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Heya!! So i going to the mall is a bit dangerous especially with sales going around and coupon ... so.....


So if you don't already know i have a YouTube channel and one of my favorite vids to do is Haul... Well I thought it will be cool to switch it up with posting it here on my blog on the stuff i pick up from the mall today.

Ok I'll start with Jb-Hifi which is  favorite shop for CD's and i wanted to take opportunity 20% off coupon to CD's and decided to get a couple on my wishlist that i'll never pay full price for and isn't something I'll usually pick up as i usually wait till the CD's are at $10 or a buy 2 get 1 free sale at JB-HIFI.

So i got sorta a theme here for this mini CD haul... TV i got 2 Soundtracks for 2 tv shows that really love but usually wont get. 

Channeling my inner gleek in this picture!

First one is not a surprise to you guys as if you don't already known i am a hugh fan of Glee!! 

So i saw this for $12 and after the discount was $10 and I have been eying on this since season 2 (yes guys its been a while... :p) and its Glee Presents the Warbler which apart of the new directions are my favorite glee show choir on the show as they are so different from the new direction and because they sing most of their songs Acapella it just makes them more cooler! They have a lot of awesome songs like Teenage Dream, Misery and Raise your glass!! I really wish they release another warbler album as there  many great warbler songs on the show and that they include songs from warblers other that Kurt and Blaine! 

Also fun fact... If you don't already know fan fiction is one of my guilty pleasure and it also was a big influence to get this album as i just love alot of the warbler fanfict like Dalton and Brother Wes series (2 ultimate fav warbler related stories) and the "musical scenes" in the stories makes me want listen to them more. Yah i am obsess  with the warblers (and they are freaking cute in their Dalton uniform ;D)!

By the way my favorite warbler apart from Blaine and Kurt are Wes (my warbler crush :3 and i love reading fanfict that is about him xD), Jeff ( the actor Riker band R5 is freaking amazing!!), Nick (him leading the warbler in Up Down Girl ...*dead* ^^) , Trent ( how could you not love "bright ball of sunshine" ... Or as Finn will say of the group??? Also
His lines are freaking random XD) and Sebastian (yes i know he is mean ^{{\>£{\\ at times but dang his charm!! Also you have to admit he is a great performer and singer! Btw if he and Santana were not gay I'll ship them!!) 

Ok so this will come as a surprise as the other tv soundtrack is Sonny with a Chance! 

Just a heads up I may be on the verge of being 20 but i love watching Disney (confession... I still watch Austin & Ally and Good Luck Charlie) and hey you're never too old for Disney!

So Sonny With a Chance is one of the best  Disney live action series ( beats Hannah Montana and Wizard of Waverly place) and i freaking loved the series! I was quiet sad when they canceled the series but totally am ok an understandable with the reason. Demi Lovato who is the star of the show is one of my most favorites singer/actress/idol (cant wait to see her on GLEE!!) and she have a couple of songs on this album that i remember enjoying.

Other cast members also contributed to this soundtrack and Allstar Weekends (which is one of my favorite band) even have a song here! So it was sort of worth for me to get it since i have heard of it and love most of the songs. 

It was slightly more pricier than what i am normally willing to pay for a cd ($12 after discount to be exact) but it was on my wishlist since I was 17 and the only one of that in stores so yah... Kinda a impulse buy but i manage to justify it :p

Also random but if any of you are into video games ( I am one of them ;D)  you'll know there is a new PS3 excluseve game coming out call Beyond two Souls staring Ellen Page and seeing this display makes me pump for the game release! Yah just a random pic but i do love video games and i do play them but not own any as i borrow from friends (boy am I in their debt lolz) and I cant wait for thos game to be releasd! Have not been this excited since the release of The Last Of Us (another awesome game that you have to play is you love the ps3)

Now i only got one item from cotton on body (and noooooo its not... You know ;p)

So i got this really nice an comfy jumper... Or hoodie for $10 which is a real steal having  that one of this Hoodie usually cost like $30!

Most of the hoodie were not in my size so it was either this or a pink one that i was not a fan of and Blue is my favourite color its perfect! 
Me "modelling" my new hoodie

Its kinda a bold electric blue in a nice way with Nineteen ninety one written on. Its really nice and comfy so i can wear it when i just lazy to dress up for classes or want to lounge around in my sweats.

 So that's a quick little haul of stuff that i picked up today at the mall. Let me know what you think of this quick little pick ups??? maybe I'll do if more often .

Till Next time 

~oxox rotan~

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