Monday, 15 April 2013

Song of the Day: Superman by Joe Brooks


So a random idea pop into my head as this morning that i should do a Song of the Day section.

I recently found my ipod nano and i have re-discovered a good number of songs that i have not listen to in a while.

I love music and blogging so once a day (not EVERYDAY but just days i feel like it) i will post a song i am i have been obsessing or playing on repeat till I jam the iTunes repeat button (IT CAN HAPPEN) to share with you guys (Sharing is caring :P)

So for the past few days i have been obsessing over This guy and his songs!!!! *_*

Yup i admit i am a huge Joe Brooks Fan but i never really know who he was till he came to Malaysia a couple of  years ago and all the radio stations and stores were playing his songs especially Superman!

This song is catchy and kind of lay back. Its also very "cute" and sweet love song.

"Cause I'm no superman,
I hope you like me as I am"

Its about a guy who cares for a girl that he think he is not good enough for her. He may not be "Superman" but he hopes she will love him for who he is.

If any guy want's to confess to a girl he loves her and she loves music(trying not to sound mushy here :P) sing this! That girl will be head over heals on you (and she better keep him!)

ALSO the music video is amazing! Some people don't like him with the glasses but i think its cute (mind me i like guys with glasses :P).

What do you guys think of me posting Song of the day?

Who's the Superman/ Superwoman in your life?

~oxox rotan~

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