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Legend of Korra Book 2 Review: Chapter 3 ~ Civil War Part 1

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So just watch Civil war Part 1 and i had to immediately blog about this!.. even if its 2am in the morning... ah well :P

So picking up from where we left off in the last Episode, the Northern water tribe  troops are entering the Southern water tribe and ordering the Southerners to go back to their home and practically stand out of their way.

Unalaq explain to Korra that his troupes are here to protect the now open spirit portal in the south and needs her to open another portal in the North in hope of uniting the water tribes (um yah... i have a feeling Unalaq plans is going south).

At Air temple island "Vacation Tenzin" is just getting started with him relaxing with Pema and Rohan ( aaaawww he is so cute :3). We also learn that Avatar Aang must have been favoring Tenzin over Bumi and Kay which starts making me question his parenting skills... Anyway it turns out that Aang only took Tenzin on his trips and not the other two which I have no Ideal how does this make Tenzin think they have a "perfect" family and childhood....So three siblings then leave to find Ikki who ran away because of Jinora and Meelo teasing her.

Back at the water tribe Korra parents were having a meeting with the southern water tribe. Most of the Southerners including Varrick intend to rebel against the North for disturbing their lives and even after Korra explain their intention they still are planning to War against the North thus causing a civil war! Korra's dad tells her talk her uncle in hope of preventing a Civil War.

Meanwhile, Bolin is pulling a trishaw with the twins (this makes me wonder if he is their slave or Eska Boyfriends... by the way it now hit me that the twins also reminds me of Azula the way they laugh ...)  . Eska then tells Bolin her plans when she goes back to the North she wants him to go with her and live in "Icy Bliss". This sort of scares Bolin and he consult Mako for advice on breaking up (good choice Bolin ...*sarcasm)

Korra confronts her Uncle about the civil war which Unalaq explains that it disrupt the balance between both tribes, spirits and the rest of the world and how its Korra's duties to reunite both tribe ... leaving the Avatar in doubt ...

Later in the streets three Southern children irritate some of the Northern troupes causing them to water bend the kids which made the Southern benders (adults) mad at their attack. Just as they were about to fight Korra try to prevent it from happening. Even though Korra is trying to be neutral and not taking sights the south thinks she is on the north side. Korra dad then comes in and stops the fight and as he attempt to talk to Korra she storm off.

Back to the Ikki search party, the Kataang  kids began to talk while Kya pointed out that Tenzin was not a good father having that he does not spend enough time with his kids due to his duties like how Aang was with them. Yah i really want some Kataang family flash backs now...

Next ... a Makorra moment that will make you go AAAAWWWW :3

So Korra returns home to Mako who greeted her with a "How was your day sweetie" (not as charming as Zuko ... but it will do :P) and  Korra flairs out all her problems to yet a clueless “Do you want advice or am I supposed to listen? Still not clear on that" Mako. He then suggest that they both go for a nice quiet dinner ...

BTW i had to insert this pic as its freaking hilariously awkward! 

Which turned to be an awkward double date with a fifth wheel ( Deska) with Bolin and Eska. Bolin then tells his breaking up with Eska problems when the twins leave to get food.

Back to Kataang kids, Kya manage to find footprints which might belong to Ikki. Bumi suggest they jump down the waterfall which for Tenzin and Kya had benefits of bending their way down. Bumi then slips and falls into the waterfall. I freaking love this part! they turn a simple climbing down a waterfall (well not that simple) to something very comical!! 

Korra return home where her mum confront her about her problems. Korra still mad about her father keeping his secret and that he and Tenzin keep her secluded in the South for her avatar training and also frustrated about the north and south going to war. I was kinda glad that Korra's mum reminded her that both north and south were separated for decades and that this was something that cant be changed in a day. However Korra storms out of the house and goes to Unalaq place in hope of stopping Varrick rebel which she believe her father is part of.

She gets there in time to stop a mask men from kidnapping her uncle (whom she believed to be her dad) and is attack by a group of the rebels (which i freaking love this fight sequence and that we get to see her use some air bending for once!) where she fights them and manage to catch the mask men with her uncle who turned out NOT to be her father.

Back at airtemple, Kya is healing Bumi's head from the fall while lecturing him that he cant do everything a bender can (*SIGHHHHHH nostalgic moment reminding me of Katara lecturing Sokka  :'D). This however stir big upraw of the trio eg, Tenzin being the only one going on trips with Aang, Bumi acting immature and Kya travel around the world. Kya however was the only one of the three who moved back to the south to be with her mother ever since Aang died. Also Bumi pointed out that both he and Kya are also Aang kids too. Having being fed up with this fight with his siblings, he tells Kya and Bumi to head back to the temple to see if Ikki have return while he continue searching.
Korra runs home relief to see her dad is not part of the rebellion and breaks down apologizing for her behavior and the pain she caused her parents the last few.... days??? (idk how much time has pass but i assume days). Her  parents than apologize to Korra for holding her back as they were hoping to put Tonraq past aside and have a normal live  ... which obviously didn't happen having that Korra turned out to be the Avatar  :P

Korra's mum then states that they know that one day Korra won't need them but Korra denies and saying she'll always need her parents (group hug!!!!! :D). This beautiful moment was however interrupted with Unalaq arresting Korra's parents for kidnapping had plotting against him  ...

the end for this episode...



