Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hugh Priceline Haul + Bag of beauty!!

Heya!! so as the title and picture above says its a massive Priceline Haul!!

So every year (at lease from what i notice) Priceline will come out with this Bag of beauty where if you spend $60 in participating brands you will get the bag filled with goodies for FREE!

This offer is on until sold out in stores or till 22 April.

So i have been wanting to get few products for a while so with the bag and additional discount i picked out a some brushes and got back ups of eyeliners.

1) Savvy Kohl ~ $3.99
2) Savvy Soft Glide Eyeliner pencil ~ $6.39
3) Savvy Long Wearing Eyeliner ~5.59
4) Australas Lip Gloss ~ $3.57
5) Double Ended Colour Dipped Double Shadow Brush ~ $14.99 (got 30% off)
6) Double Ended Dome Smudge/Slanted Eyeliner Brush ~  $14.99 (got 30% off)
7) Domed Smudge Brush ~  $14.99 (got 30% off)
8) Models Prefer Mystique Soft Touch Blush in Charisma ~ $12.99 (30% off)

~ EcoTools Body Loofah
~ Press & Go "Red" Nails
~Kiss Everlasting French Nails
~Savvy Makeup Removing Wipes
~Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Mascara
~Natio "Flutter" Lipstick
~Revlon "Sugar Plum" Lip Butter
~Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY" Nail Polish
~Rimmel "Shimmering Sand" Wake Me Up
~Australis HD Concealer in "Light/Medium"
~Nude by Nature PrimerManicare Cuticle Therapy
~Models Prefer Brow Highlighter
~Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Mascara
~Revlon BB Cream $5 Discount Voucher


The bag is from Models Preferred. A big tote bag with cheetah prints on the outside and black in the inside. I am not that big of a fan of the bag as its not really my style have i use the bag but it will be nice and handy on days i am going to uni for one or two classes with just a notebook, some essentials and my iPad.


Very happy with the items purchase! I realize most of what i purchased for the bag are Australia Brands so that's good as i can try out some as even though i have been in Australia for 3++ years i still have yet to try some of this brands like Models Preferred, Natio, Nude and more!  

Whats more most of the brands were having sales so i got to stretch my buck more and get more items to try out.  

Other than that this Bag of Beauty free gift is great in terms of value for money since you'll be getting $220 worth of products and trying brands you'll never try! 


Did you get the bag of beauty??? what was your favorite thing in the bag?

~oxox rotan~

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