Saturday, 13 April 2013

Random Haul: Books, CDs, Toys!!


So i have a random collective haul today :))))

Yup it is very random but that's how Rotan Random World roll :P


1) Toys from Big W ~ I usually buy Easter chocolates after Easter when they are on sales and sometimes i will get a few cute toys for myself and my brother (dont judge ! its a tradition :P). so i got a cute fluffy duck and a couple of toy car 

Duck ~ $2
Toy Cars ~ 50 cent each!

  2) So Little Time books ~ I went trough a phrase where i collected this! I still read them but when i am back home as that's where my stash of Mary Kate & Ashely books are. I didn't have this two books in my collection and i have been wanting some new books to read. I found them in a flea market for $2 each

3) I capture the castle ~ I have been eyeing on this at my uni's co-op book shop for a while. The other day they had 35% off all novels so i finally picked it up for $6.45 after discount.

4) Glee Summer Break Novel ~ I got this book at allbooks4less bookshop for $5! back home i have been wanting this for years but could never bring myself to buy it as it's really expensive.

5) The Script Science & Faith album ~ The Script is one of my favorite bands! I dont owe any of their albums so this was a great find as it usually $20++ but i found it in Big W for $9.95! 

6) Gordan Lightfoot Gords Gold ~ This i got from Jb-HiFi for $7 for my dad. I always remember how my dad talks about Gordan Lightfoot and i remember in Malaysia its either hard to find or overprice so for $7 its a good deal

7) Archie #642 "Archie Meets Glee Part 2 " ~ So i got the second part of this epic crossover! I already reviewed Part 1    and i will review Part 2 in an up coming  blog post!

So that's my Random Haul 

Hope this was interesting if not random :P

~oxox rotan~

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