Thursday, 18 April 2013

Song of the Day: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster of People + best cover versions!


So in case you guys don't know i live in a Dorm while here at Uni and currently my floor is having a Hunger Games inspired competition/challenged called ASSASSIN.

Now with the game is to basically "assassinate" people on my floor (we are grouped by building floor) and run try to "kill" our target! (and if you still don't understand my short horrible explanation GOOGLE IT! :P)

So anyways i thought this song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster of People should be a great theme song for the next few weeks... or days... or hours  ...

Now just a Disclaimer here what me and my floor/dorm mates here are playing is just a game for fun and there are no guns or weapons. Just a tap on the Shoulder and BANG BANG you're out of the game! 

May the odds be ever in your favour

This indie-pop hit sounds kinda lay back considering the story behind the song it traumatizing and the lyrics is very dark.

As weird as it sounds, i like artists who can make a song sound not what is suppose to like Pumped Up Kicks is dark but the song sound "hip" and fun and something you want to grab your guitar and dance around to.

I love when this song is sung acoustic. What's also odd is that i find that other artist have covered better version than the band but i still like original.

Now there are two other arties that i know have covered their version and coincidentally they are both former contestant of The Voice USA.

So first version i love is Dia Framptom from season 1. Now she didn't cover this on the show but i was fortunate hear her sing this live in concert back in Malaysia for her Asia tour (*nostalgic memory of going to my first concert here! ;"D). She covered it for a local radio station Flyfm and sang the "Striped Version" which me and my Dad (he is a HUGE fan of Dia) always look forward to when it airs on the radio! 

I love how her raspy voice sounds with this! She has this cute raspy voice and the way she sung it makes the song mysterious. 

The next is  Mackenzie Borge and from Season 3 and this he did sang it on the show as his blind audition song.

Now his version has a blow me away (HE COULD GET MORE THAN JUST ONE TURN! COME ON JUDGES) and he had added a country rock vibe to the song!


Overall this song is just a fun song to listen to. Its catchy and and Edgy in a unique way and its just something one can sing along or party to even though the lyrics it self is intense and creepy .The lyric is unique and the word can easily be playing in my head.

I especially love the bass melody.

you better run, better run faster than my bullet

What do you think of Song of the Day: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster of People??? 

~oxox rotan~ 



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