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Legend of Korra Book 2 Review : Chapter Two ~ The Southern Lights


Korra Recap Time xD

So this episode picks up from where we left the last time with Tenzin, his siblings and family on their way to the Southern Air Temples (and yes guys i went back and check which temple it was) for "VACATION TENZIN" while Korra and her Uncle Unalaq get ready to go for a trip to THE SOUTH POLE to open the Spirit portal and start her training there.

At the Air Temple, Tenzin's family is greeted by the Air Acolytes with very open arms and presents for Tenzin (airbender head shaver) and Pema ( a freaking large bouquet of flowers... like LARGE) while Jinora and Ikki are presents with a book share or fight for... wait Ikki does not even read!!! Meelo picks a flying lemur ( i miss momo) name Poki!

... why are all flying lemur maned after food??? lolz btw momo is a kind of dumpling and Poki reminds me of those Japanese chocolate sticks...

Bumi and Kay were mistaken as Tenzin's servants by the Air Acolytes! haha this part i keep laughing as those Air Acolytes does not know Avatar Aang has more kids ... but are not airbenders ...yah pity them :P
Definitely a good start to " VACATION TENZIN" XD

Now back at the Southern Water Tribes, Team Avatar (minus Asami) along with Unalaq and the twins are heading to the south pole with Korra and Unalaq. Korra's Dad Tonraq insist on joining them to protect Korra from the Everstorm.

Now this is the part where tension was build by the two brothers but interrupted and with  Bolin plowing in with his snowmobile ... idk but i feel like the comedy was a bit forced... but then hey its Bolin and Legend of Avatar so we had our fair share of awkward comedy in both past and present. And anyway this series has its fair share of seriousness and comedy.

Later when the gang stops to rest in a cave, Unalaq's theory of why the Dark Spirits are attacking them is cause of Tonraq! It turns out that Korra's dad was from the Northern Water Tribe and was banished ( does anyone think of Zuko here???) after he accidentally burned down a spiritual forest  in order to capture a group of Barbarians when he was general of the Northern Water Tribe!

Cause of this, the spirits attack the Northern water tribe and Unalaq uses some sort of water bending which I assume he will teach Korra and is the new sub-bending for water (yay new bending method!). So cause Tonraq was responsible for the damage he was banish hence leaving the Northern water tribe and going to the Southern water tribe and as Bolin pointed out  (did i mention how much i love this guy???) and got nudge by Mako (lolz xD) making Unalaq Chief of the Northern Tribe ... which was suppose to be Tonraq ... something is not right here... 

Anyway Korra gets upset of her father not telling her the truth (well he was protecting her and not wanting the pass to take over the present ... oh come on Korra give your dad a break!) and runs away.

Ok a quick detour! Back at the Air temple (yes the Southern one) Tenzin is showing Jinora the the statue of all the past avatar while Ikki and Meelo are both crashing into others( oh dear... haha!!).  Jinora is showed admiring the statue of her Grandpa, Avatar Aang and sense something behind her... although nothing is there...could it be a spirit???

This scene i really enjoy. I feel really bad for Jinora didn't get a chance to meet Aang. She will definitely have  a great relationship with her Grandpa . Side note, I somehow can relate to this as i never got a chance to know my grandparents and sorta feel like I know what must have been going trough her mind here.

Now back to Team Avatar, Tonraq tells Korra he does not want her to repeat his mistake hence why he didn't tell her. He also insist that they abandon the mission and leave the physical and spirit world separately. Korra however as the Avatar feels like its her mission to bring peace to both Physical and spirit world (wow... for once i actually agree with her ) as well as to prove to her mentors that she is at her full potential.