GOSH this episode was just!! wow!!

Ok first off let me just start with Kataang kids. Finally we get to know more about Bumi, Kya and Tenzin life as kids! Its definitely obvious that from the looks of things Aang favorite Tenzin of his three children could be cause Tenzin being the only Airbender to take over  the Air Normads Culture not to mention being Aang successor, Aang kinda neglected Bumi and Kya. Also Bumi being the only non bender into a family of benders will of cause feel left out and i wont blame him for trying to prove to his siblings that he can do what a bender can... though its still a bad ideal. I have a feeling he has been taking lesson from uncle Sokka having that he is also a non-bender and also explain why he acts like him.. i am hoping we will get a small story line of Sokka teaching him how to use sword and boomerang to fight. As for Kya, i somehow see her as a middle age version of Katara. Also I was quiet confused on who was the oldest as it was not stated in the last book who was the oldest and i think most of the fandom thought it was Kya bit in this episode its been cleared out that Bumi is the oldest, Kya is the second and obviously Tenzin is the youngest. Also Kya, Bumi and Tenzin's personality reminds me of an older version of Katara, Aang and Sokka... gosh i really hope there will be some flashback of them as kids in at lease one of the books!!! I think this story line is going to be interesting as Tenzin has this impression that they had a picture prefect childhood and family.

Also I am starting to question Aang's parenting skills... are Kya and Bumi exaggerating out of jealousy?? My theory is if we flash back to The Last Airbender series and comics I recall Aang did hope to raise a family in hope of being a good dad and all. But if he only took Tenzin to all non- airtemple places trips...WHY??? But then again Aang was raised by Monks and he did have to "keep the world in balance" and " look after republic city" and all those duties so it must have been hard for him to juggle father and avatar duties.

Also i have a feeling whatever Ikki storyline is going to is gonna have a link with Jinora story line (remember in my last recap that i have have a feeling that Jinora will play a key role in this book)

Oh and Pema when she ask her kids where is Ikki was freaking funny when Jinora goes "Who?" xD

Bolin in this episode was quiet interesting to watch on him being panic on having Eska as his girlfriend (by the way her laugh was just... creepy ... like a creepy dolphin). There were not alot of Bolin or Mako in this episode but it was a good handful to enjoy. Oh and Mako!! he is very sweet with Korra .. but still a very clueless boyfriend. As for Bolin asking Mako for Break up advice was hilarious!!! Also Mako in this book i actually like him alot more than in book 1 ... i thought he was a airhead jerk in book 1 but in book 2 he is really sweet with Korra (flash back he was also really sweet with Asami in book 1 when they were together ... ) 

Unalaq ... i am having more bad feeling about this guy .. why does he need to open both spirit portals???? Like seriously i have a feeling he is manipulating Korra to not only reunite both North and South so that he can be the Chief of the Water Tribes (very Tyranny is i do say so myself) but also by letting the North and South portal open ... I don't even have words for what this recipe of disaster this is going to! 

Korra in this episode makes me feel kinda bad for the... even though i still was not a fan of her in the last two episode, this episode i however see her tone down.... by a bit... she is trying to be neutral and prevent a civil war from happening. I still don't get how after what happen with Tarrlok in the last book why can't she see that something about her uncle plans is not right???

I think this episode is kind of  knock in the head for Korra where she now pays the price for her action in the last two episode.

Korra's fight scenes in this episode was beautifully choreograph and I like how they also added her bending Air which is the element she used the least!

Also i am glad we get to see more of Korra's mum in this episode and speak with Korra about her problems. Also the ending when Korra goes to her parents... i was really glad that she fix thing up with her parents. 


 I WAS GOING ALL "OH HELL NO" this is not happening!!! Just when everything has been patch up UNALOQ HAS TO RUINED IT AND ARREST KORRA PARENTS! UGH! 

Words can't describe how much I want to shake Korra up and shout " notice some freaking tarrlok mirror signs!!!" last book her friends got arrested! this book her parents got arrested!!! WHAT NEXT! 

Man i am never a fan of Cliff Hangers but this is determinately a great episode! it beats the last two episode by a landslide! I think the name Civil War suits this episode in all three story lines! Korra and her dad, her dad and uncle, the civil war between north and south, Kataang kids, even Bolin problems of breaking up with Eska so that he will not have to suffer "Icy Bliss". Best episode in this season and we are only in the third Episode!!! 

Now for the next episode i cant wait!!!! 

What do you think of this episode??? are you a fan of cliff hangers?? 

Till next time

~oxox rotan~


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