Friday, 13 September 2013

Song of the Day: American Girl by Bonnie McKee (and covered by Alex Goot, Landon Austin & Luke Conrad


So i really really need a break from my notes and i hop on you youtube and look at my subscription feed for something new to read and I saw Alex Goot, Landon Austin and Luke Conrad colab to cover of American Girl by Bonnie McKee in the suggestion box and guess what??? its stuck in my head!!! 3 days later the song is still stuck in my head :P

Keep in mind i heard this before i heard the original version. Alex, Landon and Luke version is very strip down acoustic and just chill and mellow which something I was looking for after stressing out on homework. The three voices definitely sync together really well. I really love watching their covers and vlogs (especially Luke's Awkward Girl story which are freaking funny!)

So later listening to the original version was definitely interesting. Fast pace and kinda pop/hip-hop, Bonnie McKee voice reminded me of Ke$ha and Katy Perry and in a odd way i keep thinking of Miley Cyrus "Party in The USA". or even Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" (one of my fav song by her thanks to Glee ;D) Somehow i didn't really like the MV... I don't know...i am kinda meh about it but i like the beginning of it when they were drinking Slurpee (my guilty pleasure :P lolz) that i assumed is mixed in alcohol... i think .. haha.

Anyway i later realized thanks to Wikipedia (and yes i am one of those who wiki everything) she is the song writer or co-wrote songs for Katy Perry, Ke$ha and even Carly Rey Jepson!

Well that explain the song style similarity :D

So... i hope you guys enjoy this song of the day  (which i really need to post more regular!). Maybe i need a more standard day to post song of the day's post???

Till then let me know what you think of this song. I am obsess with both original and cover!

What do you think of American Girl???? Original or Cover??? let me know in the comments below.

Till next time

~oxox rotan~

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