Also Unalaq point out that after the hundred year war the South is spiritual imbalance since the sky does not light up with the Southern lights like how the North has Northern Lights. This is quiet interesting considering in the real world there is really such phenomenon of Northern Lights

At Everstorm, the group is once again attack by the Dark Spirit as well as Bolin snow mobil which the twins save him from crashing and wow ... them sliding down on those ice shoes was epic! i take back all those stuff i say about them being emo and creepy! OH! and Bolin sliding down in his inflatable jacket was FREAKING FUNNY! Especially at the end where he is like " can someone please deflate me" and the twins water bending those ice was  FUNNY XD

Anyway, Korra and Unalaq try to fight the spirits and this part surprises me when Korra attempted the technique that Unalaq use even though it does not succeed was impressive! Considering the fact that she just watch her uncle movement was impressive! When Unalaq once again save the day with his technique that  we still don't know what it is, Korra's dad insist on turning back but instead she coldly tells him to leave.

 ... wait what??? ... WHAT???? ... ok so here is where all my anger once again comes back! i swear even though she is the avatar that is no way to treat your dad! 

Before her dad leaves, he and Mako have a quick little talk  and now team avatar minus now Korra's dad goes to the frozen spirit forest with a where the spirit portal is frozen and Korra must go in alone to open it. In there she gets attack by the dark spirits (idk why but i thought of those snakes in Hercule) and enter the Avatar state in attempt to break free from the Dark Spirits which also breaks the portal open! (woot!!) While that was happening in the Southern Air Temple, Jinora was somehow woken up, goes to the statue room and witness an Avatar statue light up! (hhhmmmm could that be Avatar Wan ... you know the first ever Avatar????). Also Korra's dad turn back looking up into the Southern Lights smiling (yay proud dad moment :'D)

Anyway when Korra makes it out safely, (Borra bromance moment xD and yes i call it bromance as i feel they are more of siblings and not lovers) Bolin runs and hugs Korra and Eska waterbends him away from her asking "why are you initiating physical contact with another woman" (HAHA I AM Liking Eska more!! Dang! Jealous???? )

Unalaq prep talk to Korra about him trusting her and that this is the first step of them restoring balance spiritually for the south. She also hugs Mako ( makorra moment!!!!) and apologizes for her behavior. The episode ends with the gang back at the Southern Water Tribe ... but with the Northern Water Tribe troupes arriving on shores. Unalaq tells a worried Korra that this is just the beginning of them restoring balance...

oh crabbbbbbbbbbbbbbb !!!!!!


This episode I really enjoy! Heck i enjoyed it more than Episode one!

I love seeing Tenzin teaching Jinora about the past Avatars and i have a feeling that her role is going to be very significant in this Book. From the trailers it looks like Jinora will be helping Korra with her spiritual Journey in future episodes. Also to the fact that Jinora is the most knowledgeable and spiritual of the Airbabies (too early to say about Rohan :P) but I can see her being the one to meet Avatar Aang if that does happen. Anyway i just found that whole Avatar statue lighting moment really interesting considering it mirrors with Korra opening the portal.

Boliesna moments were just hands down funny! I SHIP THEM THIS MOMENT FORWARD!

Tanraq ... wow ... the pieces of the puzzle makes sense on how a Northern Water Bender ended up in the South! I feel really bad for him as he did have his reasons that was to protect Korra. But i agree with him ... I have suspicion about his brother and he does know Unalaq ALOT better than Korra! Also ... his storyline i just can't stop thinking about Zuko or Uncle Iroh ... Zuko the banish prince and Uncle Iroh who was suppose to be fire lord but its Ozai that becomes firelord!

As for Korra... now like I say this is a character that i both love and hate! Korra may have master the physical  part of being the Avatar, to the fact that she impressively attempt that spirit bending just by observing her uncle was impressive! However fact that her attitude was just so .. UGH! Like seriously I know she wants to prove herself but i don't see her being rude and just turning her OWN father away anyway of proving herself! I could have used more words to describe this but i am trying to keep this G rated... 

Unalaq ... when he said this is just the beginning at the end two things came into my mind... one being CRAB this is Tarlok 2.0 happening and two the fact that his troupes are what seem to be like about to ATTACK the Southern Water Tribes... why do i have a bad feeling a Civil war is about to happen ...

Anyway that's all i have to say for this Korra Recap. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below!

Till Next Time

~oxox rotan~

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