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Archie #641 : Archie Meets Glee Part 1 "Two Worlds Collide"


So the other day i got an email from Archie Comic Newsletter notifying me about the new comics coming out that month and i JUMP for joy for once in a LONG time as the Archie Meet Glee comic was finally out!

If you were to get to know me in real life i will have to say i have a overly obsessive obsession (if that is the right English) with Archie Comics and Glee. So this comic is practically perfect for me :P

This crossover is going to be a 4 part series from Archie Comic issue 641 to 644 and this first one is call"when two worlds collide".

So basically this comic which is just an introduction to the who story of how Dilton Doley from Archie's Comic invented a wormhole machine that makes a portal which leads him to Brittany's locker in the glee universe which it's described to be a parallel universe of the Archie universe.

He goes on to explain the similarities of the characters from both world like Rachel to Veronica, Reggie and Puck, Archie and Finn, Kelvin Keller with Kurt and Blaine and more!

He also noted that music is a big part of both world ( The Archie's with the whole battle of the band against The pussycat dolls while Glee with the whole show chior competition)

The comic also parodied the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle with Finn-Rachel-Quinn which I died laughing watching Finn, Rachel and Quinn sharing that milkshake!!

Now Dilton found it interesting how the New Direction always break into music wherever they are at random (duh! It's glee!! ) so decided to " crossover" to the "glee world" and see it for him self.

Now here is where the "fun part" come in which is how the two worlds "meet" or in this case collide. Now just as Dilton is about to crossover trough the portal, Moose and Chuck were both playing football and (surprise surprise ) the ball hit the window into the lab that Dilton and the portal machine are in which hit the machine! Now football hitting a portal machine is definitely a recipe for disaster .... Or should I say " shuffle".

With this the characters from both world are shuffled and this my friends is how the two worlds meet!

The characters from the Archie universe that got "sent" to the glee world are Veronica, Dilton, Jughead, Nancy, Reggie and Ginger while the those from Lima that sent to Riverdale are Rachel, Puck, Blaine, Quinn, Mercedes and Brittany.

In Riverdale, it ends with Archie asking the the Glee gang to join The Archie's to help them compete in the battle of the band while in Lima, Dilton tried to explains MR.Shue on the swap while Veronica tries to find her way out but ended up getting slushed ( Which was my favourite part!)

As a fan of Glee there were a few things that I found odd as:

1) Why do they show Blaine in his street cloths for a moment and his Dalton uniform the next? And is he part of the New Direction or is he still in Dalton?

2) There was a part that made me CRINGED that was at one point when Brittnay said "la-la-la-la" like Does she do that on the series? (Sorry but I am a Brittnay fan)

3) the way they draw some of the characters especially Kurt and even maybe Finn... I didn't really like it somehow... Maybe I am too used to seeing the current season 4 Kurt. What's more the fact that they made Kurt Shorter or Blaine taller ( I don't know which) just does not agree with me as for those glee fans will know that Kurt is the tall one!

My thoughts :

As a huge fan of both Glee and Archie I have to say there is not so much in this particular comic as it is sort of an intro to the storyline and the characters which in a way it's good for the Archie fans that don't watch Glee and the Glee fans who's first time picking up an Archie comic book.

In my opinion because according to the interviews with the comic and glee writers that I read prior to buying the comic, because the characters from Glee that are featured in are the core characters, ( so meaning no Sugar, Rory, Marley, Ryder, Unique, Joe and Jake... Sadly) so the story is somewhere set around season 2 of glee when Quinn was still in the Cheerio and Blaine was still in Dalton Academy and of cause most of the season 3 graduates are still in high school.

I was really happy that they added some "singing" from the series into the comic which are:

1) We Got The Beat

2) Wanna Be Starting Something

3) Single Ladies

4) I Can't Fight This Feeling

5) Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat ( nostalgic feeling here! But I wish it was the original 5 aka Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes and Tina singing it and that they didn't include Finn and Quinn)

As for The Archie's sang their classic "Sugar Sugar".

Overall as a fan from both series this is definitely something to collect as its not everyday we see our beloved Glee club crossover into the comic book world and this is definitely ALOT more unique and comic book like for both worlds to meet instead of going to a national competition and meeting up!

Whatcha think of the crossover?

Are you planing to get all 4 issues?

Are you an Archie fan , a Gleek or both?

Let me know your opinions on the comments below !

~oxox ROTAN~

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