Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Nivea Lip Butter


So I just got back from Target and i just have to blog about this as I found the Nevia Lip Butter!!

After watching a bazillion youtubers and bloggers raving about this i had to go out and get them!

So i got it in Carmel cream (left) and Vanilla & Macadamia (right)

Vanilla& Macadamia

Ok so i got the last pot of Vanilla & Macadamia (talk about destiny :P) at my Target and the moment i got out of Target i opened it and applied it on my lips!!

It smells amazing!!!! its has this yummy nutty vanilla smell that oddly reminds me of Famous Amos Cookies!!

If this sounds odd but i also think it smells of white chocolate as well!! 

Lip Butter in Caramel Cream

This does not smell sickening sweet (which is good as i cant stand super sweet scent). 

 Like the name it smells like warm caramel and cream (nuf said)!! 


~ Very Moisturising
~ nice yummy scent (DON'T EAT THE TIN!! LOLZ)
~ Affordable (almost same price as in the USA & Nivea always goes on Sale!)

~ No taste
~ Need more flavours!!! (raspberry please come to Australia!! )

The Product:
Its like a buttery lip balm.

I love the smells especially the Vanilla & Macadamia one!

Its a good heavy moisturizer for the night to apply just before you go to bed and wake up with nice sofe lips!

The Tins remind me a bit of the Roes Bud Salve lip balms (which i own) but thinner,and the balm is more of a buttery moistening feelin.

It is has no color (not tinted)

Melts and moisturize the lips.

A clear balm.


Firstly i am now having a philosophy where if anything has the word "lip butter" it flys off the shelves!!

Its true to its name as it feels buttery on my lips. I can't stop raving about the scent of this ! Smells
Heavenly yummy! It apply very creamy on the lips. 

Other than that i have to say that it comes out at the right time as its Autumn heading into winter now here in Australia as well as i have hit pan on a few of my lip balms (R.I.P Maybelline Baby Lips)!

Will definately be using this alot over the coming cold season!  

Price: $5.69 ( Its not highly overprice like alot of things in Australia)
 but i got mine on offer at Target for $3.57

Where to get: Priceline, Target, selected places that sells Nivea.

What do you think of the Nivea lip butters?? 

~oxox rotan~ 

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