Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Song of the day: Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift


So i have been a bit busy with uni assignments (and i am not even halfway T.T) but i have manage to type this quick little Song of the Day for you guys so Enjoy :P

Stay, stay, stay.
I've been lovin' you for quite some time, time, time.
You think that it's funny when I'm mad, mad, mad.
But I think that it's best if we both stay.

(so sweet :3) 

 The first time listening to previews on iTunes while shopping at the mall and this was one of the few songs that got me to automatically turn my heals and head over to get the RED album at JB-HIFI ( deluxe edition of cause! :p)

It's has this cute-fun-cheery-happy-lovely-feeling. It's also very country pop.

Its like how stay stay stay sticks in my head after listening to it (in a good way). Its very catchy !

This song starts off with a couple fighting and how they eventually fix their problems the next morning. As much as that someone annoys you, you're still the relationship as you know you are loved. In a way its kinda like Taylor's vision of a perfect relationship.

I think this will make a great music video as I think it will be funny at the "that's when you came in wearing a football helmet and say okay let's talk" part and have whoever is playing the love interest literally acting out that scene!

I kind of love this song more after reading a Glee Fanfic (my guilty pleasure :P ) on Ryder and Marley (I ship them!) that was inspired by this song!

Check out the fanfiction here! don't worry its a one shot one :)

Other than that I have been listening to it more after I saw Taylor singing during her red tour live on YouTube!

She looks so happy singing this! 

Now all i need is for her to make a Music Video with this!

Other than that, this song reminds me of Ours from the Speak Now album!

What do you think of Stay Stay Stay???

~oxox rotan~

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