a kid.

So yay for the fact that Legend of Korra is back in season with Book 2!!! Keep a look out for the next Korra Cap Southern Lights.

What do you think of Legend of Korra Book 2 Premier??? What do you expect to see in the future episode?? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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